Body Language – President Trump and Candace Owens

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Why didn’t Trump finish building the wall if it would have taken 3-4 weeks as he said?


Thank you for including this interview. I like Candace Owens. She is articulate and sharp, but I think her body language and manner during the interview demonstrates immaturity, over-confidence, and over-familiarity with the President. When speaking with any elder, and/or someone that is bright and accomplished — let alone a (former) President — don’t speak over them. Ask questions and genuinely listen. Good questions. I admire how gracious President Trump is during the interview. Imagine all that he knows. He and most of us got to see true colors of our “representatives” and “public servants” come to light during his administration. Yes, he now knows the ugly. I’m thankful for the allies — the good guys.

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Famous Realtor

I enjoy your analysis. smile


Love your analysis. Have learned a lot from your videos. You are funny too. Rock on Sister.

Peter Shaw

Loved this analysis. Long, but well worth watching. Candace is one switched on and very intelligent lady. I would love to see Trump bring her into his admin (hopefully there will be one) and have her kick a**.

Carol Herbert

Trump is Trump still telling the truth.

We the people never got to address the evidence that proves that the 2020 election was stolen. January 6th stopped all investigations-so corrupt!
Trump may have been stiff during this interview, but he has to watch out for the corrupt DOJ that will use anything he says to DESTROY HIM. They are so afraid of him.
Candace Owens is the best interviewer on the MSM.
If she keeps going like she does with clear unemotional logic, she can conquer the left wing radicals. I am behind her and Trump 100%.


That has to be the best interview I’ve ever seen in my entire life. So glad Candace Owens asked Pres. Trump just about every question I wanted ask him, myself, if I could. I do like Candace and now, having seen the way she conducted this interview, I have have tremendous respect for her, as well. There was so much insightful discussion and Mandy’s analysis made it a masterpiece. I will probably have more to say in another comment, but for now I will just say thank you so much for doing this one for us to see, Mandy. You’re the best!

Mickey Dacosta

Again i say WOW !!!
this is way out of my league,
this “Candace Owens” lady seems to be
a NO nonsense person.
she said it as plain as can be,
excellent video, i will always remember
this video and this “Candace Owens” !!!
would love to see a video about her body language,
even better this video about her body language – Really !!!
guessing it would be a 1st,
but betting it would be Excellent too !!!


As you said, we knew there was election corruption but it was intangible. Now we know and it blew the lid off anything we could’ve perceived. I enjoyed Candice in this roll. Thanks Mandy. Hope you and your family are all well!


Wow, Candace Owens is a very good interviewer. Mainly due to the questions she asked, this is the first time I have heard President Trump tie the corruption in the Justice Department, Russia Hoax, the stolen election, the China virus, January 6th, and the horrendous Biden “presidency” together as part of the same corrupt cabal outcome. I know that he drives many of his supporters crazy when he brags about the “vaccine”. Having read “The Real Anthony Fauci”, “The Laptop From Hell”, “Rigged” and others, I see things a little differently. The common theme running through everything Trump did was exposing the massive corruption in almost every institution, either directly or, now, through people seeing the good things he accomplished deliberately unraveled in a way that shows that the agenda of the globalists is the destruction of America and freedom itself. By being positive about the vaccine, he is trapping the Faucis and Bidens into being exposed as the corrupt diabolical fascists that they are, as they exceed their authority and lie to the people.
If he stated that the vaccine no longer works and might be dangerous, he would just be labelled an “antivaxer” and people under the mass formation psychosis, would instinctively go against him. He is using a technique that I used to use in therapy with oppositional adolescents called “Paradoxical psychotherapy”. It creates dissonance that sometimes will promote clearer thinking. Thanks for this one, I had not seen the interview.


I thought Candice was very good too. I appreciate your insight on his ‘vaccine’ comments. That really helped. I was too busy looking at the obvious. I learn a lot from your comments G – Thank you for taking time to explain.


Thanks, LG. I know I mentioned it before, but “The Real Anthony Fauci” is one of the most important books of the last decade. When President Trump alluded to “seeing the good, the bad and the ugly” one of the things he was referring to was the medical deep state personified by Fauci. He saw what Fauci did when he mentioned hydroxychloroquine by finding falsified crooked research and using the press to suppress it and promote expensive and toxic meds and vaccines. He did exactly the same thing with aids drugs in the 80’s. He also knows that the deep state and the press will automatically oppose anything he says. This allows him to create the dissonance I described by being positive but constitutional about the vaccines.

Mickey Dacosta

I as well also in joyed reading your insight,
explanation and so on.
i think you covered every thing lol Really !!!
very good !!!


Thanks, Mickey. Once you realize how corrupt every institution in our society is, you can understand President Trump a little better. I think he went into this knowing there was a lot of corruption, but was shocked to find how deep it goes. Now that he knows, he even more dangerous to them. If you look at every thing they have done to stop him, unsuccessfully, they have a choice, get out now with your loot, or fight the final battle. Look at how many in Congress are retiring.


I too want to thank you for your comments that here and other times have really broadened my perception and deepened my understanding. And when i have the same views as you express ..the way you express them helps me to be able to express mine to other people when I am not always so good at that as you are.


Thanks, Minddance. That is a nice complement. I think we are all here because we want the truth. We all have a unique perspective. Mandy’s is wonderful and it is nice to be part of a rational discussion without the mudslinging that goes on elsewhere.

Susan McCall

You can’t say: “I would have put different people in”… and you can’t say: “The vaccine saved thousands of lives” and you can’t talk about the ‘other’ prisoners when we still have hundreds of Trump supporter prisoners inside and locked up.

Don’t get me wrong…I was a full fledged Trump supporter but when Candace Owens excused Trump on the vaccine disgrace, I choose not to listen too much anymore.


Yes there was a vaccine in 1917. And that’s what caused the problem.

Very informative as usual.


Would like for 45 to be less supportive of the COVID-19 shots, but I understand that he is proud of the accomplishment. Wonder if the contents of the shots have changed since their creation?

Thanks for doing this interview, Mandy. Surprised 45 didn’t feel more comfortable with Candace, as she is a big supporter.


Maybe that is why he was nervous ..because she IS a supporter and she is such a great speaker and so informed that he felt more pressure to do a great interview.? I may just be projecting …because that would make me more nervous or less relaxed.


i wondered that too…about the contents/ingredients of the shots, because someone i know did tell me that the original shots were supposed to be something very different than what they came out with and were not like any other previous ones or these current ones…but really were a preventive healing injection…more like the kinds of IVs made and given at clinics that help with cancer and all kinds of diseases…with high dosage of vitamins and fed intravenously and other ingredients that are not pharmaceutical and have no side effects but are truly immune boosting and healing. ..and if that’s true i wonder if that will ever come out.

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