Body Language – First lady Dr. Jill Biden

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Ursula Leach

Jill another bidiot in the bidiot mafia family. A deceptive bitch is what she is.


I love that you included JP…he’s one of my favorite people doing what he does… and i love what he is doing ..J and J on the other hand make me want to vomit. Good video though with your (Mandy’s) as always great insights.


Sincerity is no guarantee for truth.


We need Dr.Seuss back, but I will try my best:

Brandon I Am

We do not like his showers with Ashley.
We do not like his Chucky Psaki.
We do not like Hunter on crack,
Or the Chinese money he brought back.
We do not like his yelling about vaccines,
Or even understand what he means.
We don’t like Brandon,
No we don’t,
And don’t believe in the Dominion vote.

God Bless and Merry Christmas to all!


Good one! And a Blessed Christmas to You and to Everyone Here.

Mandy, would you consider starting a new post where we can exchange good will to each other during the Christmas season?


I couldn’t stop thinking of Dr Suess either… (I yam! I hyam I yam!) And watch Jill at that monent–DOLLARS TO DONUTS she’s thinking it too.

Eileen Guthrie

Oh, how soon we forget. Just like the families in Afghanistan… it’s ALL for the photo op, of course. He tried to do a photo op with the families of our fallen soldiers, and they just walked away and wanted nothing to do with Joe Biden or wanting to stand anywhere near him. You have to remember; he’s had mental issues for almost all of this life. He has antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders. So, EVERYTHING is about him. And, it went really, really bad for Jill Biden, as she was the Goodwill Ambassador from the Biden administration, when she finally went to meet with the families from the Waukesha massacre. It wasn’t until the next day that the resident himself actually tweeted anything about Waukesha, and as quickly as it arose as an issue, it disappeared as one, as the narrative didn’t fit in with their political rhetoric. 
Almost four weeks later, the administration suddenly announced a trip to the fair city of Waukesha, that had been struck with such tragedy and devastation. Did Joe Biden show up? No, instead, only a month after THIS TRAGEDY, he sends his wife and Kamala Harris’ husband. Yet, instead of providing a message of public empathy and compassion, Jill Biden’s speech managed to not mention the tragedy at all. Instead, she spent her entire time talking and promoting COVID-19 vaccines for small children. So, it was NEVER about these families, it was about the mandate instead. Like I said the visit didn’t go over to well with the people of Waukesha. They deserved better. Everything with this group of demented political elites, it’s about them.
It just seems that the Biden administration seemed to be almost indifferent to these two tragedies and it’s NOT about the people or their pain, it’s the photo ops is what they are after. They just don’t seem to connect with the people of this country and the same holds true with Kamala. These people just can’t relate to middle America. It does not compute.


Yes, indeed. While she was in Waukesha pushing the vax, ignoring the massacre, and not minding Gropin’ Joe in Kentucky, he was groping, fondling and oogling young children who had just had their town destroyed. The video of him staring way too long at a 12 year old girl, and commenting that she was 12, while looking at everything but her face was particularly disturbing. If she was a little bit taller, he would have sniffed her hair for sure. He posed awkwardly with a young boy in front of a pile of rubble, with his hands all over the poor kid, for the photo op. This is a disgusting pathological family, in addition to being incredibly corrupt. In Ashley Biden’s diary, she is trying to figure out why she became promiscuous at an early age, and when she was sexually abused, since she can’t remember, she commented “showers with Dad-probably inappropriate”. Since they are so inept, they confirmed that the diary is real, by raiding Project Veritas instead of just ignoring the story, which could not be verified. These people are evil and have a lot to hide. If I had been a parent of one of those kids in Kentucky, I would not let my kid get anywhere near the demented pervert.

