Body Language – Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Accuser Dr Christine Blasey Ford


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Shannon Crossen

Great video. Did you do one for Kavanaugh too?


She’s so repugnant. Maybe there was some clumsy attempt at making out that Kavanaugh doesn’t remember. It’s not like most teenagers are masters of consent; that doesn’t make them monsters. And because she believes he was going to rape and kill her doesn’t mean it happened. That’s assuming that anything happened between them at all, which seems unlikely. suspicious

Why are we still discussing this almost forty years later? Good lord. Anyway, great analysis. Don’t trust pretty pose/pretty voice. Whenever you see a grown woman trying to act powerless, you know there’s danger.

So very well done Mandy. Excellent. Thank you.

I don’t know why but I didn’t like her voice tone (cuteness, smaller voice, little kid of church… ) when she recounts her story. It was like my cat when he/she/it wants milk. Weird comparison, I know…


Not sure if anyone else caught this, or has commented on it….maybe it has been clarified, and I just missed it in all the melee. This stuck out to me on the day of the hearing. The most glaring inconsistency for me, was that in Blasey-Ford’s letter to the Feinstein (Which can be read on most new outlets)….CBF clearly wrote/stated that “Kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom…”, yet…in the video of her prepared statement in front of the committee….She says….”I could not see who pushed me into the bedroom…”. Call me crazy….but did anyone else catch this?? For me…that’s the moment when any shred of credibility was lost in her story…

John Amon

Holy Cows, over 3 Million views!! Mandy, you rule!!


I saw this as a suggested video on Louder With Crowder website… sent you a pic… congratz on making it back on top.

Fyi. I can still see your channel on my app. There are no videos or description but I find it very interesting that 98% of deleted channels in my sub list have a blank icon with a line through it however yours and Infowars still have visible icons.

To my mind it shows something very different about your banning. It looks like you are still there in alphabetical order and there is not a notification your account is deleted or has no videos…. just blank.

Tom Holmberg

There is something not sitting right with me… “The Double Door” Story… “How is that relevant to the case” Is this a tact to confirm the play that was unfolding.. According to Urban Dictionary – The theory that ignorant people will wait excessive amounts of time to walk through an open door, as opposed to opening another door and saving themselves a great deal of time. I can’t help but feel they are mocking us as ignorant.. 11:44 in the video..

Christine Tailor

I really feel that the her delay in getting to congress was simply to give her time to rehearse and go through every single foreseeable scenario. She was undoubtedly very well coached – but Mandy saw thru it all smile


I heard a policeman once say that when there is no snotty nose with the tears then it’s fake.


Mandy, I’ve watched so many of your videos that I was able to give a play by play at work to all my coworkers. You trained me well and I spotted her fakery from the first minute of her lying testimony. I held my breath u til you posted so I could confirm my take

Joel Morin

Yup and today the letter comes out from the boyfriendAnd I thought she said husband but he called himself the boyfriend . It all makes sense what you have told us about Ford in this video Dr.

Sherryl Barker

I found your perspective quite interesting. When I watched the full hearing on Dr. Ford I noticed some of the same behavior, but missed some important body movements you pointed out. I have to say that while watching her I become really annoyed at her hair always being in her face and never much attempt at moving it out of the way. Mostly the strands that kept hanging in front of her left eye. If looks as if she is hiding. I see people who have little eye contact using this as a means to hide. Whats is your opinion?


Looky looky….Dots have been connected!…………………. Please Share Share Share


This is an amazing video. It also goes hand in hand with something I saw just last night. Joe diGenova made a comment that caught my attention. I know these people have ways of finding information that most of us do not have and his comment, paraphrasing, is as follows: Prof Ford is a very troubled woman. She was forced off the East Coast because of this and went to California. It is very bad. Now what he knows he decided not to share, however, an FBI background check may well find out what it was, esp if he puts a bug in the ear of someone he knows in the FBI. The progressives may well rue the day they demanded this background check. Everyone watching with any psych training at all (I’m a retired RN of 35 years) could see this woman isn’t right and it’s a lot more than some groping incident when she was a kid. Two front doors on her house? Was she attacked in her home and subconsciously wants her home more fortified? Was it a family member? A neighbor? A good friend that she just can’t mentally accept would do that to her?

One other thing. She kept shifting the year it happened. At first she said it was late 80’s…then changed to early. Reason? It’s possible late 80’s puts him in college and away from her circle entirely. So, she had to move the date back, to put him in high school. Just a thought.


Either theres something wrong with her (traumatized) or shes trying to make us believe theres something wrong with her ..
Either way, there
s something wrong with her 🤔

Erika Bianco

I’m new to your site. Yesterday’s testimony compelled me to see what a body language expert had to say about the testimony of Dr. Ford as it made me very uncomfortable to watch.
I don’t know if you have thought about any of this or if these are things you take into consideration so I thought I’d chime in…
It seemed to me she was hiding behind her hair as if to seem “meek” or like a “victim”. In my opinion, she seemed completely coached on what her demeanor should be and look like.
In your words, “small like a child”. To me, that also says she is not confident and if you are confident that this alleged crime happened to you, why would you hide behind your hair…?
Additionally, her glasses…
I don’t know if in her regular, every day life she wears glasses, but it seemed to me that the glasses she was wearing were not hers or a current script.
Based on my own experience of wearing glasses daily and on past occasion, wearing an old out of date script, it is difficult to focus. She had sort of a “blank stare”, as if her script was not good or the whole eye glass thing was a total farce.
Did either of those things come into play in your assessment?
Lastly, I didn’t believe a word she said!


Anyone else notice how many cues the lawyers on each side of her were giving her?? Plus, in this day and time, who doesn’t know how to reach their representative or President???


OMG, at the 16:29 mark, she has a big portion of her hair wrapped around her glasses laying over part of her eye and cheek, why would you not adjust this off your face? A normal person would have done this immediately.


Breitbart News posted a great clip of Feinstein asking Kavanaugh why he didn’t request an FBI investigation. Just watching their interaction without audio was very fascinating. Might you review it, or Kavanaugh’s testimony, Mandy? Thanks, as always, for what you do!

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