Body Language – Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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i watched a bit of video of KR from the night of the event, and it NEVER went along with the narrative in the media. People should always watch for themselves. As far as the last few seconds of this video, i dont think it gets real-er than that. you can see him starting to panic, hold it in and doing his best to answer, but could not control it. At the end he is practically bug-eyed by the time the judge mercifully calls for a recess. Heartbreaking no matter how you look at it.


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robert gross

Thank you for posting this video.

Cindy Travis

I really feel for young Kyle. I recognized the panic attack and I am so glad the Judge took a recess. I don’t know a lot about this case so thank you for the information.

Dagwood They accept crypto.


Well done, Dagwood, the commies at GoFundMe banned him.


I mentioned that this info gets taken down on youtube. The funding source,, sends the money directly to Kyle’s mom and you can send bitcoin.


BTW, I tried to leave the above info on youtube and it was taken down immediately…several times.


Of course he has PTSD. All the shit he’s getting on the Internet just shows how crap the internet has become.


To answer Mandy’s question – the tissue box close to the judge has the logo of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team with the word Brewers.

Eileen Guthrie

I still don’t understand why these three men (Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz) were there in the first place. We know Kyle was there to help put out the fires, but WHY WERE THEY THERE? They clearly weren’t there to put out the fires, but did they set the fires? I didn’t watch his testimony, only some of the highlights, so I don’t know if they asked him why he was there to begin with. If you know, please tell me, its driving me bonkers. Was it an opportunity to shoot his gun off? Did he want to loot the stores in the area? Only an idiot would run towards a dangerous situation. I think he purposely chose to use the word ”murder” for a reason, to possibly influence the jury. This witness (Grosskreutz) has no idea what transpired between Huber and Kyle moments before as he shot him in self-defense. How did Huber get a weapon, he’s a convicted felon? Why wasn’t Grosskreutz arrested for having an illegal firearm or charged with attempted murder? Did he make a deal with the prosecutors, he’d testify if they dropped his charges?   
My cousin was a former federal prosecutor, what happened here with the prosecution ignoring the defense team and the Judge, was about the evidence that had already been ruled on by the judge and thrown out. He knew exactly what he was doing by bring up evidence that the Judge had already deem prejudicial to the defendant, during pretrial motions. An order by the defense team issued a document of evidence suppression and the Judge agreed. That’s why the Judge snapped. Unicorn man is lucky that the Judge sent the jury out of the courtroom while he was arguing something stupid about an earlier event. It doesn’t bring anything new to their case and why the judge originally threw it out during pretrial motions. You can’t bring up prior “bad” acts, it’s prejudicial to the defendant. Kyle didn’t shoot anyone else on August 10. The prosecutor was ordered not to bring it up during the court procedures.  Why he brought it was because he wanted to influence the jury and they want a mistrial. And yes the Judge could sanction the prosecutors with prosecutorial misconduct. YOU DO NOT DISRESPECT THE JUDGE, as unicorn man has done here. Prosecutorial misconduct is a very serious charge for any attorney and prosecutors. They could have their law licensed placed on hold or outright suspension of their law license. 
You’d have to be a cold, uncaring and callous person to not feel anything during Kyle’s testimony. You can see he starts to get emotional during the second question. Yes, his throat is starting to close, his mouth is dry, he’s having trouble swallowing; he has no saliva, which makes it harder to swallow. This was very traumatic for him. When the emotions come spilling out, it appears to be his hyperventilating, taking in too much air too quickly. Absolutely, he has PTSD. He’s going to need a psychiatrist help, it’s that traumatic for him. He’s still so young and he still having trouble processing what happened that night.
The prosecution knows they messed up their case, they asked a question that they didn’t know how the witness would testify too. Two of their own witnesses blew up their case. Grosskreutz admitted that he held his gun, pointed it at Kyle and planned to pull the trigger. I don’t know the other witnesses name, but he testified that the prosecution wanted him to change his story to fit in better with their “narrative.” The problem with prosecutors is, they don’t like to go to court, they’d rather negotiate a plea deal and offer the defendant a lesser charge. My cousin thinks this is what happened here. The prosecution seems ill prepared for court. He suspects they offered Kyle to plead guilty to third degree manslaughter. Kyle turned it down. The prosecutors are so corrupt and sleazy. But I’m sure the Judge is well aware of the game plan. MISTRIAL. They won’t get their mistrial; the Judge clearly wants to let the Jury decide Kyle’s guilt or innocence. Why the defense team said the next time they pull this, I’ll demand a mistrial with prejudice, meaning the prosecutor can NEVER refile charges against Kyle. They’re done. Another reason they might want a mistrial, it doesn’t show up on their legal record, but if they lose this case, it will be permanently placed on the record that will follow them for the rest of their legal careers.
I’ve NEVER seen so many weak and indifferent politicians during the 2020 “the summer of riots” or as one politician, I think it was the Mayor of Seattle called it the “summer of love.”   Yeah, they were all holding hands and singing “Kum ba yah.” Where did we get these seriously dysfunctional politicians? Huh? They were so desperate to blame Trump for it all, and that was there only agenda…they turned down his offer to bring in the National Guard to help keep the peace.  They weren’t interested in peace, they wanted violence, destruction, chaos and mayhem… YES. These politicians need to be held accountable for their inaction and allowing these things to transpire. If you think these politicians care about you and me, you’d better think again. They didn’t care if people were shot, hurt or injured, they sat back and watched their cities burn to the ground. I’m just shocked that they didn’t bring the hot dogs and marshmallows to roast on the fires. Please take note, we are all expendable to them, we are their collateral damage as they watched their cities get destroyed and burnt to the ground. All in the name of blaming Trump, that’s what these people think of us.

