Body Language – Apple CEO Tim Cook User Privacy Vs Big Data

Body Language - Apple CEO Tim Cook User Privacy Vs Big Data

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jeesh, i was wondering if she was alive, then she moved! as the interview passes she becomes quite animated and does a good job, but that resting coma face…

Natalie Neglio

She doesn’t necessarily look bored to me but stoned…. just look at her eyes… so droopy. smile


So, just as a person can be right or left handed, can some people process differently than expected? For example, in eye direction, does anyone ever process “remembered doing” on the opposite side? Is everyone directionally polarized the same?

sky captain

Imho, corporations want government regulation, in order to shift accountability. He’s being coy. I also think the way he completely rejected the reporter’s mood shows that he’s not a great communicator, and is probably lacking in empathy.


I found it interesting that his eyes appeared to be extremely dilated, which would be almost impossible with the type of lights used for a photo shoot. SSRIs?, Adderal?, Coke?. I liked the insertion of the almost subliminal information on the life log – Fa$ebook “coincidence”. That is why I don’t use it. Well done and good analysis of the interviewer as well- I have seen her before and she has the same attitude in other interviews including one of a White Nationalist who whipped out multiple weapons during the interview. She had no reaction. Perhaps she is medicated as well.

Renzo Fabriek

Ever since Apple got into the “I” thing they were getting more evil than microsoft. The app (free) market is mainly about making you addicted and making you a product. I realy hate that functionality and flexabilaty is getting reduced in software.

Bob bradley

Not a good speaker. Sleepy-face interviewer didn’t help.


Sleepy face was really cute though. It got jarring when they would cut-away.

Lars Steffensen

I liked the arrogant prick that used to run the company a lot more. Snake-man above is not selling me anything.

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