Body Language – Ukraine President Zelensky

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See you on there when they get through the 750,000 wait list I’m on.


yeah… this maybe be a bust…. i was giving it a couple of weeks but its going very slow for the amount of people that made it on.


Sorry I’m late. This is what I would expect given that he is an actor and a good one. Its two weeks in as I see this and while the war has not gone well for Ukraine its not gone as badly as most expected. Zelenskyy seems to have laid a trap for the Russians. Not a perfect trap but still good. He used decoys to protect the aircraft, radars and some armor. He had weapons’ stashed across the country side. He had good reason to be confident. He seems to have had all the Russian codes. While everyone talked about Bayraktar drones and Javelins, Ukraine seems to have very good stealth drones and antitank weapons that are doing half the kills. Even if the Ukrainian numbers are double the numbers stated and the Russians numbers are half those reported the Russians are suffering greater military casualties. Civilian casualties are bad but not catastrophic.
We should remember Zelenskyy beat both the EU globalist backed candidates in the 2019 election and the neo-Nazis and the hard left by a large margin.
If we did an analysis of Churchills newsreel speeches or Eisenhower in WW2 would we see the same thing? Do we see the same thing from Ronald Reagans speeches.

Monica Bosque

I came back to re-watch this video. Everyone is love with Zelensky. He’s so brave, the perfect leader. I’m not buying it. I feel that something is not right, but maybe my Spiderman-sense is off.


The UN Testomony ! Mandy , who is telling the truth ?


?t=961 We have many countries talking here .



?t=111 Sen Rubio has just questioned her. WHAT A STIFF !! She’s a deer in headlights !!


She is at 1:48 btw


Please try to find the Bio Labs UN discussion TODAY !!!


Here I am, a Johnny come lately to this discussion, but nevertheless, I’d like to include some things I have learned about this situation the media is bent on portraying as an evil Russian attack masterminded by the evil Putin (which he is, but not like they are portraying).

The globalists have given false promises to Russia that they will not try to expand NATO, and they promised to protect Ukraine if it gave up its nuclear weapons—which was also a lie. The West has given billions to influence the former Soviet states and their politicians, but it’s not nearly as much when compared to Russian influence and corruption in those same states, mainly due to the fact that the fall of the soviet union was a carefully constructed ruse carried out by the communists. There was no purge of communists from bureaucracies similar to what the allies did, purging the Nazis from being in the German bureaucracies. Most of the communists retained their positions, and continued their bribing ways. 

It is true that Putin is fighting Western globalism, but it’s because he’s intending on replacing that with his own Russian form of NWO control. Putin playing up to Orthodox Christians in Russia, building new Churches and feigning Christian devotion in order to gain favor with religious Russians is yet another ruse. He’s not a Christian. No real Christian becomes a KGB colonel. Both Putin and globalist leaders are masters of deceit. Putin is also demanding that Ukraine become completely disarmed and become a Russian puppet state.

Zelenski is not all bad. There is evidence that he was not a part of the deals the Bidens were in on. Indeed there is definite indication that he and some of his administration tried to expose those who did deal with Biden, but the US global cabal covered for Biden and blocked Zelenski’s efforts to release that evidence.

The big picture for Putin is to follow through with the purposes of the false Soviet fall and begin to recapture the former Soviet states, Ukraine being the latest.


I am an audio Engineer/Music Producer – I’ve recorded/produced hundreds of voices – you have a rich wonderful dynamic voice. You should consider voice acting!


Thank you very much. would not know where to begin

Mickey Dacosta

I agree, Smiles galore !!!


Honest? Ha! Isn’t this one of the main guys in bed with Hunter and the “big guy? I’m thinking that all he had to do was to be honest about that and he’d have saved himself and the Ukrainian people a whole lot of grief, not to mention every day Americans, too. I’m having a hard time seeing Putin as the bad guy right now. Am I missing something?


you and me both


Zelensky was the one who replaced Petro Poroshenko, who was the one the Bidens were grifting off of. That being said, there are no good guys in this. The worst are our own State Department and CIA who instigated two color revolutions and put Zelensky in place, while facilitating graft to the Bidens, laundering USAID to Soros NGO’s and baiting the Ukrainians into thinking they could join NATO. Putin was very clear that this was considered a safety red line to Russia, but the globalist elites ignored repeated warnings, while getting rich off US laundered funds. Putin is the only one who has been honest and consistent leading up to this. He is still a psychopath, but has been completely clear about his position. Many innocents will die. The red handed blood is on the hands of Marie Yovanovitch, George Kent, Fiona Hill and George Soros as much as Putin.


