Body Language – Zelensky’s Advisor, Oleksiy Arestovych in 2019 interview

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Bryan King

Mandy, Mandy, sweet like candy.
I’m sorry, I just always wanted to say that, and I’m logged in for once.

Please don’t analyze me!


Watch the entire video, not just this snippet. To me it’s obvious he is sitting on a high stool which he finds uncomfortable and shifts his position many times to get comfy. Including folding his arms to centre himself on the stool.

Also the whole video is interesting, obviously, as it gives a bit more context to his words.

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Mickey Dacosta

In order to free are self’s from this matrix of fear,
we must break out of the metal boxes that have been
sublimely master minded into are thought processes.
The trick that have been played on us so successfully
by the power elite is to create a massive conscious
subconscious of primal fear.
Fear takes us out of are thought prosses,
those who do not use there GOD given power of
objective intellectual reasoning are controlled by the
vagrancies of an undisciplined mind,and are easily dupped.
those who do not stay centered in there hearts face are easily
moved towards the self destruction energy’s of
Anger-Hate-Revenge-Confusion and Fear…

This double edge sword
like magnet it be
close cousin to mirror
go figure U C…

PS – i memorized this years ago from a video
i believed was called –
Money Matters – Fractional Reserved Banking,
or something like that.
and i didn’t under stand a thing Nothing…
i don’t even know why i watched such a video.
But i do remember this part of the video.
thought I’d share it,hope its rite,been awhile !!!

Mickey Dacosta

I hope one day,
I can practice what i preach.

Go Fig !!!


Good poem and quote. Just to give an update on the results of the relentless green screen gaslighting of the media. They reported a probably faked poll that support for direct intervention in Ukraine has increased from 26 % right after the invasion to 45% now. Just as the illegitimate administration was almost wishing in public for an invasion, now they are saying the same about chemical weapons. Look for a false flag by the Ukrainian Nazi’s to draw NATO in further to do the bidding of Klaus Schwab, the Rothchilds, the EU. WWIII is what they want. Biden is their hapless tool to make it happen, and he is too demented/stupid not to talk about a new world order.

Mickey Dacosta

i think i said this before,
am surprised that am not surprised to here this,
would be nice for some crack military special forces team
to secretly round up all these clowns around the world
and bring them all to justice live on TV for the world to see,
this includes the media too.

“Wouldn’t it be Nice”


Great discussions on the state of current events, my fellow subscribers!
My studies on virology and diseases for these last two and a half years has long led me to the conclusion that the whole basis for the schemedemic is a deception, the basis being that there is some virus or mutation that is out there with the potential to kill you.

I am wondering if indeed some of these world controllers know this: that there is exactly zero proof of disease causing viruses and indicates that the whole basis of viral contagion is a lie.

Dr. Kaufman exposes the scientific deception on viruses:

Deception upon deception. Dr. Andrew Kaufman interviews Dave Parker and Dawn Lester:

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The video below.. can’t find it on youtube or locate a link to share it. can you help? Great message!!!

Mickey Dacosta

click here then it should be the 1st one…
or copy and paste !!!

FreedomConvoy USA “We have a right to resist and we have an obligation & duty to do so!” T. Lindsay

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Mickey Dacosta

for those who need a “REAL BOOSTER SHOT”
i would suggest watching this !!!

N JOY i did !!!


Mel Smith

I’m embarrassed to say this but I haven’t been following the Russia Ukraine saga. I hear it in the background but I’ve not done any research. So can someone fill me in? I remember when Trump was in office he wasn’t going to get involved with them. I think Ukraine was staging fake news stories or stuff. Is that’s what’s happening and why are the democrats playing along? Someone please explain this all to me. Thanks.


As GOMF said below, read Archbishop Vigano’s 3/7 letter. It is a masterpiece. It is long, but hang in there. It will explains it all.

