Body Language – Mad Nancy

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Happy 5th Birthday Bombard’s Body Language.


Time for cake and the crocodile song.

Eileen Guthrie

What I see is someone is pushing back, as there is so much in fighting in the Democrat party going on right now with these two Democrat bills and her and Biden’s agenda. All the House is up for reelection and a majority of the American people are starting to threaten their representative, if you vote for either bill, it will be your last. History shows us that the party in power will lose seats in Congress. The American people don’t like having one party control everything. It’s too much power and control, especially when they abuse that power over us as the democrats have been showing us over the last 9 months. But the American people are against Pelosi and Biden’s agenda, they are disgusted about what happened in Afghanistan, and what is currently going on in our southern border and they could lose 100 seats in the 2022 election. Remember, as soon as a representative win’s the election, they start on their next campaign. They are showing the American people who they really are and what they only care about… getting reelected. We, the People are an afterthought. We are their collateral damage on their way to the ultimate power trip. I learned a long time ago, that politicians are corrupt and power hungry and that we are ignorant and stupid. Nazi is desperate as are most of the democrats and I’ve never seen them panic this much ever before. They have lost control over their narrative because their actions don’t match the words that come out of their mouths. The silent majority are awake, and they don’t like what they see and hear. They liked us better when we were silent and asleep.


The status of supplicant is a relative term, and it’s always in flux, every masocist can be made a sadists and vise versa — power is fleeting, no?

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


I believe at the first Nancy believed she was in control, for example “I told you how to clean that poop up, throw this at it and that at it” only at the end to be told “If we do it the way you want you will have to throw the carpet out”. To use your suggested analogy. Whatever the other person told her took the wind right out of her sails.


Anytime Democrats are arguing is a good day for America. My guess would be that she was trying to intimidate Primilla Jaypal, the leader of her party’s communist wing, to convince her caucus to vote for the small pork bill without passing their large pork bill of new green deal madness first. She ended up delaying the vote twice this week. What a great time for a foul ball to brain this hideously evil thing.

Susan McCall

Lip Readers! Now is the time to come to the aid of your Country!

As I have said before, interpreters have always distracted me and I have had to cover them while listening(?) to (yawn) their rhetoric.

I once worked with a deaf co-worker and we used to have to cover our mouths at times (he used to eat the leftovers on customer’s plates) so yes, we would ‘talk’ about him.

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