Body Language – Alec Baldwin on ABC, Cuts Galore

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Robert Williams

Thanks for posting. I reckon we’ve got some foks there at ABC that understand the need to keep the body language “tells” from guys like you to analyze.

Eileen Guthrie

Thank you for doing this interview, Mandy, thank you so much. If Baldwin thought this would help his case, he just made things worse, and I can’t imagine that his lawyers were pleased with the interview. It was the dumbest thing he could’ve done. He just opened himself up for more questioning. Now, the DA can subpoena the entire footage of the interview, the unedited video including outtakes. Firearms don’t go off by themselves and that’s the biggest lie of all. The other things, that I think the audience wanted to hear him say that he was sorry and felt guilty about what happened, and instead blame her for what happened. He came off as a narcissist, arrogant, contemptuous, entitled, condescending and privileged.
I did a lot of research on SAG/AFTRA firearm safety rules from his own union. Everything is spelled out in the union rules; what to do and what not to do. What he said just didn’t make sense to me.  I wouldn’t point a gun at another person, BUT YOU DID. The proof is a woman is dead and another man was hurt. If not you, then who?
He also ignored the SAG-AFTRA rules and guidelines for Firearms safety procedures and protocol. It’s in every Contract and since he’s been doing this for “40 years,” claiming ignorance now will NOT WORK. I don’t care what someone told him to do something from 30 years ago. It’s about what is current in these contracts. Right in big letters it says TREAT ALL WEAPONS AS THOUGH THEY ARE LOADED AND/OR READY TO USE. Do not play with weapons and point one at anyone, or yourself. Follow the direction of the Property Master and/or the weapons handler. Anyone handling a weapon must be fully trained. They must know the operating procedures and safety features. All weapons must go through a thorough safety inspection, testing and cleaning on a daily basis by qualified personnel. That didn’t happen on this set. The armorer Hannah had asked for another firearms “safety” training that morning and the producers denied her that for whatever reason and it was why 6 members of the camera crew walked off the set that morning.

And no, Baldwin would’ve NEVER taken his own life, because most narcissist don’t, he was being melodramatic and saying this was for the sake of “his audience.” Why is he talking right now? The investigation is ongoing and wasn’t he told by police and the DA’s office to not give any interviews? So, what changed in the last 3 weeks? Look I don’t like this man, he’s a horrible human being. He went with someone who was “safe” to do this interview with and wouldn’t question what he said or stated. He had a very sympathetic ear in George Stephanopoulos and that’s why he chose him. Let’s say Alec wouldn’t give an interview to Tucker Carlson or Glenn Beck. Towards the end of the interview, did you catch that slight smile or smirk? He’s talking about killing someone and he has a smirk on his face. It was a bit inappropriate based on what they were discussing. I kind of creeped me out. The DA is NOT happy that he gave this interview, she’s actually pissed and she SAID HE HASN’T BEEN CLEARED because the investigation is still active. Personally, I hope he’s charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment.
Finally, Baldwin has given a performance that could earn him an Oscar nomination, but he’ll still lose, he’s still not that great of an actor, you could tell he was acting, this was another “performance.” And those tears weren’t for Halyna, it was for himself. He says he’s not the victim here, but everything he said show that’s exactly what he was doing during this interview. Portraying himself as the victim. But that little snide comment about George Clooney, was funny and it made me laugh out loud, it just SHOWED HIS ARROGANCE AND CONTEMPT. Alec doesn’t handle criticism too well.

To be perfectly honest, he makes my skin crawl, he just gave me the creeps during this interview and how he uses his voice and the tonality of his voice, slightly louder than a whisper and his voice temper. He had to have learned that in acting school, how to manipulate your voice. I’ve seen Alec in person many times, my whole entire family spent a month during the summers in the Hampton’s, in the late 90s. We saw him, Kim and their daughter all the time. But I NEVER saw him use his voice in this manner. He’s ALWAYS screaming, shouting, calling people names and he’s a very, very ANGRY man, who disrespects everyone else. We knew if he walked into a restaurant, there wouldn’t be any peace. He’s loud, arrogant, obnoxious and a bully. Most people felt sorry for Kim and their daughter. He’s a horrible human being. I can’t tell you of some of the horrible things we witness.  He’s a disgusting piece of filth.
UPDATE: The recent release of the 704 flights from the FAA “accidently” released more flights that the authorities didn’t know about Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express.  Well, guess whose name was on the flight manifest… Alec Baldwin. What a coincidence? As soon it was released both Alec and his wife closed their twitter accounts. Shock? I’m not at all. It goes with his mind set. He’s been a very busy man lately.

