Body Language – Crazy Eyes of Michael Gunner

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Jeffrey Allan

Also what Eileen Guthrie said. 100%

Jeffrey Allan

The guy is an idiot extremist. Not a critical thought in his entire head. The classic leader turned ruler syndrome.

Eileen Guthrie

This guy is kind of creepy to me. Where do they dig these people up? I don’t care if he’s angry. Here’s what we do… if we take the jab and the booster and a family member dies from the vaccines, it gives the family the right to sue the state (federal government) and the individual who forced them to take an experimental vaccine that no one knows what the long-term effects will be to each individual person. You don’t get to force us to take the vaccine and not have any legal liabilities if a person dies from the direct results from the vaccine. You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. And we are “entitled” to sue the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured the vaccine for billions. Because all of these people are currently protected from lawsuits. Why won’t they tell us what’s in the vaccine? Because it sounds a bit dodgy to me, that Pfizer doesn’t have to tell us what’s in the vaccine until 2076. If the company you are working for and demands you take the vaccine, YOU CAN SUE THAT COMPANY FOR DAMAGES if your family member dies as the direct results from their “forced” mandate. So, when employees from Facebook, AT&T, GE, Intel, Apple and etc., dies, you get to file a civil lawsuit against these companies for compensatory, nominal, and punitive damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars (especially economically if the person who died was the family’s main source of income).  This is why the court just overturned the mandate and the Biden administration continues to ignore the Courts. The citizens of the World are getting angrier by the day. Our voices are becoming louder and we’re going to run out of patience with these Globalist, there are more of us then there are of them. WE HAVE THE POWER, they don’t, their power is illusionary. [Go back to the Rules for Radicals and the first one on their lists is… Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.]
Unfortunately, more people are dying or becoming permanently disabled from the vaccines, then those who had COVID. So, the cure is worse than the disease. I saw a surgeon who spoke to Congress about the effects the vaccine had on his body. He is permanently disabled, he will eventually need a wheelchair to get around as he can’t stand for very long, his muscles are so weak and will NEVER be allowed to operate on his patients. HE IS VERY ANGRY and frustrated. He spent 16 years learning about his specialty. All of that hard work and knowledge is GONE. The red cross won’t accept blood, platelets and plasma from the people who got the Pfizer vaccine. We just had a huge blood drive and the signs said they can’t accept any blood if you took the Pfizer vaccine. It destroys your natural immune system, SO WHY WOULD I PUT THAT IN MY BODY if I know the long-term outcome will do more harm than good. These corrupt Globalist and their demands for more power and control. Don’t you get it? We are all expendable to them, only their lives that matter. They NEVER thought we would fight back against their tyranny. They expected us to obey their demands. But these Globalist just need to shut the F up. You don’t run my life and you have no say in what I do with MY BODY! It appears to be more about him (and the other tyrants) are starting to panic because the citizens of the world are ignoring them. The “new” test that will be released at the end of the month on separating the differences between A COLD, COVID and the FLU will be released. So, how are they going to explain that most of these people actually had the flu and not COVID? We know the old test was faulty and unreliable. They’ve got a lot of explaining to do.
Mandy, I hope you do the Alec Baldwin interview tonight. According to him, he NEVER pulled the trigger or the hammer. I’m very interested in your observations on his body language, because things like that DON’T HAPPEN. I’m sure the investigators know that to be a lie because weapons don’t suddenly go off all by themselves. I don’t get why he’s doing this interview. Doesn’t he know the investigators will want the entire footage of this interview, not what was just aired? It sounds to me, he’s trying to get ahead of the story and tell “his side” before the authorities release their findings (or hopefully charge him with two felony crimes, third-degree manslaughter and reckless endangerment).

Jeffrey Allan

Although I’m with you and will stand with you in battle, a great majority of people I think simply can’t be bothered to stand up to their government, There seems to be a global wimp pandemic sporting a compliance/defeatist attitude or they are just plain lazy. I have more people say to me to just play along and quit fighting back or making trouble for what they perceive to be totally normal. To them, there’s no media bias or manipulation, no tyranny just common sense. These people wouldn’t know common sense if it were fed to them by a biased media that affirms to them that their government agrees. The world needs a forced DBT workshop. .

Susan McCall

Hi Eileen…the only thing you forgot to mention is ‘autopsy’s’….another mysterious world.

If you have a ‘white mass’ in your lungs, (could be lung cancer, could be spores from a moldy basement, could be a form of ‘walking pneumonia’) they will just automatically assume you have a ‘form of covid’….

Do you really think that a paid-off medical examiner is going to dig a little deeper to determine actual ’cause of death’? Remember, many cremations were done to avoid funerals and ’causes of death’.