Eileen Guthrie

UPDATE: Things are becoming more clear. EXCLUSIVE: Potential Witness Tampering as Gaige Grosskreutz, the Felon Who Aimed His Gun at Kyle Rittenhouse, Had Two Prior Charges Dismissed by Prosecutors Only Days Before theTrial, The just continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves.


I have a bit more information, Eileen. Rosenbaum was on the streets mostly by coincidence. He was discharged from a psychiatric facility in the afternoon of the day he died, whose discharge plan was to drive him to downtown Kenosha and drop him off in the middle of a multi day riot. He is bipolar and has a lengthy criminal history, including raping young boys and body slamming and stomping his fiancé. He was homeless and i suspect he was trying to die in a suicide by cop. He was hospitalized after overdosing on fentanyl in front of the McDonalds on Green Bay Road a week earlier. Huber was a violent felon who had multiple stints in jail for domestic battery including strangling relatives and holding knives to their throats. Don’t know if he was Antifa, but his mugshots with multi-colored dyed hair fit the profile. Grosskreutz was an Antifa medic. Though he was not a felon, he was convicted of use of a handgun while intoxicated, and his carry permit was not valid. My guess is he agreed to lie in his testimony to get outstanding charges dropped and then told the truth to avoid perjury.

Eileen Guthrie

Thanks for the addition info. I don’t know anything about those three men. I try not to watch national news..I JUST DON’T TRUST THEM ANY LONGER. They have an agenda, that’s not built on facts but false propaganda.


Agreed, the nice thing about this trial is that it is televised. When Grosskreutz is on the stand and it comes out that he pulled his gun and chased Mr. Rittenhouse, when he had not told police or prosecutors that he even had a gun, let alone pulled it and chased, the camera went back to wide angle and you could see the fat prosecutor with his head in his hands. I think Grosskreutz played them to get charges dropped before the trial and then told the truth to avoid a perjury charge. At least it looked that way..


