Body Language – BioNTech Chief Executive Officer

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Jana Joy

When I first saw him…. he reminded me of Obama in looks….

Danielle Carter

Lex Fridman is supposed to have a Pfizer CEO on his podcast sometime soon. Definitely worth the watch.

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stock martin

Found another video on this guy



Ursula Leach

I wonder if this guy is German because of the accent. There is a lot of BS going on in Germany concerning the virus. Even though I now live in the US for 45 years as of coming Jan. I still have lots of contacts in Germany and what is going on there is horrible. If ppl want to go to a restaurant they have to show a recent test to prove they are virus free and the testing stations are few and far between so they have to stand in line for hours. Germany also wants to become a leading country with going green, want ppl to drive with a bike or an EV and many other things the new government wants to start. All green, actually worse than the AOC green deal. Merkel was bad that old STASI traitor sourpuss but things are going to get much worse over there. And this guy is part of it. I think he was lying through his teeth in this interview.


Just read an article revealing that the kids in school in Germany are now being forced every day in class to tell whether or not they got the jab. Those who have get applause. Those who haven’t must explain to the class why not, every day. This is simply to humiliate the unjabbed and to contrive a scenario to make these innocent kids “the enemy”.

I am currently reading a book “Left to Tell”. The author, Immaculee Ilibagiza, is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. In that book she recalls that students were forced to reveal in class every day whether they were Hutu or Tutsi. She exposes how propaganda news broadcasts and people in power spreading outright lies deliberately caused division that didn’t exist very much at all before that, and incited ugly violence and ultimately wholesale genocide of not only her entire family (except for one brother in school in another country at the time), but of at least a million Tutsi people, the old down through the babies. She wondered how people could be so fired up that they couldn’t see that these were the same tactics used in Nazi Germany against the Jews. Too much of what the author describes could have been written last week about what’s going on in the USA!

The same thing is happening again, only this time it isn’t confined to one country, but to the entire world. This book, published in 2010, should have been, but will never be, required reading in schools, especially now. It’s no wonder why government has taken over the schools and we never learn from history.


Hitler was able to accomplish the brainwashing of what turned into the Hitler Youth in just one generation. Using new technology, (radio) and providing it free (think Obama phones and social media) he was able to convince the majority of the adult population to accept mass genocide, as the majority of zombies have accepted Covidian suppression of freedom. You might enjoy the writings of Yuri Benzvenov, a KGB operative who defected to the US and described the deliberate communist infiltration that we are currently in the end stages of. That effort is now allied with the globalists to impose totalitarian world government using fear of disease, climate catastrophe, and sabotage of the power grid, the economy and the internet. They appear to be succeeding, especially where citizens are unarmed. Vigano is aware of all of this. They are trying hard to suppress him. He is right to promote prayer and resistance.


You’re right, of course. I still believe that Archbishop Vigano and those who “get” his messages, together with President Trump and the MAGA movement can stop the madness. I believe there is still hope for humanity because God works in mysterious ways and His love never fails. We have to do our part on both the spiritual level and with resistance to the evil these creatures are attempting to impose on the world. Can’t fight hatred with hatred and expect to win.


Persistence is very important as well.The evildoers want us demoralized and divided. We refuse.


The Phizer vaccine (at least officially) was invented in Phizer’s German facilities so German based staff do the interview.

Mickey Dacosta

WOW !!!

its Crazzzy time again lol…

It would have been nice to see
the guy holding the microphone accidently
shove it down buddy’s throat.

“I said accidentally NOT Deliberately’

then go interview the guy who said 
animals at the zoo are now being Vaccinated,
Really WTbeeep !!!

PS – i wounder what ‘George Carlin’ would say
if he was still with us today ??? hmmm lol…


Are you surprised? —- Carlin

Mickey Dacosta

i thought about it,

That’s exactly what he would say lol !!!


He has Obama’s ears and eyes, and Podesta’s body and lower face. Truer words were never spoken than saying that it is all a movie. When I observe the movie being made and then ask what the purpose of the scene in the movie is and how the public is being manipulated and distracted or deceived, there is some semblance of sanity and actions to take or not take become very clear, since it is obvious that the producers of the movie have a sinister purpose. Then you talk to “normies” or more accurately “zombies” who are reacting to the movie as the directors intended, and try to open things up a little bit, and they almost “tilt” like a pinball machine. Had a conversation with a few today about the meaning of the four recent scenes portrayed and exposed as false in the area of race. : Rittenhouse trial-The anti-police riots of 2020 were not protests but riots, and officials in blue areas refused to protect the public forcing citizens to protect themselves. Auburey trial: Trial results showed that the justice system works against people who use deadly force wrongly regardless of race if charged and prosecuted properly. Waukesha massacre: Displays what you will get if you don’t lock up dangerous, crazed lunatics and free them instead, Smollett Trial: There is a shortage of real racism in America, and it has to be faked to keep the narrative going. Heads almost exploded, eyes glazed. They probably watched the View after I left, but I tried.


He made me think if Podesta and Obama had a baby this drone would be it.
He’s not legally allowed to take the jab in order to protect himself. Personal insurance being in the control study group. Thanks Mandy. Have a good weekend everyone.

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