Body Language – Elon Musk On Twitter Investment Motives

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I love this website/channel! Super fun! smile Thank you, Mandy!

I use mostly spiritual discernment to judge character, so it’s fun to hear discernment of body language, unless I’m unconsciously looking at body language too, not realizing how much I am considering it on whether I trust someone or not, but I did find your opinions seem to line up with what I’m discerning as well.

There are some characters I would love your thoughts on that I am trying to discern for sure, as what we’re hearing about them can be very good… or very bad. Please consider doing a body language assessment on any of these people..?

Clay Clarke of Thrivetime Show & ReAwaken America Tour
General Flynn
Anna Khait
Prophetess Amanda Grace
Alex Jones
Simon Parkes
Charlie Ward

I’m also concerned now about Project Veritas, as it seems they have been infiltrated.

And any preachers – past or present – whose names are getting called out right now (great job on the K. Copeland one – would love to see more), who may or may not have totally deceived the most discerning, such as Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren, Chuck Missler, Benny Hinn, Kathryn Khulman, Jessie Duplantis, Andrew Wommack, John Hagee, Perry Stone, The Pope (past or present), Joyce Meyer, Pat Robertson, etc.

I can tell you, I believe there are some great people of God I just mentioned (though others may not agree), and there are others that I’m afraid we were totally deceived about and their potential evil will shock the world (though others would not agree with me on that either), so would love your opinion!

I’ll have to see if you ever did body language assessments on Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, or Reagan..?

Thank you!

Mickey Dacosta

2 Elon Musk !!!

From 1 billiondare 2 another billionaire lol

I have reason to believe U yes U Sir R
here on this web page snooping around “SLAP” lol

its a Given !!!

U been here – when ? don’t know – but i do know
its a Factoid…U heard of or looked around at
one time or another – I refuse to believe other wise !!!

if and when U do read this,
please feel free 2 join us on a Live Chat for a
meet and greet,

I promise not 2 try sell U any of me ideas – ‘Trust’ me lol

C U when U get there – if & when U get there !!!

Mickey D-445…


Last edited 1 month ago by Mickey Dacosta
Mickey Dacosta

The Guinness Book of World Records

Has Confirmed 1st ever air “SLAP” to Elon Musk !!!

was recorded on Thursday April 19th 2022
on Bombards Body Language web page.

Mickey and Elon became best of friends after
‘JUMP RUN da Movie” took the world by storm
when first talked about during a meet and greet
through a live chat on BBL web page.

The Best is history !!!

Mickey Dacosta

Supertramp – Dreamer

Mickey Dacosta

I to like the Musketeer in Elon,
though why i like him makes me think why ?
lead follow or get out of the way ?
or is it follow the money or the heard.
Hoping he means well aka say what you mean
and mean what you say and ‘suspect’ he dose.
BUT he is a billionaire – lets all hope hes True Blue…
I guess being rich doesn’t mean your rich at Heart,
after all the richest people are the ones with no money,
loosely speaking of course – don’t take it to heart.
and that being said makes me richer than him lol SO SAD lol.
and yes to cap it all off,
Hard works will always pay off in do time,
But Laziness always pays off NOW !!!

Mum i have a Dream
Dad i hope ya Proud
Mum this song 4 U
Dad this movie LOUD

The Few
The Proud
The ‘Chumbawamba’ Crowd – ‘I get knocked down’ !!!

PS – but i get up again !!! giggles galore…lol

Last edited 1 month ago by Mickey Dacosta

Huge fan of what Musk is doing for freedom of speech and to TPTB, Twitter, etc. However, not fully convinced that he is the white hat/good guy that some (no one here) want him to be. Open to others’ thoughts…


I suspect that Elon knows full well what his offer is going to do to the deep state. Up until now the system of creating mass formation psychosis has been unchallenged and the parts of it have all served their role with minimal interference except for alternative platforms, none of which are as well engineered as those developed by DARPA and others for the intelligence cabal to control information. MSM controls direct programming of the public, Google, Facebook and Twitter censor divergent opinion and reinforce the programming. Though it is a dying platform, Twitter has been one of the main tools of censorship and propaganda control. The offer to buy it is equivalent to a valid offer to purchase the London field office of the CIA. Elon has exposed the weakness of the deep state’s strategy of using private companies to do what government agencies cannot legally do. They will not relinquish their tool. I suspect that the offer is meant to expose this rather than actually purchase the company. Watch the desperate attempts to block it, and the pearl-clutching reaction of the mockingbirds on TV.


so agree with you there. if for some stroke of luck he does acquire it… i suspect all its servers to go poof


Elon Musk knows “they” are going to do to him what they are doing to Archbishop Vigano and to President Trump. Social media and the MSM will launch a full blown campaign to discredit him in one of many coming attempts to destroy him. Hopefully enough people are awake now to know these men are the good guys. On a side note, I use DuckDuckGo for searches. I heard that they are going to start censoring alt news sites now, showing only MSM. Do you or does anyone here know of a good search engine to use these days?


Thank you, Mandy. Bookmarked it.

Mickey Dacosta

i book marked the page too,
its all i understood after reading all the comments,
how ever – while reading the comments
i flash backed to my SGT.Major who once told me
if i was any slower i would be a monument,
and 5 seconds later i said, you mean like a statue ???
the whole platoon fell to there knee’s and lol for about
10 minutes ,I made CPL, after that – True story…
Any hoot off to lick me wounds.

PS – enjoyed the video as always !!!


Thanks Mandy, search engines that don’t restrict are getting harder to find.


Recently read an interview with Vigano translated from Italian during which he describes needing to take security measures due to death threats, which he thinks were a result of refusing to accept the enabling and protection of McCarrick the pedophile. He exposed how the pervert deliberately overbooked seminary conferences so some unfortunate seminarian would be forced to share a bed with him. Likewise, Jack Maxey, who is in Switzerland extracting deleted items from the Brandon laptop, which may be released tomorrow, had to release the findings to Wikileaks as a dead man switch due to the intelligence community trying to access the secure location where he is located. These demons are evil and will stop at nothing. On the eve of the Resurrection, may God protect the good guys. Have a blessed Easter, everyone.


this would be the coolest easter…if next week, the ds is hammered in to the coffin…. i can dream


Miracles happen. Working on the local level we prevented a corrupt rezoning effort that would plant Chicago ghetto denizens in section 8 high rises 2 blocks from my house, got several city council to resign, and forced a lawsuit and grand jury subpoena to target a suspect that swindled several million from the city and sold donated artifacts, fleeing the state. It is going to be a long, hard fight, but every victory is important. Dream on, but fight.

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