While I am aware of this trial and some aspects of it, I haven’t been following it closely, so I really do appreciate your taking the time to spell things out, Eileen. Please don’t take my reply as criticism, but I do have a couple of issues with what you stated. I only bring them up for clarification and to get things straight in my mind.

First, An order by the defense team issued a document of evidence suppression and the Judge agreed.” I don’t understand that sentence at all! Only a judge can issue an order. Would you kindly clarify what you meant for me?

Second, The prosecution knows they messed up their case, they asked a question that they didn’t know how the witness would testify too.” There is something called “discovery” during the pre-trial phase. Both sides already know what witnesses will say in Court beforehand from their depositions. It’s not like on TV or in the movies. There are no surprises 99.9% of the time. What happened there was the witnesses went off script. They either contradicted what they said during their depositions or said something that wasn’t addressed during their depositions. That’s what caused prosecution to go into a tailspin. Maybe they did this when they realized that serious perjury charges would be brought against them. Or it could be that the defense attorneys tripped them up.

Other than that, I think your comment was just outstanding! Thank you!

Eileen Guthrie

This is what my cousin explained to me about the process a long time ago (during the OJ Simpson trial). Evidence is collected by police and a prosecutor investigator (they’re cops that work directly with the prosecutor’s office and not for the city or the state). There is a thing called evidence suppression, it’s a motion submitted to the Judge asking for whatever evidence that might hurt the defendant and it does what it sounds like, evidence that was collected during the investigation is not allowed during the court procedure, shown to the jury or brought up during the trial and CANNOT be used.  It was predetermined by the Court (Judge) during the pretrial, that this evidence has nothing to do with what happened that night and was thrown out by the judge. Which means the prosecution cannot bring up a defendant’s passed behavior or an incident that might damage the defendant, when it has nothing to do with the current case. What we saw here was the prosecutor brought up on Kyle’s action on August 10, ten days before the riots. The defense team, during the pretrial motions, asked the judge to suppress that evidence or statements from witnesses from Aug 10th and the Judge agreed and threw that evidence out of court because it was prejudicial (hurt) to the defendant. 
My cousin explained all of this to me during the OJ trial. I didn’t understand why they weren’t talking about the violence during their marriage and a long history of OJ abusing Nicole, that his defense team didn’t want the court or jury to hear about OJ’s past behavior towards his ex-wife, during their marriage and after their divorce. The defense team wanted that evidence suppressed because it was bad for the defendant (OJ) and was prejudicial (damaging) to the defense’s case and their defense of him and Judge Ito agreed. The jury never heard about the tumultuous, violent marriage. OJ was a control freak, manipulator and according to some people who knew them as a couple, OJ was also a very jealous person. The more Nicole pulled away, the more ”emotionally” tighter he held onto her, and he was losing control of Nicole. He also didn’t want Nicole to be happy.
So, that’s why this judge was so angry, it had already been predetermine that they couldn’t use what happened or bring in any witnesses on what happened on Aug 10, because it had nothing to do with this current case. Why the prosecution wanted it in this case, was to show how Kyle was looking for trouble from 10 days ago. That he was some violent Trump vigilante and wanted to lay that as part of their foundation of their case against Kyle. But Kyle didn’t bring his weapon on Aug 10th and only a statement from a witness who claimed that Kyle wanted to “blow him away,” (and way after the fact on what happened on Aug 25th). There are some sick people out there who want to ingratiate themselves in a high-profile legal case. They want to be a part of it. But there were no other witnesses that claimed the threat happened, so it’s his word against Kyle. Based on the reaction to the defense team, I doubt it was true. I’m sure that “their witness” didn’t swear on the bible when he was telling his story. The same is true for Grosskreutz, after his testimony, he changed his story when interviewed by that corrupt and disgraceful news outlet CNN (the communist news network, there’s no difference between CNN and Prada). Is he trying to get a mistrial by appearing on CNN and make people believe he was lying while on the stand? I don’t know his motivation for doing that.
