Body Language – Pence, Pompeo Ceasefire Agreement Syria


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Says I have already voted. Hard to do when I never signed in. Is it a FB hack?


I’ve witnessed training that insists an accompanying person on stage, out of respect and to honor and not undermine a speaker, should be sure to look only at the speaker with neutral or interested facial expression and not be a distraction. In this case, without undue motion or countenance, Pence does turn somewhat benignly toward audience, … but has Pompeo paused or completed his message at that point?
Further, my view of Pompeo in terms of being “weasel-ly” is not being a weasel, per se. Pompeo has always impressed me as being aware of and suspicious of bad actors of all stripes: CorruptMedia journalists, CorruptPoliticians on both sides, etc. He appears distrustful and defensively, or offensively, at the ready for malign actors. He was CIA Director briefly, after all. And he served on the Benghazi committee and knows Dim garbage up close and personal.
I may give him too much credit, but he’s on my short list, so far, of who might be an heir apparent for candidacy or leadership of the Republican party after Trump. That day is coming fast whether it’s January 2021 or 2025.
Love BombardsBodyLanguage !

Ursula Leach

I can’t stand Pence. To me he might as well be one of those evangelists on TV. He is too religious and he is a yes man. Trump chose him because Pence is not going to challenge his position and will do what Trump tells him to do. Trump is a very very strong personality and if he had chosen someone with the same trait there would be a lot of tension in the White House. Pence is a yes man with no ambitions, he does have strength but only in a religious way. VP is about the highest he will be, unless something happens to Trump and then god forbid we are in for religious BS from him.


The job of people working for POTUS is to execute their marching orders until such time they are no longer under such authority. They are to be company men and women or should resign if they harbor disagreements that are too great to perform their assigned duties.
Respectfully, I suspect you greatly underestimate VP Pence. He is extraordinarily honorable and rises to standards that an everyday samaritan would not comprehend.
He is boring, no doubt, and he has recognized/admitted that condition readily.


Kinda creepy the way Pence was starring down Pompeo. Pence always seems to talk like he’s reading a well rehearsed statement and must never forget to kiss the Presidents ass as much as possible.I think there’s a lot we don’t know about Mr. Pence.


Has Pompeo come to see the wisdom of Trump’s foreign policy? It looked to me that Pence did. Still, I got the feeling from what Pompeo was saying that he may well have another angle to play on behalf of the never ending war machine. Either Pence is in on the new angle or he feels assured that Pompeo is okay with the President’s foreign policy now. I just have a hard time trusting Pompeo, more so than Pence.


Maybe it’s me, but Pence seemed to be standing far closer to Pompeo than Pompeo was standing to Pence. Doesn’t necessarily mean too much, but something I noticed. Perhaps it was part of the uncertainty of what Pompeo may/may not say. 🤷‍♀️


I remember that Pence started the PAC in 2017 with the explanation that it would free him up to travel on his own funds and to donate to candidates for other offices. The timing of it, though was at the very beginning stages of the Russia coup, though the public did not yet know about it fully. I kind of thought it was more of an insurance policy in case the President resigned or was indicted, but who knows. Glad to see that there was no negative body language with this announcement.

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