Body Language – Munich Security Conference 2022

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Mickey Dacosta

Just like the last video this was explained nice and simple,
enough to scare me, I guess kind of like foresight to see insight
or some thing like that is the take i got from the explanation.
I enjoy reading all the comments including the
ones i didn’t happens…
I also know i aint the sharpest tool in the shed,
But at least am sharp enough to know all these woman
on stage should Never to be trusted…
never Never ‘NEVER’ Never never !!!
A statue once told me,
look with ya brain in order to see.

Mickey Dacosta

Totalitarianism can be beat when
we look them eye to eye and lough Loud & Proud !!!

Big Audio Dynamite – The Globe

Mickey Dacosta

In ‘GOD’ we TRUST !!!
and ‘Patriots’ !!!



I have seen Genocide Bill in other settings where he expresses deep disappointment that the so-called omicron variant superseded the ability to get as many people vaccinated (and killed or sterilized) as he wanted by being more contagious and less lethal. Though he may be scheming for the next round, he looks like he is out of gas to me. Much more low energy and no diabolical glee like he normally shows.


i agree on the low energy. I watched the entire video and i dont think he is out of gas in the pinky and brain plan but i did see a lot of distraction. something outside of what they were discussing… maybe the divorce maybe power plays…. I dont know. Power plays make more sense because of the scheming in this video was the same split mind i have been seeing.


Seems as though Bill was in a fog, as in not interested in the topic at all, sort of like the Biden effect. His “WHAT” to the question shows his mind was elsewhere.

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