I’m using the word foundation is because the prosecutors are building a case, like you build a house. The foundation has to be strong to hold up the house, and the same is true for a court case. I believe their prosecution foundation is based on the notion that Kyle’s a violent vigilante and a white supremacist narrative. Who was out of control and randomly shooting at “innocent” people? This was another police shooting that started this riot. There were no innocent people at the riot… it’s a riot, there is no rhyme no reason for the violence unless they wanted destruction, people getting hurt, watching businesses being burnt to the ground, chaos and mayhem, which is what happened that night. No one was taking a midnight walk downtown, they went there with a purpose… DESTROY EVERYTHING in their path. What is so infuriating about what happened in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, DC and elsewhere, all it would have taken would be maybe one or two democrats from these areas and the mainstream media to come out and say STOP THE VIOLENCE. And sadly, none of them did that, matter of fact Nazi Pelosi encouraged it, because she had an agenda… WE MUST BLAME TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING. (That’s why I say these politicians don’t really care about us). If you remember they stopped pushing the violence when the polls came out where the public blamed the violence on the Democrats and the mainstream media. They did a whole 180-degree turnaround because it was hurting them in the polls. Very few people blamed Donald Trump and that’s the only reason they start saying stop the violence and the destruction.
Yes, there is a discovery process, where the Prosecutors must give all of the evidence that was collected to the defense team, and that’s when the defense team, goes into action to try to suppress some of the evidence against their client. A criminal trial can take a long time before going to court, my cousin worked on one for 3 years, it took so long, because the deeper they went, more evidence and more victims were found against the defendant.  He was sentence to life in prison without parole. It was a horrible case of a serial rapist, who had murdered three of his victims. One of the reasons it took so long to try him is he moved around a lot and lived in four states (NY, NJ PA and CT) and the police or the investigator never put the pieces together. He raped 36 women and girls, one being a 78-year-old grandmother of 5 and a young girl, who was just 12 years old at the time. He destroyed that little girl and brutalized her so badly, that she had to have 3 operations to fix the damage he did to her. She can never have children… that’s how bad it was. He’s there for life, but it was my cousins last case as a Prosecutor. And hopefully, what he did to these women and girls, is happening every night to him. It took a lot out of my cousin, lots of frustration and he had had enough. He’s now a civil litigator in a small private practice. He won’t take on any criminal cases.
Now, for your second question, the Prosecutors did mess up their own case. One of the first things you learn in law school is don’t ask a question that you don’t know how a witness will testify too. Two things hurt their case, one of their own witnesses (don’t know the man’s name) exposed that the prosecutor had ask him to change his story to fit with their legal narrative. I’m not sure how the prosecutor worded his question to their own witness as something similar to…you have not altered your testimony it’s been the same through this case? Yes. You have not been asked by the prosecutor’s office to change or alter your testimony? He said, yes again, when they were expecting their witness to say no. You did ask me to change my testimony to fit your case against Kyle. It’s tampering with a witness… a big no no. And we all know what happened during Grosskreutz testimony. Both questions came from the prosecution, not the defense team, they weren’t being cross examined by the defense. I couldn’t believe it… are they that stupid? Why would you even ask that question? If they had known what Grosskreutz would say, they wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place, but they did. Why would you poke holes and/or expose the weakness in your own case? I don’t get it and either does my cousin Larry. He just couldn’t believe it. So, either the prosecution failed to properly vet these two nor did they properly prep them as witnesses. Closing argument start on Monday and it could be given to the jury late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.


Thank you, Eileen. I’m sorry to have put you through your very thoughtful reply. I should have mentioned that I have a legal background and know how that system is supposed to work. What threw me was when you said the defense issued an order. I see now you meant to say they submitted a “motion” to suppress. That makes sense now. As I said, I hadn’t been following this very much, so I didn’t know about the prior incident which, of course, would have made the motion to suppress and the subsequent suppression order by the judge necessary.

