Body Language – Trump “Last time you see me for a while”


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Luke 8:17


Barbara HEDGES

I bought a few drugs from canada a lot cheaper than what it cost here in the U.S. The funny thing was they were shipped from a pharmacy in the United States. Let that sink in.

Barbara HEDGES

What did yahoo do with the like button ?


Coinciding… a few minutes ago an armed individual was shot by Secret Service right outside of the White House.


Thanks. Great stuff. Q did allude to a time when the president wold have to be especially sequestered. Planned. Best wishes for the coming bundle, darlings. xx kiss wink


Recently, beyond the body language, I felt a very serious concern for the safety and well-being of the President. When he made that statement it was ominous. This is a man in real need of our prayers. He is in a battle beyond flesh & blood. God bless & protect him and his family.

Love and prayers for you too Mandy & Bambino. So sorry you’re having a time of it. Please rest. Your well-being is always more important to us ♥️

rented identity

Should God forbid anything happen, you will be a prophet of galactic proportions.


Congratulations on your upcoming new bundle of joy.


God bless our President and God bless our country. God save us from those who hate America and her ideals.

Trump actually wants to be re-elected. So encouraging!! This man has sacrificed more than we know, and wants to continue. May God protect him!


Reviewed the whole video again. Anybody find it interesting that there are 17 washing machines behind the President? They are marked with “Whirlpool” , an American flag and “Washer” in three languages. What appears when you DRAIN something? Just sayin’. Believe in coincidences?


Awesome catch, especially with the number of machines (17)!


Just before I saw your comment, I read a disturbing article that has my head spinning: So, right now my brain isn’t totally processing your comment and I am missing your point. Help!


Mandy’s analysis of Pence (and Pompeo who is also in consideration as the rat).


Sorry to contribute to vertigo. 17 references Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet. The President has made multiple references that Qanon followers interpret as proofs in the last several weeks. The Whirlpool references draining the swamp. Regarding the article and other revelations recently, it seems to me that there is not one rat, but that there has been a concerted effort on the part of deep state.assets, including republicans to separate the President from loyalists he can trust (Flynn, Lewandowski, and many others) and insert assets, (Coates, Atkinson, Rosenstein, Ciaramella, Kelly, Mattis, BoltonVindman etc.) to get rid of him. I think he is on to them now. The deep state knows no party and exists to maintain the corruption, They never thought she would lose and fear their destruction if he wins again.


Thanks for the clarification, GOMF. I don’t follow Qanon, so the reference to 17 went over my head. I did get the Whirlpool part. Yes, there are many deep state rats from both parties but, that one BIG surprise one could well turn out to be Pence. Thinking about all the bs put out there by Fauci and company to crash the economy and that Pence was/is in charge and put Fauci in there gives me pause. I don’t know. Also, since Trump was talking about middlemen in the big pharma scheme, Fauci, Gates and so many other very wealthy people can be thrown into the “wash” as well. Something else to think about: This was the fourth coup attempt and if it succeeded, Pence would be sitting pretty in the Oval Office.


I can only imagine what it must feel like to be surrounded by corrupt rats and have to deal with them every day and have to maintain them for optics. Even if you don’t buy into Qanon, based on your other research, I think you will find Drop 4620 very interesting to think about. Available at Gives the 40,000 foot view.


Check out the 2 minute Roger Stone Clip in the article “Keeping the Swamp Alive”:


He is 100% correct. Insiders vs. a threat to the swamp. This is not another 4 year election.

Patty DeBingo

really angry really angry I would also like to warn people against the formaldehyde in these paper masks you are wearing. Surgical mask dermatitis caused by formaldehyde (releasers) during the COVID-19 pandemic DO NOT WEAR THEM. Pharmacists are being taught how to treat this… Go to that site and ReaD IT… Pass it on, too. We are being poisoned. Do you know what formaldehyde does to your lungs, kidneys, liver? DANG IT ALL… We are being poisoned by the governors of the states MANDATING this. All you have to do is say, because of a medical condition, I can NOT wear a mask… and DO NOT DO IT. They can not question you as to why… per HIPPA.


Georgia Guidestones. It’s coming at us from every angle.

Patty DeBingo

A person on another chat said it is documented that there are about 40 attempts on our President’s life. Pooloosely said POTUS was fat. No, Nanc, he is only wearing a bunch of protection to help keep him from being killed by people like…well, like … you? Has Everyone here seen the rocket fired at Air Force 1 on the way to Korea? They didn’t get him then, and keep praying that they do not get him now. God be with this president. We need him, oh, do we ever need him now. And, God, rebuke these people. They MUST go to prison.


Maybe Bill Clinton is considered a “middleman”, since he’s the one who allowed big pharma to advertise on TV (as if the average person knows better than informed doctors what prescription drug to take)? When I consider this together with the allegedly explosive Durham report allegedly coming out before Labor Day, then it makes sense to me why Trump would say we may not see him for a while. By all means, continue praying for our President and our nation. This may well be the time when justice will finally prevail. At least I hope it is.


But he has been going against the very rich and capable of being a threat to him for a long time…so is the pharma that much more a move in that way and even bigger threat? Or is there more to his referencing them. that possibility and his being not seen much or at all for awhile…a clue to us to figure out what it is.? Thanks Mandy for another great always these are totally awesome.


Big pharma are the number one funded lobby group in Washington. They also have massively corrupted crooked doctors with kickbacks for putting people on their medications who probably do not need them, and in many cases are harmed by them. The whole system is massively corrupt and the vax business is even worse. As for their favorite argument that they have to recoup research costs- complete bs as most research is funded by the government and the companies and crooked bureaucrat “doctors” in name only like Fauci are allowed to profit off the patent. The deep state took out JFK for doing far less for the people than 45.

Bonnie Hawkins



Someone had to do it, for us Americans: changing the greed and the oppression. I can barely fathom the amount of stress President Trump and his family are under. I imagine he needs a little rest too. His stamina is amazing.

Gen. Stewart

You know that when he’s out of sight for awhile ,they will claim he has covid.


Thanks for doing this one as I missed it. I think he’s pissed off A LOT of people since day one. His security must be awesome and I’m sure he’ll keep fighting for us. This is a good thing he’s doing and I hope he keeps pissing people off.


Many people don’t know how countries like Australia give all of their citizens subsidised drugs.
If a company wants to sell a drug in Australia go for it if it is approved. They can sell it at full price and then apply to go on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) where the government buys the drug and subsidises the drug to the people making it as low as $5.60 for people with a concession card and a bit higher for those that don’t have one

Right now I have one drug approved for $5.60 but two drugs are not approved at $36 & $25.

However I buy modafinil from India at 60c a pill but it is $5 a pill in Australia because the government will only subsidise it for narcolepsy.

To be approved you need to prove to the government the price the government is going to pay is fair and reasonable. We allow a new drug to be subsidised at full price if it is new. If it is an older drug that has recouped its research debt then the government demands a more reasonable price comparable to its manufacturing cost.

We DON’T have “powerful” pharmaceutical lobbiests to push the price up. We have lobbiests fighting to get their product on the PBS.

And it is illegal for me to buy those subsidised drugs and send them overseas to someone else but I can buy drugs from overseas if I find them cheaper.

ALSO… we have a tax free threshold of $18K and after that you pay 30% increasing on a sliding scale. As well we have a 10% goods and services tax.

For Donald Trump to take on these companies is HUGE as lobbiests run your congress not the politicians! It is moves like this that make me like him despite all his faults!

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