Body Language – Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland

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Stay home Canada


Mickey Dacosta

As always, ya rite !!!
i see your point…
i my self only work 3 day a week now
for a couple of hours,Dammmm
50 hrs down to 10 hours,
i figure once am down to no hours i will be
hanging around KFC begging for food,
Lick ya Finger Sir,
Sir Sir lick ya finger
excuse me sir Lick ya fingers ???
Please Sir am starving lol
am good for about 1 year plus,
well time to go feed the Pigeons,
squirls and yes me video cam picked up
on a “Wabbit” last week…
and yes I Luv Wabbits !!!


Local action is the only thing working now. The FBI don’t have as easy of a time infiltrating, hijacking and creating false flags. My wife wanted to attend “Stop the Steal” on Jan.6th. I accurately predicted that the event would be hijacked and a foxtrot foxtrot created to stop the objections to electors, and set up 45 supporters as terrorists, then watched it all happen on Right Side Broadcasting. You are right, as usual, Mandy.

Bones Bailey

What a weasel. Now he’s gone full Marxist.

Mickey Dacosta

so here’s some strange body and face movements
I cant explain aside from maybe bla bla bla,
advance to just before 8 minutes where its more noticeable.
enjoy !!!

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Actually that is exactly what i want to do …stay home (pretty much what doing) …and in nature close to home…so i love your advice. Yes …a vacation…it’s a fine time for it. Great to see you Mandy.after years not knowing what you look like.
I wonder if you would do this one Mandy…Brian Straka interviewed by Levin? Here is the link:


Mickey Dacosta

eye 2nd ya Motion !!!

Though lost N translation – Just me U C

Were set N R ways
Molded U C
We walk N a comma
This should not B

A sound A frequency
Were humans U C
What U put out
Attracts da same thing

Every things mirrored
It comes back 2 thee
If U believe
Soon U will C

Were so N control
So gifted U C
I speak 2 remind
Any thing B

4 those who R there
4 those who awake
there still 1 more thing
Most need a shake

So loose da left brain
And do what is rite
4 when U believe
Da mirror shines bright

This double edged sword
We hold if must B
We hold it with Heart
Not Criminally

If U choose Love
It waits there 4 thee
1 must Believe
N order 2 C

I say it 2 all
Don’t claim 2 B smart
I speak from my Soul
Controlled by my Heart !!!

GOD Bless
Blue skies
soft landings

Mickey D-445…

PS – Balls 2 da walls here goes nothing Click !!!


Great Picture Mickey! smile

Mickey Dacosta

well Thank U,lol Photo Shop lmao
its all i had, figure i would put it out there,
pic is going on 20 and am now 60 Crappp lol
as for me running with the fingers, i was board,
i can do better i think, seems am always lost in translation
but hope the point was made, now if i could practice
what i preach that would be even better…
i will make an honest effort to stay more focused on body language
moving forward, hmmm lol fingers crossed !!!
PS – i look forward to voting these tyrants out !!!




You look Great!


We’ve got another WEF Young Leader clone trying to destroy our country to here in NZ. I suspect you’d have fun with her body language.


Mickey Dacosta

in joyed watching video,
looks and sounds like all the same video BS going
around every where, doesn’t answer questions,
deflects, slanders, name calling, complains about
noise and music and people talking, yet focusses on
anti vax being violent think there was a slip of the tung
when she said scheme or dictate as well,
the smacking of the hands WOW, then near the end
according to her face expression am guessing she pooped her self…
i look forward to this one being explained !!!


My sympathies to Kiwis and Canadians whose countrymen elected these hideous sexually ambiguous Marxist globalist totalitarians. The video of Ardern with her junk flapping under the red dress was vomit inducing. Never should have given up your guns, too late now.

Mickey Dacosta

any advice or explanation about her smiling or ready
to laugh, looked like she was trying not to laugh.
am guessing it can happen with any one
and probably means nothing,
though i am curious to know if this is a close cousin
to what i heard before as duping delight ?
just asking ?

even with Fore Sight to see Insight
i would have never guest
that one day a T-Rex would be running the country,

well we all know ‘its’ days are numbered,
and that being said i dedicate this
to he she –


Last edited 3 months ago by Mickey Dacosta

The images shown on the right seem to have the homecourt advantage!

Mickey Dacosta

WOW if this picture doesn’t say it all Nothing will !!!

Excellent 2 thumbs up !!!


They might as well have said, “These peons are interrupting our Great Reset and will be destroyed by any means possible.” It is ironic that both of these globalist puppets are attempting to frame the peaceful protestors as “white supremacist terrorists” when Freeland herself is descended from the Nazi Commander of occupied Poland. And then we have Tampon Boy, who was described by his own nanny, who raised him, due to his mother being bipolar, as a “real mamma’s boy”, while his father conducted affairs with Barbera Streisand, Margot Kidder and a host of others. Tyrannical globalists have nothing but disdain for “we the people”


If he’s so concerned about the economy, maybe he should do something positive about it. He could start by sitting down with the truckers and listening to their grievances. But, no. That’s not what this is about. Also, when the woman was speaking, I was watching the PM’s eyes. They seemed to me to express fear. But, that can’t be right since she was repeating what he just said. He was also looking at the audience. Maybe that’s what scared him? They weren’t buying what he was selling? Anyone have any thoughts on this? Mandy?


His eyebrows looked furrowed from stress, as he looked around the room, and his hands were folded in “groin protection position”. Maybe when he looked at the press, he was seeing that they were not buying into the blatant lies and mischaracterizations about the protestors. Arrogant tyrants have some fear of the press, but it usually gets expressed as anger, like with Brandon.


Archbishop Vigano sent out a powerful message to the Canadian truckers, giving them his full support. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. I think you’re gonna love it!


I had not seen it and it is fabulous. Here in the dictatorship of Illinois, the tyranny of our obese, neckless, butterhanded, grandson of Al Capone’s lawyer, Governor, is slowly crumbling as school districts one-by-one are defying his child abusing mask mandates as parents are demanding freedom for their kids. Things are starting to move in the right direction, at a grass roots level. Tyrannical school administrators who are confining maskless kids are getting sued and fired. The mass formation psychosis is starting to lift and tyrants like Tampon Boy will double down and further expose what he really is. Vigano is right. Passive resistance is not enough.


Think stern. the problem is the mask is hiding the face. You never make an assumption with just one tell. you need 2 to 3. he is standing tall and head up… STERN


Thank you, Mandy. That makes more sense.


Yep, the chin is up in the arrogant posture.


So I’ve been thinking about this woman… I think it is the actual mask that is causing her problems because she has underlying health issues.

When I had to wear a mask I was like this… I could not breathe, was nearly passing out… anxiety kicked in…. my temp went up, heart rate increased, and blood pressure dropped. Hence my mask exemption…

She appears fine once her mask was removed.

Yes they all look angry… why can’t the people see we are doing this to them for their health?


her tick apparently is minimal. so the mask doesnt help. but believe me these people dont have fear or stress. and anger and disdain.


Does Tampon Boy have his hair tucked behind his right ear?!? Ahahaha! 🤣🤭🙃

Susan McCall

Yes, I believe justina does. I saw a placard in Canada that said: “Let’s go Brenda”…


Now that’s funny! Love it!



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