Yes, it does seem like the prosecution is trying to get the judge to order a mistrial. Yet, there is so much more going on. This whole thing is just another tool in the bag of the communists in charge to divide and conquer. Looks like the entire justice system has been weaponized to that end. Check out the story on Citizen Free Press about the “Rittenhouse infrared video” and that the FBI “lost” the hi-def footage. Having just seen that, I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before a whole lot of decent people rise up and do what that kid did. I can almost hear the chanting: “I am Kyle!”. It’s going to get very ugly in the coming days. Pray!

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I also can appreciate what your uncle went through and totally understand how and why he had had enough. I think litigation is ugly and I wanted nothing more to do with it. It was a great story about your uncle. If he ever decides to walk away from his legal practice, I think he should write a book to warn up and coming attorneys of what to expect.

Eileen Guthrie

I’m not a lawyer nor a law student so I don’t know all the legal jargon or the correct wording, didn’t mean to mislead. I’ve been trying to find and research what the Judge told the prosecution to submit a 90404. Can’t find anything on it. I’m just curious to know what it is. It’s interesting that the prosecutors dropped two of their cases against Gaige Grosskreutz just days before the trial started. So, I was right. It was a quip pro quo. This is not good. The prosecutors are pretty sleazy and very manipulative. And they made another mistake. When the prosecutor was cross examining Kyle… he used the term, I was protecting “my community” and the prosecutor said, oh, but you live in Antioch, so how could that be… Kyle said my dad lives here and he split his time between his divorced parents. What another dumb and preventable mistake. DO YOU RESEARCH, YOU TWO BOZOS. They’re embarrassing to legal profession.
We’d better get ready to batten down the hatches, the left is already organizing more riots should Kyle be acquitted. They have threatened the judge’s life. It’s probably not going to happened just in Kenosha. It will spread to other cities. The left really is unhinged and it’s their way and what they want or will burn your houses down and destroy your cities. This is the thug mentality that started with the George Floyd arrest and has only continued. BLM doesn’t care about the black population; they are willing to destroy these same people’s homes that live in these cities. I was reading some stuff today, they’d up to something, getting organized and the trial isn’t even in the hands of the jury yet. I fear what they might do to Kyle if he’s acquitted. These people are just so hateful, intolerant and out of their minds.


What’s happening is much bigger and more dangerous than this trial (which is kind of like a footnote). My unsolicited advice, for whatever it’s worth, would be to focus on the big picture. What is going on in our country is a replay of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s. (I’m old enough to remember that.) It is what Our Lady of Fatima warned the world about all those years ago, the spread of Communism throughout the entire world. That’s why I keep urging everyone to pray (the Rosary especially) every day. Gen. Patton was right about stopping Stalin before the communists gained a foothold in Europe. The powers that be of that time silenced Patton permanently and did the opposite of what he wanted. We are experiencing the result, the worldwide spread of tyranny under Communist rule. Hold on to God and Pray!

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Good advice.In addition to prayer, I think it is also very important to get involved locally and challenge the infiltration of Western Civilization that is going on in our communities It is also a good idea to do a threat assessment of your locality and prepare accordingly, both physically and knowing all relevant laws regarding self defense, use of force, trespassing etc. Every state is different. Many law firms publish this information on their websites. In my state for example, if I have rioters in the street in front of my house, I can open carry a weapon on my own property, but fall on shaky ground if I point it at someone. On the other hand, if a rioter trespasses on my property and tries to set fire to my house, I can use deadly force to stop him. It is a good idea to know these things rather than finding yourself in the situation without the knowledge. During the Floyd summer of tolerated rioting, a normally quiet suburb south of me had a protest turn into a riot instantly. The cops on the scene saw the looters parking u haul trucks and unloading stolen recycling bins to haul away their loot, but their superiors ordered them to stand down. Within a ten minute period, 39 businesses had windows smashed, two buildings burned and one person stabbed to death. The police had to call in reinforcements with bearcat vehicles.

