Body Language – Biden & Obama in the Whitehouse

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Based on more research and revisiting the body language of “Heels Up” Harris and Barry, I now believe that this event followed a decision that Barry/Jarrett/Rice decided not to Spiro Agnew Harris, and go with her after Biden resigns for medical reasons, or is 25th. This also means they approved the VP appointment.


That’s precisely what I saw as the real purpose of the event in this video. Whoever they approved anointed for the next VP will be the person most in the forefront, since, among other serious flaws, the Ho can’t give reasonable responses to serious questions and cackles at the wrong times. This whole farce has to be pulled off a lot better to even begin to give the appearance of being legitimate. Watch out! I think the the next VP will be very dangerous to liberty and will follow the orders given by the people behind the curtain to the letter.

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The one I have not heard people talk about is Kerry. He gives an illusion of gravitas and experience even though he is a climate hysteric. The globalists would approve, as he runs in their circles. Let’s hope the deleted items on the laptop compromise him too.


I am only assuming here, but try to put a hand on the shoulder of either POTUS or a former POTUS, and the Secret Service would come over and break your hand on the way to transporting you to the nearest water-boarding facility. Point is that Obama is not used to people coming up to him from his side and touching him. Obama was not only aware Biden was touching him, but he acted as if he also felt disrespected by that touch with the exaggerated antics.

Jeffrey Allan

Well deserved considering he’s a complete fraud and he knew he was a fraud going into the presidency. Cheaters never prosper and if he was any kind of a decent human being he would have dropped out of the race before the election. His narcissism wanted the attention and he got the kind of attention his ego deserves. All he really needs to make his outfit an ensemble are handcuffs.


Let us all face what really happened at this get together, Joe Biden was “shunned” by his own party. The next scarry step is his removal from office, with Harris taking orders from Jarrett.


This is pure speculation, but they want him out of the way, I suspect he will get the latest variant like so many other democrats lately and…


What kind of morality do these people have? Barry, Joe, and the Ho and you seriously ask that question? That whole thing looked to me like some satanic gathering to get ready to anoint the Ho while she seems quite comfortable knowing she will be front and center with Barry continuing to rule everything from behind the curtain for his unelected 4th term. With the mid term elections coming (not to mention possible, but not probable, prosecution concerning Hunter’s escapades along with the big guy), they cannot keep the senile one as the pretend leader much longer. One way or another Joe is gone because the next fixed (s)elections have to look legit, even if no one believes it this time any more than the last time. They really don’t care about anyone or anything except having total power and control over the masses, and accumulating even more wealth to do it. Morality? Where?


Karma is right. They all know he is a corrupt puppet and will be jettisoned once he completes the kamakaze mission only he does not know he is on. He has always reminded me of the high school kid who wants to be accepted by the cool kids and makes up ridiculous stories to impress and makes a fool out of himself. Like all fabulists, he repeats the lies so often he can’t stop repeating them even after he is caught. His whole life has been a series of lies repeated with a contrived tone and crooked smirk that the gullible believe. Now that does not even work, which is probably why he yells louder or resorts to the creepy whisper. He deserves way more karma than he will probably get while alive. Barry’s appearance makes me think his days may be numbered. The deleted items on the laptop are coming soon.

Robert Williams

Wonder what Biden said to Obama. Not a lip reader.
Secondly, is that a tattoo on the back of that guy’s head?


Probably the same thing he said to Tara Reade: “Come on, man, I thought you liked me.”

Mickey Dacosta

BLR – aka “Bad Lip Reading” on U tube
will let you know what was really said,
and yes looked like a tat on his head…

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