Eileen Guthrie

I can’t even look at this family anymore, they are just too entitled, so corrupt, so greedy, so clueless, so selfish and so out of touch with the American people, especially with the middle class and middle America (or fly over country). I actually burst out laughing when Jill said she cares about these people, yet everything she and her husband do, their political rhetoric, their liberal “privileges,” their actions and deeds says the exact opposite to the fake words that come out of their ice cream eating pie holes. They don’t get that their actions must represent the words that come out of their mouths. They are a nightmare family, and Kamala is even worse. Honest to God, these are the worst people who should EVER be given any kind of power.
Hearing Biden praising Nancy Pelosi, and she is praising him right back was just nauseating and I actually threw up. Hillary is back (God help us) and has come out of her mothballs to try to be relevant again. What I think is going on here, it’s about the Durham investigation… and all roads lead to Hillary, Obama and Biden.  I’m questioning Biden’s mental fitness, and I starting to wonder if this is an act, so he won’t go to prison, so his lawyers can claim his not fit for trial nor can he help in his defense.
Biden nor the most incompetent Attorney General can’t stop this investigation, Durham is protected.  Then resident’s wife, is instead, while appearing at Children’s Wisconsin Hospital (where Waukesha victims are being treated) she went right into the baseless COVID hysteria, panic, fear and yes, the idea that small children need to be vaccinated in response to the coronavirus is largely baseless given the actual statistical risks and the lack of longitudinal study. There is absolutely no reason to put 5 years old in a face diaper or force them into getting the shot. It actually does more harm than good, and maybe that’s the whole point of this, it’s about controlling the masses and conforming to Residence demands, though he does NOT have the power to issue these mandates and either does OSHA.
I really hope you understand what is happening here. On November 3, 2020; the democrat party, Dominion, 4 foreign countries (Germany, Italy, China and Iran) and the deep state OVERTHREW the federal government, the will of the American people, to install their candidate as the resident in the Oval Office. Which also means the democrats and the deep state “colluded” with 4 foreign Countries to remove Donald Trump. That’s a crime of treason, sedition, and subversive activities; among others. The democrats and the liberal are starting to implode. All of these things keep happening to them. Jussie Smollett, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the Durham investigation, Alec Baldwin, the Waukesha massacre, releasing a career criminal on $1,000 bond. (There are tons of District Attorneys, who are bankrolled by George Soros. There are between 30 to 40 DA’s that Soros has bought… and this “zero bail” program). People are ignoring the vaccine and mask mandates. These things and events aren’t going the Democrats way and they are in full panic mode.


I completely agree, Eileen. We have been doing the same research. When you steal an election in conjunction with foreign enemies, and cooperate with them to destroy and destabilize the country as members of both parties, you get nervous and show it. It is becoming increasingly clear that more people are awake, and that patriots are not giving up. None of us know the end game, but you can sense the panic. The Soros supported DA’s have been exposed and are acting really nervous, Pelosi looked like her face was melting the last time I saw her. Crooked has re-emerged and is circling the carcasses of Biden and Harris like the vulture that she is. I think getting ready for anything is a good strategy.


I’m with you, Eileen, and wish I could up vote your comments here multiple times. I can’t stand looking at or listening to the residents or their comrades. So I’m almost glad I’m still having trouble with viewing the posted videos. I was able to watch for almost 4 minutes before I lost the playback. Having watched that interviewer drooling all over Jill made me want to vomit, too. I live in a blue State (I believe next door to you), so I’m not as optimistic as you are about the “full panic mode” of the Demrats. Unless the 2020 election is corrected out in the open and strict election laws are upheld, including ID, I don’t see how we can restore our nation. It’s still a matter of who counts the votes.


I prefer these two wear a mask so I don’t have to see their faces. I’m looking forward to when this “dog and pony” show is over. How can that woman sit there with a straight face and lie about that guy not being senile? She has got to be acting.

Thank you Mandy, for giving us your take on this person.



Marita Jeffrey

Such great assessment as always. It really is pure propaganda and really gross. That’s the only word that I could use. Gross. Thanks for the great assessment … as always .. brilliance!!

