Body Language – Medical Kidnapping, Benjamin Gord

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merinna may-wesely

Now that we’ve learned that the covid bioweapon is venom from the Chinese cobra or crate snake and it is also now known that the venom neurotoxins target the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in our bodies. Thats why they were encouraging people in March 2020 to stop smoking during the bioweapon pandemic.
Smokers are the group least to get hospitalized with covid because their nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are taken by the nicotine. start at 15:30 minutes in but i suggest to watch all 3 parts.AMAZING INFORMATION!

ingrid bond

he was one step away from the organ harvesting slab… would’ve been a mic (med indus complex) trifecta, cv ventilator $$$, cv death $$$, organ harvest $$$

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Not asleep

I cannot understand how man has lost their humanity for a few pieces of paper ($) and can do this without a second thought to someone else. He is very fortunate to have woken up to be able to escape.

This whole pandemic seems to have been so thoroughly thought through and it really just makes you shake your head and wonder when things will get back to what we knew as normal. I do not think it will because if this pandemic could not accomplish what they wanted, there are more coming.

Think about that, perhaps the next one will be Marburg? It has been in the news and there is a supposed outbreak in China of all places. What is happening in China right now?

What is the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality? About 6 months.


Oh my gosh! This is horrific. Agree wholeheartedly that it is by the absolute grace of God this man is alive and out of that facility. May the Lord continue to protect him. I do hope that he will get connected with the right people to get what happened to him thoroughly investigated and appropriately addressed. Thank you, Mandy for posting this one.


I heard this guy’s story a few days ago. Wow Mandy thank you. I felt him to be sincere the first time


And to think how many more stories like his are out there. How many died?? SICK!!

Susan McCall

I remember watching my first ‘nurse whistleblower’ video and I think it might have been on Dr. Mercola’s webstuff…..

I believe the first wave of kovid was the introduction of the vent….once they had you in that position, you were a gonner….

The nurse went on to explain how at least 9 sedatives were given to insert and keep the tube down the throat….(remember, they were also telling all family members and loved ones to stay away)….

Well, one night a very heavily ‘tweaking’ guy was brought in…whatever he was on saved his life because when he ‘came to’, he also yanked out all tubes and whatnot. He literally ran out of hospital.

This happened in a New York hospital and I have all my notes in a box, downstairs in my basement. Let me know if you want any information and I will dig the notes out… The end of the video? She was fired because she was trying to save other lives…very sad….from the hospital bed to the crematory left many unanswered autopsy’s.

Rose Lerschen

Here is my story. My 36 year old son is a homeless alcoholic. Just for clarification, I tried to help him, but alcohol has a strong hold on him. Anyway, he fell out of bed at the shelter and twisted his ankle. He was sent to the hospital. They told him he had Covid. His ankle was fine. It wasn’t even wrapped or anything. They kept him at the hospital for 5 days. No medication, nothing other than three meals a day, were given to him. He then was sent to a nice hotel for an additional 10 days. He was just an excuse to up the numbers at the hospital. Every year since he was born, he has gotten sick in the winter. He has exercise induced asthma. So he would get sick every winter. He is in very poor health, with gout, vitamin b4, b12, D deficiency. He had his normal cough he gets every winter. Nothing more than that.
On a side note, in the beginning of the plandemic, my then 91 year old mother-in-law was in a nursing home. She got pneumonia. They said she had Covid. She was taken to the hospital. She was turned away. She was close to death. Three nights in a row, they called us to say our goodbyes. The doctor gave her hydrocloroquine (not sure about the spelling) and a Zpac. Within a few hours she was breathing better. In five days she was completely better. We celebrated her 93 birthday in August. These hospitals want bodies. Either dead or alive for the numbers to stay up.


It is great that Benjamin survived which is a miricle in itself. They probably did not expect someone to wake up and fight while they are trying to kill him. lol Terrible thing is that Americans falsly believed the propaganda that the Communism / Socialism was like that, while the Capitalism was like that all along, anything for a Buck. 13k for receiving “covid” patient, 43k for killing him. I can just imagine how they’ve taken organs from the people in the same manner, in illegal little clinics, sponsored by the large hospitals… and private corp FED. I was wondering, did they inject Benjamin with that genetically modified spiked shit so they can kill him more easily? is that the fact?


A long time ago, I would not have believed he is telling the truth. Now I know he is. Perverse, and I believe, demonic money incentives have been created to diagnose, intubate and kill “Covid patients” with toxic drugs like Remdisivir if they don’t die from the intubation. That drug was tested for Ebola and withdrawn because it was so toxic. Fauci, like he did with AZT rammed it through by cooking the research, eliminating control groups, etc. Since he is a “humanist” he probably does not believe in hell. He will be on the hell Mount Rushmore.


Fraudci along with Pasteur.


Though it is hard to come up with the five most evil humans, what puts Fauci’s rat-like mug up there is that he knowingly pushed deadly drugs, spiked good research, falsified data and blackmailed and bribed researchers under the guise of medicine and science, tortured and killed subjects sold out by their governments, and colluded with the PLA to unleash a biological weapon on the entire world, at the same time suppressing real cures and pushing ones through that are deadly.


Dystopian nightmare… the closest example I’ve seen of the objective truth, that “hospitals are killing people”.

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Mickey Dacosta

WOW Again !!!

I learned a lot from the explanations again,
that’s for sure,
as for what this poor soul went through
I cant believe that i can say am not surprised,
however i am surprised he didn’t wake up tied
down to his bed for a few days.
am betting he finds him self with
a new care free hobby like sailing or kayaking
or scuba diving or what have you for the rest of his life !!!
heard some where before that those who go through this
kind of trauma ‘Cutaway’ any & all BS attached to them
and have care free lives there after,
maybe this guy will write a book
or something who knows.
am glad he made it out of there,
that’s for sure…

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