Body Language – Putin demanding gas for rubles

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That did not last long;

Russia will accept gas payments in euros instead of the ruble as it had threatened

But European customers won’t be bound by the new system, according to the leaders of Germany and Italy.
“Existing contracts remain in force,” Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Thursday, describing the outcome of a Wednesday call with Putin.


Dont be fooled by misinformation… Putin signed it into law. The west is desperate to convince the world that the dollar is still king.


And to distract from the fact that the occupant of the White House is compromised by Russia, China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, among others, and it is being covered up by most in Washington and the media..


The Europeans are paying in Euros.


Politico? Seriously? Sorry wrs10, but I’m not clicking on the link and give them any traffic. If what their article says is correct, it would have been reported on far more reputable websites by now.

Bryan King

What scares me about this situation is that apparently Putin is the only adult in the room.
I don’t mean that to sound like I’m scared of Putin or Russia.
I mean that it gives me the willy’s that some of the most powerful people on the side of the West literally look like petulant, inexperienced children compared to an actual leader like him.

I’m 51 years old, and I feel like for the first time in my life, we really are in uncharted waters.
And I’m sort of not sorry to say that my money is on the Russians.


Seems reasonable. I give you real gas, you give me real money.


He was prepared and is playing chess, when the greens, wokers, great resetters and the Marxist adolescents running Biden are playing, at best, tic tac toe. Most successful psychopaths are smart. If the ruble ends up being backed by gold or oil even at 2/3 of the current value in dollars, that is 2/3 more than fiat. I find it hilarious that he was planting pro-green propaganda throughout the EU and got them to take themselves hostage and hand him the key to their ball and chain. Because they believe their own bs about climate change, they are going to have to start burning their worthless currency for heat until summer.

Robert Williams

He’s a thug. He knows how to play hard ball. He’s ex-KGB. He has ways of taking you out. Your analysis didn’t include him acting crazy so I’ve got to assume he’s not, and that he’s serious as heart trouble.


Why do people constantly mention that Putin was head of the KGB, but neglect to mention, much less remember, that George H. W. Bush was the head of the CIA? Remember Pappa Bush? The 41st President of the USA who proudly talked about a thousand points of light and the ushering in of a “New World Order”? Not saying one is better or worse than the other. Just saying.


Good point. A lot of us who do not believe in the “accidental theory” of history and world events know that most presidents in our lifetime have been puppets and tools of the CIA, and the few who failed to do so have been taken out by them, one way or another.

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