Body Language – Tara Reade, Joe Biden Allegation


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This woman, Tara, is telling the truth.
Why is she not being believed?
The truth will come out.

Michael Kim

you should do a patreon and do subscriber only content.


The video ended before the part that Tara Reade has described as “staying with her for a long time.” After the assault, Joe Biden pointed his finger at her and said, “You know you’re nothing to me” and walked away. Total scorn for his victim.

Luis Segovia

it looks like president trump is gonna be our next president for the next 4 years

Susan McCall

What a difference between the two videos –

Back in September 2018, when this hearing occurred, the damage it did to many of us was the bringing up of horrible memories – “what really happened to me in the grove, in the hayloft, in the hallways with a groping relative, in a car”? And those were memories 16 years of age and younger. Then a girl moves to the City and it’s a whole new ballgame of the crap – only difference is men were older, smarter, and more brazen based on their ‘power’.

At the same time the hearing was going on with ford/Kavanaugh, many females may have had other things going on besides the horrible realities of a childhood. People were saying how ‘credible’ ford was (judge napolitano said she ‘looked’ credible – for a conservative judge to make an assumption like that the first day?) ‘Friends’ (now all ex friends) saying how she should be some sort of female hero – how believable she was. I even got in an argument with a bro-in-law in discussing how ford was hiding behind her big glasses and how cruel I was for pointing that out. (Mandy had made a comment about ford making herself appear small behind those stupid big glasses).

The only issue I have with Tara is that it occurred in a ‘hallway’, ‘corridor’, in potential view with others. It’s one thing to do abusive things in private, (with no cameras) like maul, grope, and fondle, but quite another to just put your fingers where they shouldn’t be. Do submissive gay men get attacked like this from a powerful gay man? If cory booker or buttplug had made it, would there be stories as well? (can you imagine hearing about it for weeks? ugh)…

Based on joe biden’s past, I have no doubts that he did this….it’s just that the ‘where it happened’ will be the problem. Also, Tara does not have the backing like ford did (diane feinstein, all feminists, even ‘men’)….Tara will not be heard, just as Dr. Brownstein wasn’t (alternative doctor that had a preventative method to stop the covid from spreading by building the immune system and thus, we wouldn’t be having the economic crash we are facing).

Like Dr. Seuss’s book: “Horton Hears A Who” – we are the ‘who’s….waiting for someone to hear us.


This was really a great thing to do Mandy. Taught us a lot too. I , like others here was really hoping that you were going to do this one…and you did it!! Thank you so much. Your comments really made a difference too with something like this that is so hard to watch and think about —-you were able to give more purpose to watching and learning that make it worth it. (Seeing the one you did prior to this one and the talk about having purpose in having power vs the sole interest in power only…made me more aware of purpose here in learning about the dynamics of communications and memory with a trauma …as well as the sincerity of the person’s story.. Even though in this case , even w/o body language analysis it is so easy to tell she is truthful ..even by the choice of words and tone of voice tho the body language adds so much more…it is incredible to see this woman’s sincerity and strength of unmoved she is by the horrible betrayals of those who were there and knew …and she stands strong in just telling the truth…The way she does that …her replies to questions that made ME angry with the interviewer….and seeing the interviewers lack of more meaningful responses and then seeing that did not stop or intimidate Tara from telling her story.; i have even more compassion for her and respect and awe too. Also that she waited until her daughter was a grown woman …rather than bring her through this experience with whatever consequences might have been brought to her daughter and impacted her life in ways that could have impaired or hurt her own journey. That was wise and selfless….and then to do this noew ….at a time that is better and where she is ready to take it on…wherever it leads….I think she deserves some kind of reward for that. Maybe it will come to her.

Tom Adkins

Except this one… Because she was molested by Joe Biden.
If they accuse Democrats?


Thank you!

Eileen Guthrie

Wow! That was an amazing interview with an assault victim. If I had any doubt in her story, she just proved it was true. Joe Biden is an aggressive, sadistic, malignant narcissist and a sexual predator, who has gotten away with this type of behavior for over 40 years. He should be in prison for what he did to her and so many other women and he makes my skin crawl. I just wished she had spoken up sooner, but I do understand why she didn’t… the stigma that attaches to rape, sexual assault victims. That they go over in their minds did I do something to cause this to happen? Did I send signals to my attackers that I was interested in them? I have a feeling she’s not his first victim and probably not his last victim that’s his aggressiveness towards women. The fact that this came out when so much more was going on in the Clinton white house says a lot to me. We need to remember rape, sexual assaults and/or sexual harassment is NOT ABOUT SEX but has everything to do with power and control. Because although the touch may be sexual in nature, their words are intimidating, manipulative and the violation physical, when someone rapes, assaults, or harasses, the motivation stems from the perpetrator’s need for dominance, power and control. For Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and so many powerful men, their actions to the mainstream media still seems to think and believe their attacks on women is about sex when it is not. That the women they did these things too, should be grateful that their attacks from their attackers should be viewed as a compliment and any of those who help them get away with this behavior are their enablers.


