Body Language – Jacques Attal, Schwab’s Muse

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Hi Mandy & Friends,

I wrote out a wish list of personalities I’d love to get Mandy’s opinion on in one of the previous posts, but here I wanted to actually submit a video…

To explain… Clay and Vanessa Clark have been under scrutiny due to all the weird symbolism they’ve used in the recent past that would point to the possibility of them pretending to be Christ-followers, but really worshiping illuminati/freemasonic entities. Those that are concerned and have called them out have been under great scrutiny, one of them has already quickly passed away since calling them out (the beloved Pastor Paul Oebel), yet many Christians and Patriots defend the Clarks and their ReAwaken America tour, and say they are just young Christians that were ignorant to the symbolism. Other than these weird symbols they’ve used (like the all-seeing eye), they do, in other areas, seem like great, truth-telling patriots trying to save our nation, but what is the truth? Were they really just ignorant and are baby Christians and we need to have grace, or are they hiding something more sinister?

And if someone is a mind-control victim and within these satanic cults that we know are influencing every area of society now, can a body language expert even tell if one alter is telling the truth while the other alter is hiding and lying?

In any case, it is causing a lot of division. The video above is their response to only some of the concerns. Would love your assessment of the couple.

Thank you!


i will look into this


Thanks, so much, Mandy! I wrote a whole thread questioning the whole situation in the comments of that video, either under my name Hadassah (or The Freedom Fighter – my channel name) that you can read that details all the questions that need to be answered as well as the videos that came out surrounding this situation that are concerning. I will try to create a blog post in a more uniform manner that can be shared more easily, detailing why we’re so concerned, and can share it here when finished, that can be helpful to your research.


Here is my article so far on the situation… It’s a very rough draft but wanted to get it to you if you’re interested in checking out the rest of the story and the links to the video discussions that are indirectly calling out Clay Clark and ReAwaken America.

Larby M.

His correct name is Jacques Attali,
he’s not a prophet, he predicted a lot of things that never happended
but his proximity with the oligarchy open a access to secret informations,
and he is juste one of the real decision makers agenda sellers .
If you know the so called philosopher Bernard Henry Levy, another special “seller”,
these two have a common “source” but they are in different branches selling ideologies. They are very pervers impostors.
They look like at home in the mainstream media space since the end of the sixtees.

I share with you this image that you can’t find easily
comment image

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Larby M.

Last edited 27 days ago by Larby M.
Dave S

evil idiot


“Either my prediction will be right because it happened or it will be right because people listened to it and prevented it from happening.” His assumptions that he accepts as inevitable without question unravel his argument. If Schwab is listening to him he is more foolish and less cunning than I thought.


At 3:18 above, that eyebrow bounce when he says ‘friends’ is telling. Seems like they are more than just friends..


its an emphasis on the word. The word friends would itself suggest closeness and reliability. his mind may not believe one or both of those suggestions.

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