Mickey Dacosta

I admit all the comments posted
are spot on to say the least,
in joyed reading all of them.
i myself have asked around with some at work
and some where i live on the mask mandates etc,
will you still wear one and so on,
and ALL i mean ALL basically had the same answers
such as you cant be to safe, they think wearing a mask
indefinitely or in some cases or places should be the norm.
when asked about the so called war, those who i spoke with
again said basically the same thing that you know who should be
taken out, WOW
i been looking into hypnosis and conversational hypnosis for the
past several years for all the wrong reasons lol,
and admit i still know nothing – sadly or learned nothing – True…
However i did learn that the past 2 years have showed me that
hypnotizing people is a waist of time BECAUSE every one
is already Hypnotized GO FIG !!!
and the ones who are awake or aware are the ones being Attacked
or blamed, and targeted etc etc etc WOW…

I guess to some it all up, we cant attack any one – SO BE IT,
But we can Defend with Extreme Predigest if need be !!!

Mickey Dacosta

Reminder to All !!!


Do you like the Kel-Tec Sub 2000?

Mickey Dacosta

yes i do,
Although i recommend the full up grade kit.
and yes the front sight does like to do 360,s
around the barrel or was it the barrel forget now lol,sad to say,
CX4 Storm is way better hands down out of the box…
seems every thing now a days needs to be tweaked or upgraded.
AR15 no problems so far,sad to say we here in Canaduuu are loosing
every thing, suspect cross bows are next,
i do enjoy my sling shot that shoots hand size darts at
very fast speeds – fishing darts do go through car doors Yikes…
hint OTTO Survival !!!


Just wondering. There is a used one for sale at a very reasonable price at my local dealer with some upgrades and extra mags. I know nobody who has one. Sure there are trade offs with something so small light and portable,


Thanks for not giving up. They knew what was coming and still went through with the things that were going to make it happen anyway. Zelensyy was selected like many who are playing a role in this. If one watches television news for say 10 minutes with a skeptical attitude, a sane and awake person would know that a false narrative is being presented. Just last night a black and white video showing a bucket and part of a chair was shown as evidence that a school was shelled and over 30 killed- no bodies, no explosions only a chair and a bucket as the host breathlessly bemoaned the loss of life. The infamous “maternity hospital” footage was clearly staged and contradicted the “facts” alleged completely. War mongers from both parties are trying to shut down anybody who questions the narrative by calling them traitors and Putin sympathizers. Fool me once….


im honestly still in shock that the same people who brought us covid are bringing us ukraine and the same people who got the shot are believing the crap about ukraine… its blowing my mind.


Unfortunately, mass hypnosis or mass formation psychosis, as Mattias Desmet calls it, has been going on for a long time, (witch hunts, the final solution, the coming ice age, global warming). The only difference is that now, the tools to create it have become more refined and effective, and the institutions that would resist it have all been infiltrated or weakened, (religion, education, science, the family). Just finished the last page of “The Real Anthony Fauci” an extremely difficult book to read, The last chapter chronicles how the simulation pandemics that were being done over a decade before the Plandemic started, were done to gradually desensitize health, intelligence and government officials to violate civil and human rights and destroy dissent to totalitarian edicts of the government in the name of safety. Once you realize that the goal of the instigators of all of this is to reduce and enslave global populations under a totalitarian rule that the masses accept by instilling fear in waves, it becomes less mind blowing but more evil and sad. The people around us are in various states of hypnosis, waking them up is not easy.


Thank you. You expressed it so much better than I could have. You nailed it, my friend.


Thanks. Though it is many pages long, those looking for clarity should read Archbishop Vigano’s letter of March 7 and not watch cable news other than lo look for the deception.


Ha! I did and I actually saved the link for you! LOL! I was going to share it with you when the appropriate moment came to post it here in a comment. Thanks for the reminder. I will post the link in reply to Mel Smith. Seems to me to be the right time.


