Body Language – Preacher Kenneth Copeland


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Some ex-neighbors of mine gave to a television evangelist who later got caught as a fake. My neighbors, a really nice elderly couple were devestated to find he was a fake.. These types of fake holy men are horrible.

Jason Whitman

empathy Grace and a giving heart Inc.
‘Please let me write a check’ hahaha haha!


He’s got that strong illuminati Secret Society lizard people- Aura

Adam Crawley

This man is a manipulative piece of SCUM

Sherry Garner

El creepo.


His eyes look cold & evil.. I have a problem with preachers like him it’s not about God himself it’s about how much $$$ he can make using Gods word, he only loves his worshippers based on $$$ ..

Robin Johnson

I’m so glad you did Copeland! Snake is right.

Ursula Leach

I am wondering if even without knowing body language like you do, one can have like an instinctive reaction to a person either positive or negative like I had to this guy just watching him. My sound was turned down for some reason when I first started watching this and the guy gave me the creeps even without the sound. It’s not the first time in my life for this to happen and I was usually proven right


This man is a perfect example of why people reject Christianity, myself included, for most of my life, because my father was a hypocrite too. “Jesus doesn’t take credit cards.” I love that Mandy. Excellent take on this creep!

J.B. Beverley

Longtime fan of your videos, Mandy. Now a new subscriber! Cheers!

Susan McCall

To Charlene – when you said: “For everything God has satan produces a counterfeit”….I saw this comment regarding the word ‘counterfeit’ the other day: If I had five dollars for every gender out there….. I would have ten dollars and a whole sack of Counterfeits.


Good for this reporter. She asked the questions others would have been afraid to and didn’t back down. That finger was just like Bill Clinton’s. And being tax free they have the right to flaunt their riches with no worries. He could run for President this year.


Dirtbag, had work done on his eyes Copeland – does not bring anyone to Jesus. God works on people’s heart through the preaching of the Gospel. Copeland is a liar. Thank you Mandy!


I suspect that one of the reasons for all the serpentine references, in addition to the slow, creepy fake smile, is the extreme pupil constriction. Unless the camera crew had extremely bright lights (and he is not squinting), his pupils should not be so pinpoint-classic sign of opioid intoxication. Also since he shows no other overt signs, maybe an addict? The skill of recognizing a hustler of any type, be they race, religion, politics, cons or anything else, is to recognize the signs of manipulation. Mandy does a great job of pointing them out. Unfortunately there are still many “marks” who are susceptible to being manipulated by con artists who will tell them what to believe while extracting their money or votes. Perhaps the upcoming downfall of the Clinton Foundation will help some of them be a little discerning.

Ursula Leach

I have not yet found an evangelist that isn’t creepy. Extracting money in the name of religion. I hate religion and that most people involved with it are so browbeat and brainwashed by people like this guy. God didn’t make people, people invented god and people like that phony evangelist pictured in your video use the stupidity of the people to enrich themselves. Great video, though I wish people could see guys like him for what they are without needing someone like you to point it out. It’s a good thing that there are the likes of you to open peoples eyes and you are the best


Let’s be fair here. He does own oil and gas wells, he’s been smart with his investments and he happens to be a preacher. These facts were unknown to me from the 70s through the 90s when I was a big follower. Never been a heavy contributor though. When he was followed and caught flat-footed by a “journalist” in a hotel where he was holding meetings he really pissed me off the way he reacted. What REALLY makes me mad is he keeps the reason for his wealth hidden because if that was published loud enough and long enough he would lose a ton of people (followers) and his ministry. I should have put the word ministry in quotes. He is a “faith” preacher, meaning “The just shall live by faith”. I’m not happy with this guy and there are many others out there like him. “Dr.” Frederick K.C. Price, Creflo Dollar (incredible last name) one of Copeland’s proteges, the obnoxious Jesse DuPlantis, there’s a guy in Johannesburg SA whose name escapes me. He recently was busted when he faked raising a man from “death”. But there are ministers from whom these fakers sprang who are not fake. John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Maria Woodworth-Etter and others. When they drew tens of thousands in crowds, the snakes started to see there was money to be made. It’s really a biblical principle at work. For everything God has satan produces a counterfeit. We as christians have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. True discernment is knowing the difference between what is right, and what is almost right. Osteen immediately comes to mind here. In other words just like Jesus said, “A little leaven (sin) leaveneth the whole lump”. One fraudulent preacher makes all ministers (appear) fraudulent. Let us be discerning and not just give our hard-earned substance to just anybody.

Eileen Guthrie

He reminds me of Jim and Tammy Fay Baker before the scandal. Asking the poorest group of people to send them money, while they lived in a mansion, their church looked like Disney World and they flew private. They use people and don’t have a conscience. So, this preacher man is just as disgusting. Like the former Bakers, Kenneth Copeland, who leads the “Believer’s Voice of Victory,” TV show and network, is a giant within the Word of Faith branch of Pentecostalism. Kenneth Copeland Ministries operates on a 1,500-acre campus near Fort Worth, TX, equipped with a church, a private airstrip, and a hangar for the ministry’s $17.5 million jet and other aircraft. Copeland resides with his wife Gloria in a $6 million church-owned lakefront mansion. Copeland, who is of partial Native American descent, converted to Christianity in the 1960s. I was waiting for him to say I fly private so I can be closer to God. Giving money to God to these snake oil salesmen, it’s not about giving and bringing comfort to the poor but bringing comfort, entitlements and privilege to these snake oil salesmen. This man of God is worth $760 MILLION, since he doesn’t make anything or sell anything honestly. He takes money from others to become his very wealthy hypocrite. Hey, if this God thing doesn’t work out, he could go into politics. He’s got the phony put on smile down pat, the believe me look and just as dishonest.

Good Mingle

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Reminds me of PTL in the day. Jim Baker was just a body Tammy could use to do her bidding. She was a snake and he did the jail time. Her daughter was a sad little lonely girl. Never met the son.


He’s a snake and a NWO puppet.

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