Body Language – Prince Andrew Interview


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so stupid, at 19:01 “I don’t know mr. brockman” yet seconds before at 18:39 he is in utter surprise and shook (“really ????”) of mr.brockman being there. why would you be surprised if you don’t even know him ?


One week later, a lot has happened. He’s now dismissed from his royal duties by his own mum, and on her 72nd anniversary. And the court of public opinion says this was a “train-wreck”, a “PR disaster”, and “backlash has been fierce”… Father of 2 same-age daughters (poignant), desperate lack of judgment, defended his registered sex offender friend. No mention of the victims; no sympathy, no humility, no empathy. He had the opportunity to distance himself but defended himself instead. There was not one statement of regret, and no attempt to assure all women out there this is not who I am. Nothing. Instead he doubled-down on his contradictions & questionable account. This week he received variations of a new nickname, Prince Pig. And Sarah Ferguson may finally be cut off from her financial bail-outs now. These were just snippets of this weeks news. And it’s not over.

Kwame Oluwasomi

We’re the engine generating heaven for the top 0.1%. We’re taught out of trusting our intuition because we’d stop generating their heaven if we could prove we’re their engine. If we knew they were full of shit. Just thinking is fine – bears no danger, as it leaves room for doubt. So much doubt that we fear following our thoughts will lead to a dead end, and we would have wasted precious time on our untethered and untrained imagination… the same untethered imagination that gave birth to the technological wonders we know today, and the structural wonders our ancestors knew yesterday.

Intuition is the automatic, unprompted combining of all our senses and knowledge – both cerebral and cellular – to determine reality from fiction. We FEEL truth. And any system that co-opts & corrupts this instinct is humanity’s enemy.




Great job Mandy!
Some people ask why this is such a big story other than the Prince may be a pedo.
Think of it this way:
He I a stone falling in the beginning of an avalanche!
Also, has anyone else noticed Prince Andrews tie is oddly not straight?


Andrew has caused a lot of trouble for the royals before. It looks to me like the queen is having another “annus horribilus” in 2019 as in 1992 with Charles and Diana, Andrew and Fergie, Windsor Castle burning and Anne getting a divorce. Between Andrew and Meghan and Harry she has a lot to shoulder and straighten out and not too much time to do it at her age. If this turns out to be true- QE11 may have to make a drastic decision- maybe have Andrew exiled.


interesting view


The Queen has given her “permission” for Prince Andrew to be relieved of all of his royal duties. If anyone wants a link (that’s for anyone still checking on this thread), but know the ads seem to be non-stop.


that was fast


New article today, Mandy.
The Queen didn’t exactly give her “permission”. She fired him!


Here’s the article. I don’t know what happened in my previous comment.


Thanks for doing it, Mandy. smile smile


He had to do this interview. I am pleased he did it because now we get to judge him. He could have just refused to say anything and wait out 2 yrs for it to be forgotten.

Also it is not abnormal for a 16 or 17 yr old teenager to want sex with an older guy. Often men can’t quite judge the teens age because many look much older than they really are. How could the Prince also know that she was a sex slave to the man he had only recently met?

I never thought of Prince Andrew to be a creepy dude… a player amongst young pretty women yes but not creepy.

My theory was that Epstein and Maxwell set him up with a borderline child… he probably assumed she was 18 and she was told to treat the Prince like you do Epstein so the Prince probably just thought he was lucky that a young woman was interestedin him. After the events it is probably dropped in a conversation that she is underage and the blackmail begins without a threat being made.

Anyway that is how I hope it happened because I hate it when a public figure I like turns out to be a paedophile or a wife beater.


Plausible theory. You could be correct in your assessment of the situation. Like you, I hope that’s what happened because the alternative is beyond disgusting. The only thing I disagree with you about is that the Prince “had to do this interview”. I don’t believe he did have to and from what I’ve been hearing, I think it was a big mistake on his part.


I believe Roberts was 17 when she was allegedly trafficked to the prince in London, which makes her “legal” there, but not in New York, Florida or the US Virgin Islands, but the picture and video outside of Epstein’s door, show Epstein exiting with a freezing girl who looks to be no older than 14 and the prince waving goodbye to one who looks slightly older. Regardless of the legal details, sex abuse and exploitation has a lot to do with a power imbalance. I would like to be optimistic, but I am afraid that we all have to look straight into the eyes of evil people before the world is going to get any better. I say that in all due respect to everyone who might have a different viewpoint. I know that I spent a 44 year career dealing with thousands of evil individuals, so I am more apt to take a less optimistic viewpoint.


No, I’m not optimistic about this. It’s just that Cat’s theory was something that didn’t occur to me, so I thought it was worth a little bit of hope about a vile situation. But, you’re right, GOMF. It seems to me evil has taken on gigantic proportions and is waging all out war on Earth against everybody these days.


Uh-huh. Yeah. Well, Mandy, I’ll put it this way: I had 12 ancestors – including a colonel in the Continental Army – risk everything to break away from being ruled by dogbreaths like this guy we’re watching. I regret that there are a number of them in Congress today. That being said, I know my ancestors would applaud your work. I hope that you can accept my humble thanks for doing a patriots duty. Thank you for that! That being said, this lying sack of defecation needs to go to jail!


