Body Language – Texas Shooting, Chad Read and Kyle Carruth

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Mickey Dacosta

Wow and Yikes…

After viewing this video a few times,
and reading every ones opinions, facts etc,

I find my self flip flopping so to speak.

Think this could have all been avoided for sure
after the fact Go Fig.

Also think get off my porch is the same as
get out of my home,

Trying to grab a fire arm off some one is just as
Crazzzy and Stupid as getting to close to
some one who may or may not have a fire arm on them.

Here in Canada the moment any thing starts,
every one would be locked up,lol Bastards…
Before ‘Covert’ that is…

i think here they can take your fire arms away
just because trouble found you…
Just saying, don’t take it to Heart…

I wish we here had the same laws as Texas.Really !!!

As for testing the waters on some ones property
who is holding a fire arm and has already fired
off a warning shot between your legs,
let this be a lesson well learned to those who
have yet to figure it out.

Don’t push your Luck…

I will say this however,
as much as i love my AR-15,
that Ruger is next on me list for sure,

Sadly here in what use to be Canada
the True North,
is now a “DICK”tator ship country…

Think its safe to say “DICK’tator ship Planet.

The line been drawn – PICK A SIDE !!!

United we stand – Divided they fall !!!

Eileen Guthrie

Unfortunately, I’ve been around men like these two, I used to work for Child/Family Services Court. Some of the cases were just out of control. Child custody cases are pretty bad, and I saw some really bad ones. Let’s just say you can’t stay in that job for too long and remain sane. The animosity between the parents and stepparents is an ugly business and each one wants to see the other parent suffer. Personally, I wanted to remove the child from both homes. But it wasn’t up to me, it was with the Judge. There was one case that I can never forget, the mother was a horrible person, she lied that the child’s father had raped their son, that he beat her senseless, she got “friends” to back up her claims. She wanted to destroy her ex-husband and tank his career. The Sheriff’s department did an investigation into the mother’s claims, they found nothing to her claims. She didn’t want her son to have a relationship with their son (who was just 5 years old). She was the one who had an affair with her boss (who was also married), her husband filed for divorce for infidelity and fraud. The birth father was the most stable of the lot of these toxic adults. He lost a lot of money fighting for custody. Divorces are bad, but custody cases are even worse. So, these parents play these sick games, hiding their child from the other parent, lying about their relationship, so I can see both sides to this argument in this video. We don’t know how toxic that relationship is between the former spouses, and I don’t want to make a judgment without knowing the background. They should’ve called the police or the sheriff’s office. Pushing someone who’s angry, who thinks the spouse is hiding their son from him and was being aggressive, shouldn’t lead to a shooting and a murder, that’s just extreme. What idiot was shooting this footage and allowed this to escalate to this outcome? Put the fucking camera down and put a stop to this fight… what is wrong with these people? There are alternatives and violence aren’t the way out.  It’s about hurting the other person and what will cause the most stress in this situation. But I’ve seen some mothers who were some doozy, they made up stories. It’s just an ugly situation. I only lasted in that job for 9 months and then I transferred to another dept. It was just a very toxic and hostile environment and I give a lot of respect to the Judges who deal with these cases every day. In the end, the father got sole custody of his son. The judge saw which parent was the most stable, and that person was the father, who loved his little boy. The mother because of the games and lies she told was denied custody and visitation, she had to pay him for child support, which didn’t go over too well with her and her lawyer. She was just too unstable and the whole affair thing was just too toxic and hostile to place that little boy in that environment. It’s why I will never marry or have kids. I’ve seen too much ugliness that will last me for a lifetime. In the end, it’s the children or child who will suffer the most. This is not a good thing to put children into that situation. It’s unhealthy for them.