Eileen Guthrie

I saw something similar. I went to public school, but it was in a conservative community and county. We were taught the true history, both American and the world. But even back then I saw the signs that democrats were using Adolf Hitler’s and the Nazi’s manifesto, which was pretty creepy to me even in my late teens, but I saw the signs and the similarities. We were taught about Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, the NAZI’s, the SS, the Gestapo, the Third Reich, the Holocaust, the death, concentration and internment camps and how these men came to power. I was in the 7th grade, and yes it was a bit traumatizing for 12- and 13-year-olds. Most of us cried, even the boys. It was just so callous and cruel. I had wished they held back another year and to the 8th grade. It was hard for us to process this information.  You just don’t think that people would do this to each other.
I guess the irony here is that the world fought against these men and these organization back in the 1930s and 1940s, where other lives didn’t matter to them…the citizens of Europe were expendable to them. Today, the world leaders are embracing these same tactics. The issue with these world leaders and kind of scary to me, is that NONE OF THEM HAVE A CONSCIENCE, which pretty much makes them either psychopaths or sociopaths and that should scare EVERYONE. They are using the media, just as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini did back then. [Side note: I know they try to say that Hitler was a conservative, he wasn’t, that’s a misnomer. The “Z” in Nazi means socialism, so don’t believe everything you read or are taught].  Nazi Germany and its allies established more than 44,000 camps and other incarceration sites (including ghettos). There is a reason why our education system has stopped covering WWII, the Holocaust, the 6 American Japanese internment camps, the concentration camps such as Dachau (which was used primarily for political prisoners and was the longest running camp in operation), 6 death or extermination camps: Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka. These three dictators and tyrants together killed 22 million people, 6 million of those were Jew… more specifically Russian, German, Polish Jews. They killed the sick and vulnerable, Catholics Priest, Nuns and Brothers, Romanian (Gypsies), Slavs, homosexuals, alleged mental defectives (people with retardation and downs syndrome), and many others. Now, my question is why have they stopped teaching about these horrors in world history? Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.
I still can’t believe why more people can’t see the similarities to what the left is doing now, to what Hitler and his cronies did in the 30s and 40s. Just like the democrats, they did it slowly, they slowly made changes to society. If they, did it fast, we would have seen it and been more aware of it, as we are now under Biden/Harris. Unfortunately, we have been asleep for far too long and not paying attention to it until it was too late to change it. Trump exposed some of it and every day as we watch our rights being taken away by this criminal organization called the federal government. Think about the people who have been incarcerated in a DC jail for almost a year. 
They are very isolated, some have been denied their rights to see an attorney or their families, and they are basically being held without due process and their civil rights to a fair and speedy trial. They are basically political prisoners under the Biden/Harris administration. WHERE THE HELL IS THE ACLU? Is there any difference between the January 6th people and those who were incarcerated in Dachau? They are political prisoners who are being held without bail, some have been beaten and mistreated and the funny thing is NOT ONE of the 691 people have NOT been charged with insurrection, so what charges are they being held under? Does that make any sense? We are also hearing about reeducation camps for Trump supporters.
Now, in Australia they have erected living camps for the unvaccinated. They are completed and last night they showed and did a quick tour of what they look like…they look like the Nazi concentration camps. So, what happens to these people’s property, the homes they live in. What happens there? What’s next? Who else will be removed from society? These are very hateful, intolerant and these demented people in power, these are the last people who should be given any power too. They see no value of the people they are supposed to govern, just people to mock, ridicule and manipulate. NOT OBEY THEIR DEMANDS.
People, we need to know our World history because we are currently repeating it again. Only this time it’s not a man with a funny mustache, it’s a senile, corrupt, greedy old fool, who doesn’t know where he is most days, who gets lost on the WH’s front lawn and who can’t stop lying to us.  And his equally disturbing sidekick who doesn’t know how to act in public, who appears to not like the people of this country. Who laughs and giggles at inappropriate moments in front of the press, the people of the US and world leaders? Then, there’s the third person in power, a woman who is drunk on power and a massive alcoholic, who seems to be three-sheets to the wind during her daily PR performance in front of the world press and acts and behaves like the modern-day Marie Antoinette, but this isn’t the French Revolution.  (Oh, those silly rules and mandates aren’t for me, I’m special, I’m important… it’s to control you no body special people through fear, intimidation and manipulation). And an array of other past criminals like the Clinton’s and Obama, even George Soros. I think they are all helping Biden in some way. This should scare every single one of us