Dave S

Yeah – it’s called PROPAGANDA! I think some people were BORN pre-manipulated.

Mickey Dacosta

This was the Most Honest video I’ve seen, PERIOD !!!

When JP says am going to speak softer and
move in closer, it worked – Am SOLD !!!

i believe JP was speaking the truth, Strait up !!!

PS – that was also the longest commercial
leading up to JP,s Honesty WOW L O N G….

PSS- Dear Mandy,
this was the shortest video you ever made
of some one speaking the truth,
what gives ?

and when did you start adding commercials,
especially of the 2nd lady ? WTbeepbeeeep beeep beep !!!

I got ya Back JP – Because U got mine !!!

Mickey Dacosta

Nooo not a negative strike,Nooooooo,

COME ON MAN opps sorry i Biden slipped…lol

I of course meant it in good humor,
after all the only honest person in
this video was JP,
and yes its true – I love JP !!! lol Really I do…

every thing else was pure BS aka like a
programing commercial,

As for the explanation of the video,
as always – excellent explanation !!!
that’s a given.

Also – as for the 1st lady,
as the ‘Boom Town Rats’ would sing,
No ‘Never In a Million’ Years…

One must earn the rite of 1st Lady,
Not steal it. Period !!!

As for the shortest video of JP speaking
the truth – I STAND MY GROUND !!!
Its self evident.
LMAO LOL – I love JP, was so happy to
see him in Bombards video – Really !!!

PS – Dear Mandy, I hope it wasn’t
you who gave me the strike lol

Although my best guess is if it were you
YOU would come rite out and say it lol…

Eeee & Yikesss,

To the person who gave me the strike,

SLAP !!! lol

Really ? Know Reallyyyyyyy ?? Really ???

any hoot,
time to lick me wounds & do some soul searching
again lol !!!

PS – Life is short, exercise ya Humor !!!

Mickey Dacosta

i got some thing N me eye lol
Thanks hugs & kisses !!!

Mickey D-445…


i give out + not -. your comment in all honesty was hard to follow. i assume other that read if they had an issue with it would voice their concerns. smile

Mickey Dacosta

Dear Mandy –

I am Mickeys Lawyer,

Mickey has been advised to remain silent
and is still crying from ‘Excessive Joy’ as
a result of seeing JP on ya video.

Further More – Mickey has promised to
reframe from voicing his opinion moving forward,

As a sign of respect to all viewers and members
of your wonderful informative work on this
channel my “Special” client Mickey will be
donating 1.5 Million dollars to “FOOT & MOUTH DESEASE”

Your leniency and understanding during this
festive holiday spirit is much appreciated.

To all a very Very VERY Merry Christmas,
and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

PS – as an Honest Lawyer,
you can punish him twice for the same thing,

off the record of course !!! lol…

‘So this is Christmas’ JL…


Act II scene 6 of the movie. It is getting harder to hide the illegitimacy and phoniness of this administration. From the fake White House set with the teleprompter podium, the wandering off course, to the reactive responses to press questioning and ham handed catastrophic responses to world events. Everything is scripted and clumsily done at that, right down to the insertion of the appearance of Ashley Biden jumping up and down and waving to prove that she is not the craven poly-drug addict and promiscuous whore that she herself describes in her diary. They send Jill and the “First Gentleman” to Waukesha weeks late because the appearance of Brandon or “Heels Up” Harris would guarantee hundreds of Trump supporters yelling FJB at the top of their lungs. The house of cards is caving in. The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. The happy talk from Jill cannot hide the way she dumped her husband for the rotting bag of oatmeal, nor the massive pedophillic family dysfunction that she presided over without action.


I wish we had an interview of Melania, same question, “is Drumpf mentally fit” so we could compare the responses.

Mainstream demanded he be evaluated, he got tested, passed, that didn’t shut them up of course.


I really hope that there is a general awakening and that folks can see through this dog and pony show.

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