Susan McCall

Great report Eileen…you work very hard at explaining things and I appreciate that.

When you said: “And no, Baldwin would’ve NEVER taken his own life, because most narcissist don’t,” – I had just commented on citizen free press about how I didn’t think epstein would ever take his life either due to being too narcissistic.

We need to be careful in listening to ‘actors’ (jussie s. too) – they are all convincing liars and psychotics.

Eileen Guthrie

I found out additional information that happened on the set that’s very disturbing and very callous to me. He’s in a lot of trouble and I think that’s why he did the interview.
On the set of ‘Rust’ Alec was the Actor, Producer, Financier & Production Company Owner. He hired & fired the people on Set. Five days BEFORE the shooting, there was a weapon discharge of a live round. They continued shooting REAL LIVE BULLETS from the gun (Colt) before & after work and even at lunch breaks.  But, once he shot Halyna Hutchins and the director, he demanded the woman dialing 911 to REMOVE ALL OF THE BULLETS SPENT & BLANKS FROM THE CYLINDER. According to the NYT the bullets had all been wiped down and were NOT in the gun when cops arrived on the scene. (Tampering with evidence). The cops searching for the source of bullets found over 2,500 live rounds in boxes of blanks, dummies and real live round all mixed together, that the armorer had been pulling from since filming started. The cops have openly stated someone was trying to possibly to set up the armorer!!! The live ammunition was mixed in with the blanks and dummy. Who did that? On the 911 call the operator asked the caller if it was a live round or a blank and the women said she was not allowed to say. Alec’s first phone call wasn’t to 911 nor to his wife. No, the prick called his manager/Agent, to call his publicists & his attorney (in that order). That’s the callous part, he was worried about his “reputation” and his “image.” What a dick and ALWAYS about his narcissist.
Alec hired the democratic political consultant to help with his “image” the week of the shooting, I think that’s why he did the interview… to save his sorry ass. Now, they say that the gun they gave to police and the investigators is NOT the gun Alec was using that day. He could be in a lot of trouble. It’s all so stupid too. He simply ignored the SAG/AFTRA rules, guidelines and protocols for handling firearms. It wouldn’t have happened if he just followed the union guidelines. They are there for a reason to keep actors safe, he just ignored the whole entire thing.

Susan McCall

Great report again Eileen….

Back during the obama daze, people would not believe anything I said referring to his shady character. I remember telling my good friend:

o. could come to my door, covered in blood, holding the bloody weapon, be holdin’ a video of the whole thing, and people would not believe it. We still use that example.

This last week, I have been verbally attacked and labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’…because liberals are getting angry and impatient with people like me, a non vaxxer.

Oh how I miss the days when I was just a measly ole ‘pot stirrer’. And people used to say: ‘Look out, here comes Susan….she’s soooo political..’.

Recently too, I have been hearing a lot about a person’s ‘belief system’ and that is code for: ‘stop the discussion’….’let it gooo’. How do I explain that suddenly ‘their’ belief system is right, and mine is wrong?

I will ask my husband and son about alec baldwin’s defense and then I will add: “Is this your belief system? Based on WHAT!” What if I were to tell you both you are all wrong and call them conspiracy theorists? Maybe then they will understand how I feel.

At this time in my life, I do not have much faith in the ms. maxwell trial results. Many people will get away with the use of andrenchrome, child/sex trafficking, and corruption. {but now I am doubting if that is true}. Dr. Fauci will get away with crimes against humanity, much like the Clintons and their ilk. And alec baldwin will probably get a light slap on the hand….just because jussie was found guilty does not mean much to me anymore because we won’t know if he suffers or not. People are now quick to throw good/honest people under a bus and call them liars, conspiracy theorists, etc.

And no, I can’t prove anything because they don’t believe my sources.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.

Mickey Dacosta

Would be nice to see a web page with live 24-7 video
of a gun being shown in order to see if gun dose fire
on its own,

aside from the Billion views it would gather,

am willing to bet that so called gun would eventually
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Its a L O N G story lol !!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Mickey Dacosta
Rebecca Kidder

All of what he says is IRRELAVANT. If you are going to handle a gun, you need to check it yourself! NO EXCUSES. It takes 10 seconds with a revolver. Alex was above spending 10 seconds for safety and a mother lost her life for it.