Joe B.: You will never, never be President. You don’t deserve the respect of that office. You belong in jail.


She is very convincing even without the body language analysis. I saw Chris Wallace interviewing Secretary Mnuchin Sunday, May 10 about economic recovery. This guy didn’t move an inch during the interview. No facial expressions. I was watching his eyes and I think he didn’t even blink. What’s up with that?

Gen. Stewart

Megyn Kelly is what we called a Climber. She would hurt anyone to get where she wants to go. I am filled with rage watching and hearing this. It’s a good thing I’m not her big brother . I would be in prison. I think every women should have a big brother. Joe biden is WHITE TRASH IN A SUIT !


I maintain Biden would be on the ground or in it if it weren’t for Secret Service


My other point is that her boss totally set Tara up to be assaulted. That Mary Ann Baker lady was either getting revenge on Tara for not being willing to enable the serial predator Joe Biden or she was jealous that Tara had caught Joe’s eye when Mary Ann hadn’t. Either way, Mary Ann Baker knew what Joe Biden would do and sent the lamb (Tara) to the slaughter.

Susan McCall

Time for me to research mary ann baker – will keep you tuned Beth.

Gen. Stewart

Wikipedia here I come. She needs to be held accountable !


agree a thousand percent.


Susan McCall…i think we would all want to be tuned in to anything you find in your research of Mary Ann Baker. it’s so disgusting to know her “alleged” part in this while she tells the press that there was no reports of sexual harassment. She should be held accountable as accomplice to what happened. And this story should be widely viewed.

Susan McCall

So far this: and it’s ‘marianne’ baker, just for the record. The Business Insider piece also quotes several people who confidently refute Reade’s claims. The first is unsurprising: “These accusations are false,” said Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, in a statement she’s regurgitated in just about every report on Reade’s allegation. The others are worth lingering on: Marianne Baker, Biden’s former longtime executive assistant who was serving in that role at the time of Reade’s alleged assault, said she has “absolutely no knowledge or memory of Ms. Reade’s accounting of events, which would have left a searing impression on me as a woman professional, and as a manager”—a statement she’s previously given to other reporters. And Melissa Lefko, Reade’s fellow staff assistant in Biden’s office in 1993, said she doesn’t remember Reade at all but asserted that she would’ve remembered any allegations of sexual misconduct. “Had there been anything, I would have heard about it,” Lefko told Business Insider. OF COURSE SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OR MEMORY….

Gen. Stewart

You have covered this very well.


Thank you for the additional information. 😊 What’s the phrase, plausible deniability?


Nauseating—are those claims to have nothing they were told or remember.about the assault…and disgusting that reporters don’t go for better than that ..If they watched this interview or /and researched it a little even…and were honest and good at their job…they would’ve not settled for those obviously untrue answers. coupled with the dramatized emphasis on Baker’s fake claim that if there was knowledge of such an event … “it would have left a searing impression on me as a woman professional, and as a manager”: (yeah right).

Gen. Stewart

I totally agree ! As soon as she started describing the setup I knew it wasn’t going to go well for Tara.


So sad, and so wrong. Marianne Baker, just like Joe Biden and other sexual predators and their enablers, will get their just desserts.


Glad you took this one on. Even though there were some cuts, there was plenty there to assess and it was a remarkably good camera angle because you could see her shoulders and had a perfect view of the eye movements. The part later where she describes herself as “politically homeless” was also very interesting. Think she was shocked and disappointed that the media and leftist politicians have ignored and dismissed her after the Kavanaugh situation. Prior to Saturday night or Sunday morning there were only two short clips on Kelley’s channel. When the whole video became available on Saturday night or Sunday morning, I watched it and then watched the media. It was not mentioned until 10:45 on Sunday morning, on Fox at least. They are all fake news. What a disgrace.

John Orban

I was hoping you’d do this interview. When I heard the very first interview Tara did, I knew she was telling the truth. It’s painful listening to her. Thanks for reviewing this interview.


Wow, watching Tara tell her story was almost like reliving my sexual assault. 😔 Good for her for staying strong and coming forward!

ION, Megyn Kelly sucks as an interviewer. 😉

Susan McCall

I agree Beth – why do you have to ask about details on an assault? Jeeze, couldn’t megyn ask afterwards? I don’t want to hear about where fingers shouldn’t be going….megyn is sick.


She was completely non-sympathetic, and almost hostile. Pray Mrgyn is never sexually assaulted!


I can only think of one reason Megyn Kelly would ask for details and it’s not an honorable one.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.

the Maestro

I believe Tara Reade!


Dear old Uncle Joe thought she looked a bit feverish and was simply checking her temperature, I can’t understand how it could be misconstrued as anything else, besides, she was begging for it.


Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems like I noticed the same things Mandy did, and came to the same conclusion, based on what I have learned by watching and learning. Thanks, Mandy!

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