Body Language – Jordan Peterson – Channel 4

Body Language - Jordan Peterson Interview

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Dani Schacht

Sorry – I know some love him, but he makes me want to puke. Its not his words – its the delivery.

shawn zabrocki

i could have listened for a hour cheers


voice constrict

Brenda Abbott

I had the honor of hearing Dr. Peterson speak. The humanity, thoughtfulness and deep thinking that he brings to his public speaking is tremendously powerful. Having that opinion before the event, I was surprised that at the VIP meet and greet I was overwhelmed and rendered speechless by the genuine warmth and empathy that he greeted each and every audience member. Key word “genuine” not charming.

Ryan Alexander

Love Jordan! And I agree with you about the interviewer, we don’t know her name.

Pedro Pinto

Cathy Newman interviewing Prof. Jordan B. Peterson demonstrates a myriad of situations that show how a person can have a civilized discussion [Jordan Peterson, of course] – it’d be a pleasure to have the entire interview commented.

Thank you.


I’ve watched this soo many times…He’s becoming a “hero” of mine due to his clarity and use of language. He’s prone to “outburts” and I think in a private debate it would be fiery..But I think that’s fantastic..As long as nothing’s personal..Passion of thought deserves extreme expression…I’m English so know her style…When he complements her (as you point out)..She melts in my opinion…That’s because he’s a gay man’s man, a lesbian’s man. a man’s man, and a woman’s man…..He’s great!! Haha

I very much like Mr Peterson.


I always love to rewatch this one!


Peterson is awesome, kind of a father figure where there is none ..

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