Body Language – Google Church Reaction To Trump Election

Google Church Reaction to Trump Election

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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I bet this is how a Hitler Youth Rally sounded like.

Sonja Phillips

I had never seen this happen until the notification for this specific video came to my email inbox. When I clicked on the link from my gmail account, it stated the link was “google site blocked”. Nope, no conservative bias at google!


DOJ Invites 24 State AGs to Jeff Sessions Meeting About Breaking Up Google, Facebook.


Thanks, Mandy. Very instructive into quasi-delusional belief systems. The gobalist-communist-socialst core of the tech fascists exposed for all to see. I like the comments about projection because they very accurately describe part of the reality-bending defense mechanisms at work here. While speaking of “our values” and adopting a defeated or defiant position of moral superiority and occasionally posing as respecting “diverse opinions”, these people are the true fascists. They are at war with Patriot- Nationalist- Freedom- American Dream Pusuers and will stop at nothing to stop and eradicate them. Can you say anti-trust?


Wow, you actually had a solid argument for calling someone a “colonialist” with that converting people to your church thing.
I have never heard anyone say a comparison/argument that actually makes sense and is not crazy.

Robert Young

I really love your videos and I want to see all of them and your website is okay but I find it very annoying that I cannot simply find your latest videos
I use my phone to watch your videos and get on your website it might be different for someone that’s not using a phone but I cannot simply find your latest videos I know there’s somewhere that you can click on catch up but I cannot find it it might be under some tab or something but when you’re using the phone it’s hard to click on a tab to see the drop-down menu please fix this thank you
I will suggest making a button that’s not in a drop-down menu that says catch up videos or something


YouTube censored your last post. ” Jordan Peterson interview channel 4″, saying Channel 4 blocked on copyright grounds, and I can’t see you on Twitter anymore, Mandy.


Thank you. I’m now following her on Gab.

Wendy Artagame

Obviously Alex jones was dead on about Google. It’s obvious Google is acting with intention to sway the world to their own agenda!

Fact: Google will never be the same. I watched this earlier in the week and I do appreciate your eval of this one BUT,…these people are disgusting, depressing but most of all IDIOTS. Just watching the first guy makes me realize how sick they are,….my closing thought is that they are PPP’s,…Pretty Pitiful People.

And I will leave you with that.

Jim Reiter

I need google for my work.
I am so careful now about what I do online so they won’t interupt my business prospects.

That to me is scary and I don’t think people understand how dangerous this is.




I have not watched all of that google video as it makes me feel physically sick.

Firstly because it shows exactly what we knew but they denied.
Secondly because they don’t see it as a problem.

They just believe they need to forge ahead with information AI to guide everyone in the right direction.

I feel sick because other than getting the word out and trying to tell people you are being guided and controlled by Alphabet/Google there is not much else we can do. Well you feel that way anyway.

The average person down the street just thinks you are insane if you tell them that.


AI is only as smart as the person controlling it. They only feed it the data that supports their world view. People will wake up… manipulative people have a short shelf life


Rhys…we will have to agree to disagree on the more advance AI


AI is controlled by the information that is put into it.

What is the end result?
Will it have the capability to develop free will?
Will it benefit us?

I don’t think we need it or want the outcome regardles! Look at social media… everyone thought it would be wonderful but instead we have allowed the very small group of people to control our lives.
Look at the robots in business… millions of unemployable low skilled people. Nothing bad about low skilled, happy people earning a living to feed and house their families. Much better than government funded handouts.

This is not just about censorship, it is about changing the fabric of society…

Soros would be proud of this meeting!


I don’t remember any of us reacting that way when Barrack got elected. Grow up, and move out of your mother’s basement. I really like Mandy’s comments here.


I don’t get how these people can be so heavily involved in politics. Staff was crying? This almost seemed like a support group. To me, you are mentally weak if you let the outcome of a Presidential election affect your mental state this much.