I have a different interpretation of history. in 1649 England had a civil war between parliamentarians and the royalists, the parliamentarians won, the Catholic king was beheaded, his wife was a french princess called Henrietta Maria this pissed off the french, England in 1649 declared itself a republic, The English royalty were all stripped of their titles and sent into exile to North America. by 1685 England had become a religious dictatorship so this lead to people wanting to restore the monarchy but only as a figurehead, This would make the government separate from the head of state and commander in chief, limiting the power of the government while keeping the royals only for ceremonial roles., in 1689 we had the English bill of rights which future limited the role of the monarchy, in 1756 the uk had a 7 year war with France were they where expelled from Quebec etc. in 1772 one of the old royalists who was expelled to North America was visiting the uk with his slave. the salve ended up escaping and was caught by the police, he was taken before the court, but during his trial, once it became known that the slave was a Christian the judge ruled slavery illegal. This ruling leads to riots in Boston.. and is one of the turning points in bad relations, once militias started forming the catholic french would move to support the colonists separate from the UK. the American revolution was not poor people rising up against a king, it was the rich landowners, who hated that they lost everything in England and wanted their own country separate from the liberal uk which was moving to ban slavery,

Somerset v Stewart case, Stewart is the old family name of the British monarchy before that dynasty ended

frank papandrea

check his security log

frank papandrea

come on, he didn;t have to walk in the park to brush him off unless there was more to the story. This was a negotiation. He already said Epstein was not that close a friend, so why did he have to meet him, PULEEEEEZE. GUILTY

frank papandrea

he did bring together an extraordinary group of people from all different backgrounds, they also were all pedophiles


Mandy, this is one of your best. Thanks so much for doing this video. As one of your students, this interview put it all together to me. All the tells that you have taught are so evident in this interview. The stress, the believe me look, and so much more. Prince Andrew is clearly displaying all of the tells.

I think I just saw a man that at best will be disgraced if not a man who will be arrested for sex with a minor, with a dash of child trafficking thrown in for good measure, in one hellish scandal that will be breaking soon.


Fabulous analysis. Kudos to everyone trying to keep this story alive. My understanding is that it is much hotter in the U.K. than in the US, which is sadly not surprising with the state of the US media. I have watched the available video of Ms. Giuffre and the others and they seem pretty credible to me. They only seem evasive when they are asked to identify other perpetrators than they already have, which is probably because they were advised not to by attorneys. Ghislaine Maxwell has a lot to answer for, if she can be found alive.


I was hoping we would hear your take on this video. Yes, he’s lying his ass off, yes, he was worried that Epstein had the goods on him, but I don’t think he was blackmailed per se, I think he liked Epstein, he enjoyed his company, and they had fun together and they both liked screwing hot young girls. I don’t think Prince Andrew had any intention of doing anything malicious or harming anyone, I think Epstein did and that’s were he and Prince Andrew parted ways.


i think of it as a club…. IN a club you pay dues and the deeper and more intwined psychology you get into a club…. the more money you will spend to protect it.


All the comments are spot-on, but I got hung up on just the top 2 buttons, and the rest of were not buttoned. Did she not have an outfit that would fit?


Maybe she felt she needed to be more cover to interview a perv. It would be bad form to show a lot of skin so someone in the crew lent her that jacket. Maybe she is pregnant. what is your thought?


Also notice Andrews tie? It was totally crooked. I’m sure it was not by accident!
This was taped in the palace!

Gen. Stewart

Let’s not lose sight of ,these sorry sonofabitches harming children. He begins stating that they weren’t close friends. Then spends 27 minutes answering a laundry list of times they were together globetrotting.You don’t invite your Blackmailer to your daughters birthday party. I don’t believe he was being blackmailed ! He was full on complicit ! He’s gotten ahead of what’s coming .You can expect him to NEVER ANSWER to a subpoena or answer anything to the public again.We will only hear of his lawyers. I fear for the lives of all the children that were ever on that Island.


i was SO hoping you would do this, and you didn’t disappoint ❣️


I came looking just for this.


Wow, this is getting even worse for the Palace at this stage. Good show! Thanks as always Mandy crying


PA: “My judgment was probably coloured by my tendency to be too honourable.” (gak) What a rotten liar.
His stammering & stuttering. His wide-eyed look of shock & amazement. His overt gestured hyperbole. Pathetic.
(He was considered the handsome royal in the day. He had it all. Even then, he had an affair with Koo Stark, who was considered a soft porn actress. It was scandalous).
Q: “Did you worry that he had something that could compromise you? NO NO (blinky on steroids).
That was stellar when you caught his brows twitching Mandy LOL. Well done!
The worst – Virginia was the same age as his own daughters when he took her. And he has the gall to state he was at home with “the Children”, when questioned about buying drinks at Tramps for his child paramour. By his own admission, he identifies the three as children; Victoria, Beatrice, Eugenie. Super Creep. Thanks Mandy – I couldn’t wait to hear your take on this one.


Thanks for doing this, Mandy. Some interesting things have surfaced, such as Andrew’s PR person quitting 2 weeks ago, after Andrew decided to do the interview; the videos of Andrew dancing and sweating while on holiday after his divorce,; and Piers Morgan’s rants about it. Why didn’t this interviewer challenge the Prince on some of his answers? Curious how he made certain to distance the Palace from this debacle. God bless the Queen – still don’t understand what she ever did to deserve her four monstrous children. 🙄

Guess Ms. Roberts/Guthrie has been telling the truth all along.


She puts on quite a show, the queen, but if you think she is a little sweetie, you haven’t gone down enough rabbit holes yet.


You misunderstand – I didn’t wish to imply that HRH is beyond reproach. However, *all* four of her children have deep, deep issues, character flaws, maybe personality disorders. Unless HRH sacrificed animals and/or small children, doubt she deserves all of the shame her children have brought her. This is a woman who wasn’t initially raised to be the Monarch, but became one due to a dodgy uncle. Just my opinion. 🤷‍♀️


It’s like they’re humans or something.

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