Body Language – Volodymyr Zelensky on 60 Minutes

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Letitia Le Roux

Art imitating life? Laughable that 60 mins was involved with such blatant staging. Who can possibly take them serious after this awful soapie rendition. I’m sure the Ukrainian mafia is very proud of their mini man.


10 attempts on his life, right. That’s why he’s walking around the streets in broad daylight with every freeloading politician who goes to visit him.
If the Russians wanted to get him he would have been dead weeks ago.
“All the world’s a stage.”


Very little emotion and almost no memory. The lionization of this probable psychopathic dictator who shut down newspapers and television stations that criticized him makes me disgusted about how many see the world in adolescent terms of good guys and bad guys. The reality is that Ukraine has been the international capital of USAID money laundering. We are only increasing the flow of funds. My guess is that Schiff and Pelosi showed up to get their cut. Those cowards would not have gone anywhere a rocket could send them back to their leader any minute. This is a “b” movie any anybody who falls for the plot should wake up. The 180 by Bergolio just shows that this whole thing is an elaborate manipulation and money scheme.


oh yes. and putin is out saying that the west should really take the nuclear threat seriously. Putin is playing for keeps and these idiots think that if the skillet gets to hot, they can just get out. theyll jump from the pan straight into the fire

Mickey Dacosta

well said – it deserves a Yikes.

Yikes !!!

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