Body Language – Ethereum Co Founder Vitalik Buterin

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Thank you Mandy for your great work. Always very inciteful.
Our NZ prime minister recently appeared on TV where in my interpretation (“gut feeling” ) her body language seems to have shown a change from someone who was usually(?) concerned for the public to that of someone who looked “drunk on power”. No doubt a relief for someone who was losing control of their govt covid narrative.
It would be interesting to get your take on the video.


You have to hand it to the guy. You are on the autism spectrum and you become a billionaire by creating a program that controls imaginary electronic money that people accept because it is finite and hard to trace. I don’t pretend to understand crypto, but that is an amazing achievement. I hope his mom helps him diversify a little. The folks on the spectrum tend to have tunnel vision at times.


Huh? What language was being spoken by the two gentlemen? I don’t recognize it at all. On a more serious note, I liked learning something about reading the body language of someone with autism. I have a new young friend with autism. He is just a sweetheart! I wouldn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable with whatever we happen to be talking about. Now I know what to look for. Thanks Mandy!

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