Body Language – Pfizer Whistleblower, Project Veritas

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Susan McCall

Update: she got fired Friday, Oct/8th/2021


just. wow. no good deed goes unpunished. this is gonna hurt. i hope she fares well. people of conscience need our protection, and i hope some good hearted soul will bring her into the fold after she’s summarily dismissed.

thank you for pointing out the subtleties, as usual!


So, this is someone i grew up with and I can assure you she is just a normie caught up lol. She’s a good girl and I’m glad she did this. You can google maps the company across the street from phizer if ya doubt. As always, love your vids.


Something’s wrong with my computer. I have been unable to view any videos on this site and on some other sites. Can’t download some articles or even Masque Just Word game. That’s why I haven’t commented or responded lately. The guy who fixes my computer isn’t in the shop much right now, since the flooding we had a few weeks back did a number on his house. Just want to thank everyone for their comments and links, as I try to keep up. I didn’t update Google Chrome, since I don’t trust it, so maybe that’s the problem? If anyone can advise me, I would appreciate it. Just bear in mind I am “technologically challenged”. Thanks.

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Glad you are OK, Nonna. We have missed your contributions. For what it’s worth, I went through a period of time where I was unable to view Mandy’s videos on my tablet on the website but not on You Tube. I think it was resolved by an apple update. Also recently in my area, we lost phone service and had sketchy internet speed, which impacted videos by causing them to buffer endlessly. This happened due to AT&T deciding, without informing customers, to stop replacing and maintaining their copper lines. Most customers will accept having fiber installed and losing having a functioning land line during power outages, but we got them to install a battery back up. Since the fiber was installed all the video problems went away.


I might add, Nonna, that the lines went bad after a lot of rain, so if you had flooding, that may be your problem, too. Good luck.


Thank you, GOMF. When I spoke to the computer repair guy on the phone, he was baffled and said he would try to find the problem when I bring the computer in. Unfortunately, we just can’t get together right now. I do have Verizon FIOS, if that’s what you mean by fiber. My home was not at all affected by the flooding, but the surrounding towns got hit pretty badly. I guess he lives in one of those towns, but his shop is in my town. I will participate here whenever I can and hopefully the problem will get resolved.


The convid 19 “virus” has never been isolated, therefore never proven to EXIST! It’s the biggest hoax ever, without question:

Convid 19 symptoms are the same as the flu. It’s a planet wide conspiracy to exterminate billions of us, and genetically modify the rest.

Mickey Dacosta

i just finished watching the 2 links U posted,
i truly N joyed both videos,more so the one that is
slightly down the page where she say listen,
listen up etc, Thank U 4 this extra info.

Susan McCall

This just in:

Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care

Between 100-200 members of Congress and their families & staffers have been treated with IVM & our I-MASK+ protocol for COVID. NO hospitalizations.

Not one of them reported that to the people.

Saved themselves & stayed silent as IVM was torched.

Susan McCall

First we are not to believe in fetal tissue usage for vaccines, and then we are not to believe VAERS? When will this stupid war on information be stopped?

Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, speaks of how the information from VAERS is treated in today’s article from Dr. Mercola and the fact that vaccine injuries and deaths are rarely reported because of a faulty VAERS database design.

According to Kirsch, the COVID shots have already killed an estimated 200,000 Americans, a far higher number than the 15,386 deaths reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of September 17, 202.

So far, the CDC has not determined that any death was directly caused by the COVID shot, but that doesn’t mean the injections haven’t killed anyone. Kirsch sets out to determine whether evidence of causality exists, and if so, what the actual death toll is likely to be.

The idea that VAERS cannot show causality is part of how and why the CDC can claim none of the deaths is attributable to the COVID shot.

And once again, we will not win this information war until crimes against humanity start to take place – they may have already. Prepare for ten dark days as the mess gets cleaned up. Think about being without electricity for awhile. Get your supplies in order, and realize how much we have taken for granted. Pray. ‘They’ are not calling this ‘Red October’ for nothing.

Daniel Jeffery

About Pfizer being at 1776 street number, remember the Illuminati was also founded in 1776, so you could look at that two ways for potential meanings.


I wonder what percentage of parents know that three of the childhood vaccines required by schools in most places contain or use cell lines from elective abortions. What would happen if that were common knowledge? Why do researchers not use cell lines from non-elective abortions? What would happen if these questions started to be asked? Why is the Catholic Church advocating vaccination in the Plandemic when all three approved “ vaccines” use these cell lines? I think it is possible for someone to work for a drug company and not know these things, then be shocked when she finds out and compelled to tell that the company is hiding it from the public. I agree though, Mandy, she has no idea what she is up against.

Michael GX

You asked “Why is the Catholic Church advocating vaccination in the Plandemic when all three approved ‘vaccines’ use these cell lines?”

You are right some bishops and even the Bishop of Rome advocate that people take the EUA clot shots. However, they are mistaken as is very possible with matters outside their area of dogma, doctrine, and morality. The Bishop of Rome, Francis, is also advocating living in sin and illicit, immoral sexual relationships.

There is a “cold civil war” going on in the Catholic Church, as one could see if they look at the Catholic bishops opposing the EUA clot shots and the Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, which are actually produced using aborted fetal cells from excess in vitro fertilization embryos. Bishop Athansius Schneider, Cardinal Raymond Burke are just two, and there are many more. We are looking at a time as bad as the Arian Crisis in the fourth and fifth centuries.

Susan McCall

I just watched an hour and a half on the Heath Ranger and this gal was brought up towards the end.

It’s not really whistleblowing to me because many of us have known the lies behind the aborted fetal tissue usage. I felt it was more like: I’m gonna start singing, I need some money, I need protection….because I will prob. get fired – and who knows if she violated some gag order because it’s such a shady business after all.

The bigger issues are going on the labs, and the testing procedures. It doesn’t matter who’s lab it is….especially when the V.I.P’s, higher powers, or scientific experts talk over our heads: MRC-5, HEK 293, etc.

It’s almost comical to hear them discussing fetal cell lines and how they are NOT used in the vaccines. They are currently using this ploy to win Catholics and get them vaccinated, because, you know, they didn’t use fetal cells.

The fetal cell line used in the manufacturing of the vaccine is HEK 293, the kidney cells of an aborted female fetus, though the (FETAL) cells are ….***** filtered out*****….. of the final product.[6] This still does not make sense to me that you would use fetal tissue matter in testing a vaccine, yet you FILTER OUT THE FETAL TISSUE with the final ‘product’.

And then there’s the ole: “well, it was back in the 60’s, or 70’s, etc” song and dance.

“They’re relying on self-replicating cells that have been around for decades in test tubes, from one abortion that took place in about 1972 and another in the mid-80s,” she said.
“The manufacturing of these new COVID vaccines that rely on fetal cells and of standard childhood vaccines do not require ongoing abortions.” {yea, right}.

A cell line really refers to cells that self-replicate and continue for many, many, many generations in the lab, or when frozen, can be retrieved even decades later and begin to divide again,” said Wadman.

WELL, HOW MUCH FETAL TISSUE TO YOU HAVE FROM THIS OLD 1972 ABORTION? Where is all the stem cell stuff that allowed planned p. to justify dismemberment procedures?


A hero with balls.
Obvious, but seldom these days…

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