Thank you, GOMAF. You’re right, of course. But way too much has been going on in the Ukraine for too long. It makes my brain hurt to think about it. Like who put Zelensky there and why. The incompetent resident hands over US intelligence to the Chi coms (about Russia going to invade the Ukraine), who then turn around and hand it over to the Russians. You got the bag lady yelling again about Pres. Trump being tied to Putin, yet SHE is the one who sold our uranium to Putin. Then there’s a list of prominent politicians carrying on about this terrible “distraction” from climate change or about Russian aggression (while nukes are in the Ukraine pointing at Russia) or who suddenly have nothing much to say, yet it is their own sons who are serving on the boards of directors of various Ukrainian energy companies. (Seriously?) I just read an article that Zelensky wants to negotiate with Putin, but he was told by the resident’s administration that he isn’t allowed to do that. That only the US is allowed negotiate terms with Putin. (Seriously? Why?) Those creatures, like Nancy and horse face Kerry to name a couple of them, whose sons are on those boards of directors have to be shaking in their pants right now. I don’t think I can include the resident in that comment, despite his crackhead son. He’s too far gone to comprehend what’s going on in front of him, much less what’s happening on the other side of the world. There’s so much propaganda going around that it’s hard to cut through all the schiff and focus on the slush at the heart of the matter. Still, no matter whatever else Putin may be, he is the leader of Russia and as it’s leader he is putting Russian interests first and I can’t condemn him for that, no matter what I think him or of his government. Would be nice if this country would mind its own business and put American interests first again, and not the corrupt pieces of schiff politicians’ interests. Do what must be done to protect OUR OWN country and its borders. [End of rant.]


Good rant, Nonna. The only ones you left out are the war-mongering RINOs who are salivating about weapons sales and cheap illegal labor from Central America. The European Bankers, (Rothchilds, Schwab, Schiff all related by marriage) have had it in for Russia since they were prevented from doing business in the country after they instigated both world wars, killed millions and destroyed Europe twice. This is one of the reasons they set up circumstances where Trump could not work with Putin to preserve nationalism and put a stake through the heart of globalism/ Chinese Hegemony forever, which he could have done in a second term.


Goes without saying. Don’t forget what happened to Qaddafi after he threw the central bank out of Libya because they were totally destroying his country’s thriving economy. Didn’t Putin do the same thing? When things being reported aren’t clear or make no sense, “follow the money”. Always follow the money.

Susan McCall

Sorry GOMF, but I do not care for the word ‘rant’ anymore….implies a sort of emotional instability and this is what the women on ‘The View’ do.

All I can say about what people believe about Putin is coming from media outlets, and the ‘new’ fox news. When nancy peosi blames the increased price of gas on Putin? Enough….no one forced a gun to biden’s ‘shrunken head’ to close the keystone pipe line.

If people were gullible enough to believe every covid rule, they are more inclined to believe ‘putin bad’….just as they did with Trump being ‘bad’.


By the way, there is un substantiated intel out there that there are 18 labs throughout Ukraine working on pathogenic viruses and toxins for DARPA performing research that, like Fauci’s on coronaviruses, is illegal in the US, that correspond with the initial Russian airborne strikes.


I thought about putting that in there, too, but as you said, it is unsubstantiated. Notice that the Plandemic was over the same day Russia invaded?


Just like it started the same day the first bogus impeachment, and the China deal went into effect. Do you believe in coincidences?


Fake news and phony staged video flowing like tap water this morning. Facebook reverses policy on the Azov battalion. Yesterday-Neo Nazi hate group mercenaries. Today-freedom fighters


He’s definitely bad but that doesn’t make Zelinsky good. But the Ukrainian people, I feel bad for. I can’t imagine sotting here eating dinner, watching tv and then tomorrow watching my home turn to rubble as I try to get away.

Robert Williams

So are we seeing Putin and zelensky are in cahoots over this?


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