The act of a person putting emphasis in their body about the words they are saying.  This alone is not a tell of deception. But put with other tells gives more evidence to a person's deception/lying.

Body Singing/Dancing

Every ones body has a natural rhythm when it interacts with people openly.  But it is different for every one.  As the Waltz is different from the Tango so are people's body singing/dancing.  

When the body does not sing/dance it will tighten, become still, and, or, jerk unnaturally.  You will also see the individual stretch certain muscles to release tension.  

What is Deception?

It is the mind giving false information to its observers.  It is important to understand this concept.  Because a Belief System is not deception.  The mind and the body have to agree in order for the body to sing/dance.  The reasons a body gives a deceiver away is because of emotions and the chemicals they dump into the body. A few examples, fear, joy, love, hate, jealousy, ect...  Turn off emotion and deception is done with out stress.  But now the mind has to mimic natural flow and it will always be a portrayal.    

Farkas Look

 A term I made up after Farkas went on national TV to defend herself.  It is a wide eye stare, where you can see the whites of the eye around the pigment.  Denotes high stress on its own.  

Belief System

It is the mind believing in a system regardless of outside facts, questions, or influence.  If a person believes the sky is orange than they will appear truthful. 

Believe Me Look

The act of holding the eyebrows up for longer than one to two words.  Denotes high stress on its own.  This should not be confused with an emphasis on words.  Those movements are quick and do not stay 'up'.