Thank you for sparing us a half hour of trying to produce sympathy and to set up a defense that this death and injury are a result of incompetence of the armorer alone. In watching the whole interview, I found it extremely disingenuous that both Baldwin and the Democrat operative posing as a journalist are trying to deceptively emphasize that he did not pull the trigger. Anyone who understands how a single action revolver works knows that if you partially cock the hammer and drop it on a live round in the cylinder, the gun will fire without a trigger being pulled. They are trying to pretend they do not know this, and portray ignorance of this as a defense. He is a disgusting human being and deserves whatever he gets.


I listened to a podcast where there was a very credible argument this might be a sacrifice.

It is such a bizarre crime that it wild not surprise me.

If there are no charges then we know it probably was a sanctioned sacrifice!


Interesting comment, Cat. Would you please explain it? I’m not sure what you mean by “sanctioned sacrifice”, but I am really curious about what the purpose of that might be. Thank you.


Don’t know what Cat read, but the period between Oct. 13 and Oct. 30 in the satanic calendar proscribes abduction and ritual preparation of victims for human sacrifice on the high holy day of Oct. 31. The shooting happened during that time frame. I know it sounds crazy, but when I lived in the city, animal shelters would not allow adoption of black cats during that time frame. People were finding pentagrams and dead cats in the parks, traumatizing the kids.


Eeeewwww. Sick, evil people seem to be multiplying. Thanks for educating me about that.


They have always been there. Until I had a very real SRA abuse survivor as a patient, I was doubtful about the whole thing, but after dealing with that situation, when it was just disclosed, including investigations by multiple police departments that verified it and charged multiple individuals I became a believer. We even had several patients from other states that were sent to Chicago for treatment for their own safety, because local officials were trying to investigate, but had not verified all of the offenders. If you have ever noticed photos of celebrities forming a circle around their eye with their thumb and forefinger with the other three fingers extended, that is satanic symbolism. Two of the survivors I dealt with were targeted because they had abnormalities on or around their left eye, like Madeline McCann, who was kidnapped and never found. These people are incredibly evil and sick.

Jana Joy

Oh yes I agree… have been listening and reading about this kind of thing for years. It’s sad and scary. Also the real history of the founding of “Hellywood “. Anyway Mandy did an excellent job as usual of breaking down this pompous self centered being. I’ve learned tons from her as well. Great job!


Halyna Hutchins was reportedly working on a documentary about Hollywood’s pedophile rings. I don’t think a real gun would be allowed on the set (insurance costs and all that). That’s what prop guns are for; they don’t shoot real bullets. So, I doubt it was an accident.


Not True, I am a veteran of movies and guns on set. Also the HAMMER does have to be in the pulled back position for a single action to fire. You could depress the trigger and FAN the gun. Remember that from the old cowboy movies. Also this gun is a replica, and probably cost a pretty penny. It shot modern ammunition. That period of gun would have fired black powder rounds.

This set was full of conflicts. Baldwin does not FIRE people except department heads generally. I have been a department head, I fired my crew almost always.

You have to pull the hammer back and then pull the trigger. A double action will pull back the hammer and fire.

Also where is a link to the fact they wiped the ammo, really, destruction of evidence itself is a heavy crime. Also a little birdie told me even after a round is fired, the oil from your fingers, well, one would think they can’t pull prints from that. Birdie told me no longer true, not sure how, but “they” can now pull prints from that round. The Birdie seems to have a “background” so to speak.

There was a huge union conflict over pay and Safety on sets going on INDUSTRY wide when this happened. Someone sabotaged this set most likley, NOT to kill someone, put probably to make a point about safety. I hear someone that sounds like LOOPER needs to be checked.


This in no way is an excuse for Baldwins actions. How that live round was placed in the chamber is the question, and who put it there. Then prove Baldwin knew this. There is the possibility though rare, that the hammer action was defective and when the hammer was pulled back it could have slipped and not lock in place and fired. Probably not likely. That would have meant the trigger was not pulled. That will show in a firearm examination.

Hey Mandy hope all is well, did your son Re up.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lightdark

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