Body Language – Pelosi meets Pope

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Pelosi is catholic. She’ll never be able to handle being near the Pope in person. Politics and wealth get thrown out the window because in her mind she has nothing and means nothing to the Pope.

People were worried about this type of situation in the JFK election.


You are right Mandy, they are all acting. It’s part of the reveal, a soft reveal to wake up and inform the masses who are still asleep and haven’t undergone their cranioanalectomy yet.

Linda Wilson

More like Demon recognition. I am surprised She didn’t understand Italian Her father was in the Mob in Baltimore. Both of them make me sick.

Andrew Muller

You posts are too infrequent – can be up to 10 days or more between..
There is no shortage of material around at the moment with all the deception, sincerity, honesty or lies. I, for one, would be happy to enjoy an increase in batting rate. Perhaps I am an addict needing a fix.


i have vlog… i keep up with news… i know you feel that there is a lot of material, but all of these people are acting. i post on them when there is a mental change. which is scary in todays world. because it means they arnt losing yet.


Is there a meeting tonight?


next week friday!!!!!


Oops, I looked at my calendar wrong. LOL! Have a good weekend.


That was positively sinister, I half expected a pair of red shoes to feature.

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Nancy is pleased to meet one of her fellow Satan’s soldiers.


How is the Vatican still standing and didn’t burst into flames?!?

Guess it’s something to have a “personal” audience with the pope. 🤷‍♀️


This “papal” visit by a pro-abortion pos isn’t very odd at all, given the fact that this fake pope has no problem with the jab made from aborted fetal tissue. He thinks everyone in the whole world should be injected with this abhorrent concoction. Seriously!


I see something very strange with the handshake. Am I wrong?

Bob Barrionuevo

It looks like a Freemason handshake. Also google Altiyan Childs, he has a long vid about it.


Dr. Taylor Marshall has an extended analysis of the handshake and the common goals of the globalist secular humanists that have infiltrated most institutions. The fact that the Vatican is hosting an elite conference on trans humanism should show where they are coming from.


I just watched it and then I saw your comment! (I wish the computer was fixed so I could watch Mandy’s take on the visit.) I got good laugh when Marshall said he actually handed the fake pope a copy of his book “Infiltration” (The Plot to Destroy the Church From Within). (Sure wish the GOP in Congress would grow a pair to do something like that.) Here’s the link for Taylor Marshall’s analysis:

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Don’t want to speak for Mandy, but to summarize, she was uncharacteristically starstruck and aligned with Bergolio, and also that her status has changed. Mandy picked up on the inconsistency of the protocol of a house speaker having an audience. Don’t think she was aware of the blatant breach of not wearing a black veil and making such direct eye contact with whatever he is. This was one of Dr. Marshall’s best videos, in my opinion. Very good at pointing out the demonic goals of these creatures.


My earlier comment about her being there for her anointing was meant tongue in cheek. Now knowing something of what Mandy had to say, I’m thinking she really was there for an anointing (literally or symbolically) and you can’t anoint a woman’s head if she is wearing a head covering. First the oil, then the crown, then the veil. Otherwise she wouldn’t be exempt from wearing a veil. Yes, they and rest of the creatures attending the global climate conference (which is the reason given for her being there), definitely have demonic goals. Marshall nailed it and I agree, it was absolutely one of his best.

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I agree with how you have assembled the puzzle pieces. It begs the question of under what circumstances does Pelosi become President?


It’s pretty clear that Resident FJB will be evicted soon. The Ho isn’t up to the job and doesn’t have allies to cover up who will want to keep her there when the question of “Natural Born Citizen” arises or anything else. Nanzi is next in line and what Nanzi wants, Nanxi gets, especially when she has the blessing of the NWO fake pope and the rest of the foreign and DOMESTIC NWO elites. Unless the 2020 election is decertified and the duly elected President and clear winner is installed, we’re done.


The timing is interesting given the fact that her own Bishop, Archbishop Cordileone has asked Catholics to pray and fast for the conversion of her heart on the issue of abortion. A lot of people think that when the 25th is invoked on Biden, she will be appointed VP by Harris.

Susan McCall

Guess I don’t understand why she was even there….it is equivalent to visiting lucifer on his territory. Everyone knows you don’t put ‘pray’ and ‘anything-satan’ in the same sentence.

The papal audience came as Pelosi, a lifelong Roman Catholic, has faced increasing criticism from some American bishops for her support of abortion. {who cares what this fake pope thinks of dismemberment procedures when he only wants little kids?}

Debates have raged among US Catholics over whether pro-choice Catholic politicians — particularly Pelosi and President Biden — should be barred from receiving communion. {so what were ya going to do pigface? Threaten the pope so you could receive communion? If you had it your way nancy, you prob. just want to drink more of the blood of kids – that would fall in line with your evil ways}.

“We must never lose sight of this fact: In the last 50 years, in the United States alone, 66,000,000 babies have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs,” San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone — who leads Pelosi’s home diocese — said in May.

As if any of these political elitists care.


The way I see it is that the Resident is about to be evicted and the Hilary Clone doesn’t have allies, so the Ho won’t last long. Next in line is, Nancy Pigface who I believe went to Rome to get anointed Queen of the NWO government  by her commie comrade.

Gen. Stewart

Well it’s not everyday she gets to kiss the ass of the anti-Christ standing in the whore of Babylon;

Michael GX

I suspect he might be the false prophet, the forerunner of the anti-Christ based on the fruits. The time frame for the entire advent of the anti-Christ/end of the world/great reset is pretty long with about 200 or 500 or almost 2000 years to get to this stage depending on which context.

A comparison for insight:

Pope F with Trump v Pelosi.jpeg
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Susan McCall

The real reason for the ‘meeting’….

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