Marita Jeffrey

Wow … I am astonished at the intelligence and absolute wisdom from Mandy as we walk through each person she describes in this video using her professional body language information. As a pedestrian .. we have thoughts/opinions/emotions that drive our thoughts through these moments, bringing us to our own conclusions through emotion. BUT .. to hear a wise Professional describe these moments scientifically .. was so enlightening .. so incredible .. and words can’t describe how wonderful it is to be able to remove ourselves from emotion, to hear scientifically .. what is actually going on. Thank you Mandy. You have taught us so much and yet .. with each new video .. we learn more and more truth. And your final comment in this video affirmed a thought I had at that very moment too. I actually said out loud .. there are “Angels” in that court room watching out for this young boy! A kid who made such a horribly BAD decision by going out that night due to his own desire to serve his community because he didn’t think anyone was helping. NOW, he is alone in this situation .. yet, for a moment .. we see an angel there to give a smidgeon of protection from this nightmare. So glad I am a supporter of this channel!

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Marita Jeffrey

Of course .. I watched this too late .. on my first day off in over 2 weeks .. and it appears the video is no longer working. I have tried many devices. Computer/phone/ipad/tablet and to no avail. So bummed. I have watched the trial after hours and would have loved to have the wisdom/common sense/knowledge of Mandy on this trial. Darn!!! Does anyone know WHY they took it down or WHY it’s not working?? Thanks..

Marita Jeffrey

Oh my goodness, as I was typing .. it came on.. yay .. off to watch it… I’m so sorry for the incorrect information.. gosh!!!


Thank you. It’s good to have you back. I live in Middleton which is close to Madison. When they had the riots there the mayor ordered the Capital police to stand down and not interfere while they tear down statues and destroy property. Looks like I have something not to look forward to after this verdict. I feel for the small businesses people and children in Kenosha. Wisconsin is crooked and full of communist teachers.


Bless Kyle, for real. Where the MSM were saying he was fake crying looked more like an anxiety/panic attack to me. Far more believable than Dr. Blasey-Ford, or whatever the name of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser is.

So grateful for the honest and truthful witnesses and this judge!

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


Wow, I didn’t even know about this case until this video, so then I looked it up. Just so much going on these days, it is hard to keep up. Always keenly interested in your readings Mandy! You’re awesome!


Rosenbaum- 11 convictions of sexual abuse of young boys including anal rape. Released from psycho ward hours before shooting after suicide attempt. Filmed multiple times that night screaming at armed people telling them to shoot him. Bipolar and unstable. Huber- multiple convictions for domestic battery including strangulation, multiple incarcerations. Grosskreutz- one conviction for use of firearm while intoxicated. Illegally carrying and brandishing firearm at head of Mr. Rittenhouse when he is on his back and has been hit with a skateboard twice and kicked in the head once. The governor, mayor and other cowards surrendered the city of Kenosha to these animalistic demon-possessed lunatics, and prosecute a 17 year old kid who is one of the few who tried to prevent the complete destruction of the city for defending himself. He should get a medal. I hope he gets enormous settlements from the networks and papers who defamed him blatantly to spin their racist narritives.


Excellent summation.


