Body Language – Melinda Gates, Bill’s Friendship with Epstein

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McCall – I watched the interview and her face seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you nailed it with the Ms. Kline label. Excellent job.

Susan McCall

I can barely stomach ms. kevin kline…(where is he by the way?) I don’t believe one syllable that comes our of her pie hole…..nor gayle’s.

Mickey Dacosta

She said he said,
more like He said She said, lol
No more na na na na nope No more,
No more condom sense
no more when U & I na na na,
time to start a new na na na na
am sure the next Mate will here those Famous
words – How do you do !!! lmao…


Susan McCall

I used to like that song Mickey….wow, what a performance – was that an example of lip syncing at it’s finest? Thank goodness many females are wearing bras these days or at least try to cover their nips! One more thing I noticed….their teeth. Perfect. Guess that might be part of the ‘agreement’ to sell their souls…they get a free trip to the dentist because I sure don’t see bad teeth anymore on any wannabee star.

Mickey Dacosta

yes ya rite,
again didn’t know what to say let alone type so
i went with my typical spontaneous 1st thought and move,
and regret it Giggles galore,
i do shamefully regret my move…
so sorry to every one,
i do recall it was 1972, i was very young and had a
girly friend lol and yes i cried from excessive Joy lol,
will leave it at that, lol…

Mickey Dacosta

Sorry Mandy,
I was bored,
Seems every time i hear some one is breaking up
i think of this song,
i miss the 70,s
when Men were Men and girls were girls,
now its roll the dice,and the house usually wins Crappp !!!
lmao i think…


I have been thinking about your dilemma regarding current events on You Tube, Mandy. Somehow, I think you can’t overcome ingrained belief systems and what people want to believe due to having adolescent mind sets with body language only. Your analysis of Zelenskyy was spot on, but those who want to believe in heros and villians could not overcome their immaturity and vulnerability to manipulation, and lack the background information to realize that Ukraine has been a hotbed of corrupt activities involving US State, US CIA, Soros, and corrupt oligarchs like Kolomoisky, as well as the Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney crime families, waving a red flag in front of Putin. Don’t know the solution, but I know why you got frustrated with the normies who are short on information and long on being know-it-alls.


CBS says it all. How could anyone not expect a schiffy interview there? As far as the “poor” wife portraying “victim” (and yes, that’s all sarcasm), funny how right away she saw Epstein as being “evil personified”. My question to the “poor victim” immediately after she said that would have been, “Since you have the ability to recognize evil, why didn’t you also see Bill Gates as evil personified before and/or after you married him?” These people make me sick to my stomach. Thank you for making this one short, Mandy.


The amount of bad portrayal sort of reminds me of our obese, neckless, butterhanded governor of Illinois who expressed shock and outrage that Michael Madigan, speaker of the Illinois House for 36 years was indicted on over 20 counts of corruption, when he is on wiretaps of our previous convict governor negotiating the bribes for Obama’s senate seat and a Treasurer appointment for himself. She is so stunned that Bill stepped out on her- give me a break. Looks like she is trying to get away from what is coming for her ex-husband once his crimes against humanity are dealt with. Both he and Fauci have been very quiet all of a sudden. I wonder why.

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