If she would have obeyed the court ordered an stopped trying to keep him from his son this would have never happened. The man had had enough. I feel for his son. And you don’t see the hell this bitch has put him through. I raised my two boys by myself with NO help from their “mom”. She’s probably just pissed cuz she can’t collect support from him anymore. The wrong person was shot.


uh there is 100% a version that’s not cut off, i saw it when it first made the rounds on twatter


So when someone grabs your gun, they are armed, According to the law, that makes it self-defense.

The right thing to do, was to go inside your house with the wife/mother. lock the door and simply call the police and let them handle Mr. Ass-Hat. If he breaks into the house, you are allowed to shoot him.

We all have a duty to protect and preserve life, even the life of Assholes & Karen’s”, who unfortunately, apparently abundant in our society. A child is now also deprived of his Father (for better or worse).

I don’t celebrate the death of anyone, but as they say in Texas, “He Needed Killing”. But it is unfortunate for all involved that a life was taken over nothing.


Best to be aware of the laws in your state regarding self defense. In Texas the moment blondie stepped on the porch it is the same as invading the home. In Texas do not step on a porch, walk into an open garage or come through an open door. Be on the lookout for purple painted posts or trees (No Trespassing in 10 states). Blondie was told to leave and he didn’t. One foot on the porch and the homeowner could legally defend himself with deadly force.

For What Its Worth


Sadly, humanity as a whole is low functioning. For all we know, the mother has been withholding visitation with the son to hurt Blondie and the weak minded person that he is went mad. The homeowners could have went into the home and called cops immediately to get Blondie removed. If Blondie broke into the house, you shoot him. I believe there is a strong possibility this death could have been prevented. Now the child has to live with knowing that Brown Hair (possibly step-father) killed his father. Everyone was a fucktard in the situation with no regard for the child! All the adults sucked in this vid.

Last edited 1 month ago by PAGal

fake from start to finish. i was wondering if you were gonna say so too. acting–genius! thank you! it looked like a police response training video. it had the hallmarks of propaganda with the “just out of sight fake cuts—from 2 different cameras!–no blood, slumped body (he wouldnt have fallen like that) the lack of emotion….etc.
it even looked like they were improve-ing as they went along… I supposed to get him at three! no six! imma just be on my phone…and no “omigawd stop why did you do that?” or anything.
ps my guess is his foot didnt get hit because the bullets were blanks. now –lets try to figure out what the agenda is…

Last edited 1 month ago by shombards

Nope he is dead. It was real and Hollywood is 100% fake. The “Rifle” appears to be a Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine, chambered in 9mm Parabellum. Even at close range, some pistol bullets will not exit the human body, especially if they impact the spinal cord, instantly shutting down the central nervous system, causing the “Rag Doll” fall, as seen here.

Those of us who train, in the real world, focus on achieving instant stops like this, targeting the spine or the attacker’s brain box. Not hitting these vital areas can give a soon to be dead attacker up to 3 minutes of “Attack Time” until they bleed out and their blood pressure drops. This is especially true of drug users who may not even know they were shot and feel no pain, etc.


Who says 9mm lacks stopping power? Nice work getting the Ruger PC Carbine into firing position after blondie tried to grab for it. I have been thinking about getting the non- shrouded barrel version. This might have sold me. You look at the divorce rate and absolutely insane behaviors of people who are completely irresponsible and out of their minds who reproduce and subject their kids to their lunacy and produce the next generation of broken people who are unable to function in a relationship and it is disgusting.


Make sure you purchase a sling, which will ensure that you retain control of your firearm, if involved in an attempt to take it away from you. The shooter was luck he was able to retain control of his weapon. Don’t depend on Luck, as your life may depend on it.


Thanks, Mauser.You are preaching to the choir. All of my defensive long guns have slings for exactly that reason. The video shows the drawbacks of long guns for home defense at close quarters. He must have been using defensive rounds in the PC, since it looked like hits in center mass and no exit wounds in the back. If you are going to use a carbine or rifle for self defense, you better think about overpenetration or the consequences of misses. Either way, you are going to get sued or worse yet, charged.

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