What blows my mind is that people who are still falling for it still haven’t learned to just follow the money trail. If they would stop being afraid for only a few minutes and just try to follow the money during those minutes, they would begin to see the big picture, with the same players every time. But, they won’t. They still believe what passes for “news” and “science” and they get trapped in fear. They use the entertainment and sports industries as a calmative so their minds get poisoned even further. There are way too many avenues of deception for me to list that people still fall for. You’d think they’d catch on by now. The deception is all over the place, especially in public schools, even some private ones, too. It is the father of all lies behind all of this and they can’t see it. Their “rationalized” fear has blinded them to the truth.


if what mickey says is ‘true’ the hypnosis i mean. I wonder if a mass black out to stop the ‘feed’ of hypnosis and at the same time ‘pain’ like food shortage would wake them up in a violent matter. gentle nudging doesnt seem to be working.


Your guess is as good as mine, but when I game it out, the individual under mass formation goes into the blackout still under. The blackout hits, they turn on the television-nothing, turn on computer or phone-internet down, panic builds, turn on radio- EBS tells them that Russian hackers have shut down coms and warns of food shortage due to com shut down. Since the they have not prepped, they mob the stores panic buying, on to the next wave of totalitarianism and rationing is imposed and they wait in food lines. I think the best way to awaken people is to expose the media, not easy, but the best way.


I do think the hypnosis (or mass formation psychosis) is true and the food shortage has already started. But, how would a mass blackout to stop the feed occur? I think if people finally wake up, they’d go into a state of shock. No, I truly believe things are far past the point of human resolution. I also believe a mass “enlightenment” would do a lot more to conquer the enemy, which is not of this world, but has taken hold of those in powerful positions. As Archbishop Vigano’s open letter to Pres. Trump pointed out, this is a battle on a spiritual level as well as a political one here on earth. We are living in the time that the Fatima messages warned us about.

Given that Communism is a religious problem, we can see why Our Lady of Fatima’s prophetic messages center around the spread of the “errors of Russia.” Once accepted, those errors invariably separate man from God and can only be overcome through a process of man returning to God.

That is an excerpt (I added the emphasis) from another article published on March 7th. It would be well worth it to take the time to read the article linked below and I urge everyone here to do so. I honestly believe the answers we need are given in there:


Good point and a great article.


Check out Taylor Marshall His latest video is about Francis taking a turn at doing what Our Lady of Fatima said must be done. He’s doing it on March 25th! I question the validity of it, but who knows. Marshall discusses that in the video. It will be interesting to see what, if anything comes of it.


He raises some interesting questions, some of which verge on sort of a magical slant on what constitutes consecration, but with all that has happened since Fatima, who knows? A miracle that shakes people out of their sinful and secular ways would be nice right about now, but part of me says that is too easy.


Another excellent reading is “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham published in 1971, that correctly predicted what we are currently experiencing, the imposition of totalitarian socialism on people by the global elites under the guise of utopia, but in reality an oppressive oligarchy that sucks out freedom and destroys the middle class. Reading it is horrifying given that it was written in 1970.

Mickey Dacosta

hey Mandy i do wounder that if its a mass hypnosis aka Mob mentality,
then when these same people are separated or placed with opposite
group of people then i think it would be safe to say most would
adapt aka when in Rome do like the Romans ???

as for no more tv as you said no more power,
i would guess it would be like a “pattern interrupt”
though there would have to be some kind of deepener
something said or done to keep them from running back to
there norm…

or maybe like i heard from JUDO experts on you tube say,
one needs to not stop power with power but to
deflect or reflect or something like that – use there power
back at them.
maybe its just best to scare these people even more lol


ive always thought humanity needs a natural stressor that keeps them in touch with reality. the best one being food. So if the pattern is disrupted and they are forced to procure their own food… meaning even when it comes back on. its either starve or stay out of the old hypnotic state.

Mickey Dacosta

the more i think about it,
the more it scares the crap out of me.
i could stand to loose some weight that’s a given,
if i had to hunt me own food every day assuming
i find food am sure after a few days of eating same
food with no spices or vegetables etc, am sure
i would be in serious trouble.
very scary reminder – though well needed !!!

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