Body Language – Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

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The way Heard changes her facial expressions is truly terrifying.

IDK if it’s a result doing drugs, having some sort of manic mental illness, demon possession, or all of the above….but she really belongs in a mental hospital. I don’t say this to be mean or funny, but something is terribly wrong with this young lady….and she needs help.




&ab :05 and at 1:48

shanti cummings

I don’t think I can actually have an accurate read on their reality as they are both so clearly selfish, but what does strike me is that they both want the perks and results of fidelity without giving it themselves. What a tangled mess we find our culture in, there are no such thing as human rights without God, and there are no virtues available without Him as the plumb line of truth. How can we expect blind people to see without His light?


strip them of their wealth

Last edited 16 days ago by Mandy

These people belong to Gog and Magog….
they will never see His Holy light,
You can fight and resist them,
but ultimately God will be the only one who can destroy them

All you can do is protect yourself and your family from their evil


Hi Everyone, can anyone give me an idea of why does Amber Heard tends to double blink? In most of the videos I’ve seen of her she does it very often and I don’t think it’s her fake eyelashes or any kind of make-up related thing, either it’s part of her disorder or persona she wants to portray.


leaning towards persona

Mickey Dacosta

Typical love story gone south i guess,
he said she said.
I wounder what makes us as humans go stupid or greedy,
what makes people turn into psychopaths and or order followers
or murderers and so on ???
is it the way we are brought up – guessing it is.
i hope she goggles welcome to the system then wakes up.
I cant imagine what it must be like to have yourself
on national TV and having the closet doors open
for the world to see. WOW CRAP & Yikes !!!
I 2nd the motion – Destroy Lives !!!

Last edited 17 days ago by Mickey Dacosta

I am so glad you did a video on these two! I’m also happy to know that we have the same opinion about what type of class ‘A’ beatch she is. This woman is apparently very good at manipulating people. How is it that so many people are fooled by her behavior? I can tell by just looking at her that she is someone to avoid at all costs.




Not at all familiar with this story, but while watching the woman in this video, I kept thinking that, minus the annoying voice, this is like a replay of Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings.


i was thinking the same thing. I dont know how all these ‘women’ fool so many people into believing them. but its beyound annoying. they destroy lives


Reminds me of what I used to tell teenage boys on my caseload who had crushes on very disturbed girls with personality disorders. “A few minutes of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of misery.” Since they rarely listened, I could always pull out “I tried to warn you about this, but since you decided to learn the hard way, maybe you can help others avoid the same fate.”


im sure these boys did not have a ‘normal’ female in their lives to see how messed up this personality is


Though in many cases, that was true enough, the vulnerability of the mind of even normal teenage 15 year old boys to complete shut down by attention from seductive, yet insane females is off the scale, and these boys were far from normal. I actually truly felt sorry for them. They would have been much better off being treated in an all boys therapeutic school. If I told some of the stories most people would not believe me.

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