Can you say Projection. That guy talking of fake news, low information voters, organized intense campaigns of disinformation & completely made up information — all of this is what the left does and is guilty of, all the while suppressing others free speech and the ability for free discourse of it, by algorithms, censorship, and banning of persons on the right; or even of those who support Trump. I’ve seen so many videos where left & progressives can’t verbalize or debate or converse back and forth on many subjects. They also just block a camera, yell, swear, blow horns, scream, spit, get in someones personnel space — just to incite violence.

Renzo Fabriek

More and more often I think of this part from an interview “Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation” when I see the left.


Wendy Artagame

Eye opening interview. Exactly how the left are behaving. So Russia has done this to us way before Trump! Like he said though, the brainwashed ones will be the first ones to have a boot up their a$$!

Renzo Fabriek

We must wonder who is pulling the strings now. Not russia anymore but it look likes it is still weaponized.
Who has the most benefit from censorship? People who have something to hide.


Great video showing the brainwashing process that results in a rigid belief system in the left that is almost impossible to get rid of. I like how he describes them as “contaminated”.


The first guy is Sergie Brin. Wiki him. He was born in Russia and was brought to the US. He came out of the Marxist Russia, as the man in the interview.

Dr. Pieczenik states that he helped arrange for his parents to immigrate. So here you have a man whose family obtain their visas from US assistance to leave Marxist Russia, Then apparently worked in a knowing manner to attempt a soft coup for the overthrow the election/govt. of the US. And now apparently doing the same in an attempt to oust the current legitimate President.

The second man I don’t recall his name. I believe he came on a work visa from India. He also worked to preform the same attack on our REPUBLIC (not democracy, very different forms of govt.). What a payback, he works to overthrow the same country who helped him.

The Break down crying ladying spills the beans. She is gold.

All I see are poisonous vipers testifying before their employees about how they (employees) and their bosses worked to overthrow a legitimate election and they failed. And now gratefully exposed/caught through their own words. Soft Coups attempts should be dealt with.

Marxism/Communism is on stage before you.


Thank Lonn, that info is very interesting. I wonder what the religious status of they people are? I always think they are introducing Sharia law but don’t know if they are doing it intentionally?


I don’t think people are as inflexible and easily brainwashed as Yuri Bezmenov seems to think. As a well trained KGB agent he is obviously well versed in promoting the real enemy — fear. I think the breakup of the USSR, Brexit, and the election of Trump all point to the flaw in his and the KGB’s assumptions. The Western world certainly has many institutions geared toward trying to steer society to their agenda, yet there are still plenty of points of view to go around and keep things in flux.


Am I the only one who is a bit disturbed by people with foreign accents talking about how THEY didn’t win in this election, and what THEY can do for the next election?


It is not the accent so much but the fact they don’t see their new homeland as home but just a part of a global space.

My mum has a strong accent but she is more Australian than many born here…..

It actually makes a mockery out of the majority of immigrants you have that understand the privilege of being invited into another country to live forever.

Hans Wagner

Welcome those who want to be American. Reject those who want to change what makes America great.
Oh?! “America isn’t and was never great?!” Move along then.
What’s with bringing in people that don’t want to be American? Oh it’s the votes? wait… what?


To me, this is just a clear case of mass conservaphobia. I feel sorry for them…expending so much energy sunk in their phobia, weak minds catastrophizing, just because they have been brainwashed, not into being a true liberal (which would be fine), but into believing that if everything they want isn’t realized, that it’s the end of the world. The world view of Google has had their turn with political power, now let others have a turn. It’s just simple etiquette we should have all learned on the playground. It’s really nothing more than that. When they work themselves up into thinking it’s more than that (like it’s the end of the world), it causes all kinds of destructive behavior and anguished people.

The real crisis is that the brainwashers need to STOP! This mind control is tearing us apart!

I would have felt so uncomfortable to be a conservative in that room.


When brexit first happened i use to watch so many bloggers on youtube talking about it from all different prospectives.. it was actually great to hear so many people debating. try and find a brexit blogger on youtube now.. if you type in brexit all you will get in main stream media.. not a single blogger. its so obvious what they have done..

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