Eileen Guthrie

The autopsies were ALWAYS very fishy to me because they didn’t pass the smell test. We had so many people here in Florida where I live and they were counting EVERY DEATH as a COVID death, when they died in a car accident, motorcycle accident, cancer, lupus, etc., when none of them had COVID. But the hospitals were getting $13,000 per patient, so they were very motivated to give a COVID diagnosis on their death certificate. We even had one local doctor who sent out letters to his patients saying they tested positive for COVID, unfortunately, they NEVER had a test done and didn’t know what the doctor was talking about, he “claimed” it was a clerical error, some of these people didn’t believe him. Needless to say, there were a lot of angry patients who chose to find a new doctor. Eventually, a local Jacksonville reporter started to investigate these deaths and exposed the sham. She worked directly with the medical examiners to try to fix the problem of these wrong diagnosis. She got the families involved too. She did an excellent job tracking everything down, a really good investigative reporter. The County administrators blocked the changes to their death certificates. I don’t know the outcome, there are some very dishonest people working for the County, who wanted to blame all of these deaths on President Trump. The corruption went very deep, but the reports suddenly stopped from the Jacksonville news station with no explanation. The whole entire medical system has been corrupted by dishonest, corrupt “liberals,” they always destroy everything they touch. Sadly, it’s EVERYWHERE now not just in this County.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


The definition of “Tyranny” is one person or a groups desire to create “Their” version of Heaven upon the Earth. Anyone who stands in their way must be simply destroyed as anyone who oppose them and their lofty goal is either insane or purely Evil in their eyes.

In the end, this gives them the moral high ground to imprison, murder and do whatever they need to do, to achieve their goals.

This is 100% opposite of the tenants that Western Civilization has been founded upon. Unfortunately, Australians gave up their ability to resist tyranny and they either need to rise up and obtain weapons by another means or bend to the will of their master and their tools, the Police and the Military. Very sad to see.

Susan McCall

I recently discovered a site called: https://THECOVIDWORLD.COM/
I saw this the other day on that website:

It is mind-blowing how Australia is so out of control and journalists get away with saying horrible things. When I told my liberal sister about this article, she didn’t know one thing about what was going on in Australia.

I have had 5 comments detected as ‘spam’ since Monday, when jack dorsey stepped down….this could be one of the last places where we get to freely comment.

The three escapees were later found. Although their identities have not been released, all three tested negative for COVID.

This seems to indicate that the teenagers were most likely from nearby Aboriginal communities that were recently forcibly quarantined from Binjari. Members of rural Aboriginal communities are notoriously strong willed and hard to control, something that has caused headaches for the Australian Government for decades.

How will they enforce the fine?

The three boys will “ultimately face a sanction” for their behaviour as breaking quarantine carries a $5000 fine. Chalker stated that otherwise, there has been “overwhelming levels of compliance”. yea, sure.  

Jana Joy

Hi Mandy! So good to see you post something again! Love your commentary and your humor! 😂
I see anger too, but I also see fear behind his eyes. Makes me wonder what ‘they’ have on him in addition to his thinking that it’s his way or the highway.


I think it’s beyond thinking he is saving the serfs. He is truly drunk on the power that he believes he has.

Last edited 1 month ago by madvinmryk

Wow, this guy hasn’t only drank the kool-aid, he’s injected it into his veins! How narrow-minded his brain is. Wonder if his thinking has always been so black or white? 🤔 Praying for the protection of those he thinks he’s saving. 🙏


Regarding the comment about those who are in on the depopulation scheme, don’t think this guy is. Most of those like Gates, Fauci, Schwab etc.have arrogant calmness and inappropriate smiling and glee in their demeanor. This guy has rage, more like the Gestapo demanding compliance from the citizens who have the nerve to object. Then you have the fear crazed Godless Covidians who are cowering, easily manipulated into terror induced compliance by the relentless propaganda. Could not tell if that was the Australian or NZ flag. When I see what our friends in Australia are subjected to, I wonder if the government could have done this if they still had their guns. Come and take them is my attitude.


i do believe many of the politicians… got the REAL shot


Mandy… By you mean the one the rest of the population gets or a different kind? Bc i believe that there was one that was for the elites …w/ only healthy stuff like NUTRIENTS, you would get in a IV to boost immunity…like vit C and all the other good stuff that does that.


Strongly suspect that Brandon’s unscheduled “routine colonoscopy”and physical, as well as Newsome’s disappearance were due to adverse reactions to the real booster shot.


Agree about Newsome. Not so sure about Brandon. I tend to think the Resident is being injected with saline or perhaps some kind of concoction for dementia patients. He’s too far gone for them to bother tampering with his health. Besides, they have to find a way to get the ho out of the way first.


Could be, but the cover story about the routine physical was bunk. Meetings were cancelled and it was not on his schedule until after it happened. Maybe needed an emergency injection of dementia juice or what’s ever they used to keep Bader-Ginzburg alive.


This is the new face of the church of the vaccinated in Australia… the vaccinated leaders all have the crazy eyes but this guy is the worst… followed by Dan Andrews, then the guy in Western Australia that I can’t remember…

The public have this look too…

It is insane.


Gunner is what results when real power is given to diabolical narcissists. There is nothing more dangerous than a self righteous fanatic who is absolutely convinced that what he is doing will “save” his serfs.

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