Body Language – Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre running for Prime Minister of Canada

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Forgive me everyone, we have had about 3 feet of snow and Im trying to get winter chores done and get vids out consistently during the winter time. Because when planting comes and summer work comes.  Vids will be on a thinner schedule.


Would love to see you do one on the NBC News One-On-One with President Biden

Not asleep

It is not about what they say now, it is about what they did not say all along. Too many are using this as an opportunity to get ahead in their career. I have heard this man speak while watching our govt debate. He gets some good digs at the PMJT but it comes across mostly as showing up they hypocrisy not to change anything.

they all seem to see themselves as elites who must make the people obey. Do not get fooled by what they are saying now, look at their history, why has it NEVER, to my knowledge been asked what the plan is for getting out of this mess. Instead, they give themselves endless powers and raises to keep themselves in power. Way too many have conflicts that are not known and would be shocked to find out what they are. The Premiere of Ontario has given himself unlimited power to keep renewing the lockdowns. He also has a company that, from what I have heard, makes the decals for the stores that tell you what directions to walk etc.

It seems like they are in cahoots with the teachers unions, no surprise there, when you look into the pensions for the teachers, it is a lot of investments in pharmaceuticals and other things having to do with this ‘pandemic’. I have come across a couple of books that opened my eyes greatly to how bad and corrupt things really are. They say to trust the science but then the so called scientists have a group that works on behavioral compliance and other manipulative nonsense. Read the books called Twenty-Twenty One and Inside The Ontario Science Table (Ronnie P.A. Lempert), everything going on, that made no sense will make complete sense, it is an event based on world compliance.

Finally, there is a video out there where Krause Schwab is speaking and says that a large number of those in JT cabinet have been involved with the world economic forum and have been chosen for that reason so they would do their part in this pandemic. Foreign interference. Trust none of them in any govt, as they are really, in the end, on the same side.
My apologies for the long comment…

Douglas Johnson

Opportunist, as most pols are. Saying the right things, but always suspect until he proves his worth. Time will tell if he goes full Kinginzer.

Mike G

He’s running for the Leadership of the Conservative Party, not Prime Minister… the Left Loons in Canada just gave him 4 more years as a reward for the dystopian nightmare he’s created!


At about 4:20 he said he’s running for PM, so I don’t understand your comment. I never heard of this guy, so I have no idea what “dystopian nightmare he’s created”. Please explain your comment for me, Mike G. Thanks.


Thanks for this one, Mandy! I just don’t trust anyone who doesn’t act naturally. The progressive conservative party has been so crooked. I’m not convinced it’s salvageable.

I haven’t heard that this guy has gone to speak to Truckers directly in Ottawa. I’ve heard and seen Maxime Bernier doing that.

Some friends of mine are hopeful that this Pierre will bring change. He likes to talk about inflation and out-of-control government spending. I’m not convinced he actually knows where out-of-control inflation originated in Canada. Up until the 1970s the government of Canada borrowed from its own central bank, interest free.

Guess which Pierre changed practices to start borrowing from international banks at compound interest?

Linda Wilson

Not impressed! Usually those that want a powerful position have an agenda period. I would do research on this guy. A Deep dive to see who he is or has been connected to financially. The Globalists can sneak people in if you don’t do a deep dive. I don’t trust him. If He can’t talk about why He wants to be Prime Minister without reading it then there is a problem. He should have fortitude and compassion about what needs to be changed and the right thing for the people.

Dave S

Pierre Poilievre’s spouse Anaida has a company estimated to have an internet price of about $1 million – $5 million.She is a co-founder of Pretty & Smart Co., a web based journal that posts new content material each Thursday and Sunday on its web site. When I see the rich and powerful, my first question is “What secret organization(s) do they belong to?”

Mickey Dacosta

I was thinking i should submit this video,
sadly i didn’t,
However i am so glad this video is here…
Thank you very much…
after watching video before it made it here i too
noticed his hand thumb what have you flicking about,
was wondering about his smile when his teeth were
showing, hmmm i didn’t pick up on the wiggling though,
reminder i am a beginner, i did see a lot of his videos where he always
opposing aka exposing him-her the guy with out @@ aka pillows…lol
i think he is good though i also think aren’t you from the same
party, house, group of people who said we will protect
fire arm license holders in this Country then flip flopped ??? hmmmmmmm
yes i remember…i do like you BUT the people you work for
TRYED to take all me toys for say, and yes i own a lot of toys,
A LOT !!!
as for voting time, am voting PPC next time around…
PPC was N the fight from the beginning,
i don’t who to trust any more really…WTF

PS – there’s no such thing as gun violence,
its gang violence,
stop calling fire arms weapons, weapons imply intent…
and there’s NO such thing as borders when it comes to
my GOD given rites PERIOD !!!

PSS – ‘TRUCK’ Trudeau !!!

The Glorious Sons – S.O.S.!!!


I did not know until recently that Tampon Boy won with 31% of the vote. Up until now, I was severely questioning the masculinity of Canadian men, that such a twerp could possibly get elected in the land of Mounties and lumberjacks. Now that I see this guy, I guess I was right. Somebody reminded me that Canadians are descended from the side that lost the Revolutionary War. The fact that Tampon Boy fled the capital due to fear of honking trucks with a Covid excuse ought to get him launched, but probably won’t.

Mickey Dacosta

he didn’t flee because he caught ‘Covert 19’
he fled because he caught “Coward 19:
there’s a difference – though “Coward 19” is a much
weaker strain, there are signs…

Signs to look out for are –

1-un-controllable leaking of the Vain,
2-none stop shaking,
3-sleeping in the “Fetal Positions”

Beware !!!


His wiggling seems like suppressed passion…?

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