I spend a fair amount of time in Kenosha fishing. There are still second story apartments above stores with “Kids live here- Don’t Burn” spray painted on the walls.Hopefully the officials will not abandon the citizens to the terrorist scumbags of BLM and Antifa if they show up after this trial like they did the last time.


Don’t count on it.


I’m not. Just like the last time, the dirtbag governor authorized 500 national guard, but being a relatively small town, the local police and the county sheriffs were ill equipped to handle experienced Antifa instigators who know how to use protesters as cover. Even though open carry is legal in Wisconsin, their state laws about use of deadly force and police techniques are not good for this type of situation. I’m sure they will get no help from the Justice Department or FBI.

Gen. Stewart

Should have shown the ah ha moment when Grosskreitz admitted to pointing his pistol at Rittenhouse’s head when Rittenhouse lowered his rifle. He was eight feet away when Rittenhouse pointed his rifle at him. Grosskreitz raised his hands as if to surrender. When Rittenhouse lowered his rifle. Grosskeirtz ran up within three feet of Rittenhouse and pulled his gun pointing it at Rittenhouse. The only reason this P.O.S. told the truth was to avoid a perjury charge. He should be charged with the attempted murder of Rittenhouse. The Judge ruled before the trial began that no Politics were to be mentioned in the trial. Grosskrietz is associated with antifa and has been filmed at multiple BLM riots. He was with the rioters. The truth of Grosskreitz involvement will come out in the future.


Exploding bicep guy ended up going on CNN and blatantly lied. It’s so sickening. 😞

Susan McCall

Thank you Mandy for having the patience to get through this one.

I don’t think I will ever forget Kyle’s reaction on the witness stand…And I hope to see the end of the slickness of lawyers with their ‘robotic slick body language moves’. As if they are fooling us.

Around 3 minutes in, the ‘big guy’ yawned….this looks to be like the whole trial was excruciating for him…wonder what’s going on in his life….he had given up on the case a long time before resting his head in his hand…he was probably embarrassed and knew things.

It is mentally agonizing to watch slick people these days and I am reminded of a time when hillary clinton was supposed to be more likable via steven speilberg’s ‘help’:

According to journalist Edward Klein, Bill Clinton at one point convinced Hillary to enlist Spielberg’s assistance in developing, with the help of acting coaches, a repertoire of speech and gesture patterns that would make her seem more likable and thereby enhance her political fortunes. The experiment ended abruptly, however, when Mrs. Clinton reportedly became frustrated with the process and angrily knocked a camera off its tripod.

Look how she turned out.

Besides the ‘slickness’ and the ‘attitude’ and the body language, I often wonder why know-it-all’s always say: “Let me finish”….”YOU are interrupting me”….as we overdose on their word salad, and thus the ‘hurry up and shut up’ look just to stop the argument, never accomplishing much due to the theatrics. Besides lawyer’s mumble jumble, they have to learn this krap right?

I often wondered what my Uncle, the Catholic Priest, went through in his ‘training’ which lasted around 6 years? {this would have been in the 1940’s or so} Same with my Aunt, the Nun, who disappeared for 3 or so years….she never got to see the family. And I bet it wasn’t like in the ‘Sound of Music’ either.

Back then, a Priest learned how to ‘speak/yell’ effectively to a crowd…knew History of the Bible, knew legal stuff, learned about procreation and (this always creeped me out…a woman’s ‘cycle), fundraising, death and marriage counseling, finances, etc..etc.

I asked my dad about this ‘training’ and he said he didn’t know…

My mom didn’t know what went on with her sister either….

Sorry this was long, but some things will always be questioned.

I have one fantasy that comes to mind when arguing with lawyers, know-it-all’s, liberal kids, etc.. for example: tape lebron to a chair where he can’t move his head, tape his mouth shut, and just scream at people like him. Same with ‘unicorn guy’. Same with ‘slick’ politicians, my boss, and my husband….haha.

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