Body Language – Rose McGowan, Sharp Cookie

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Rose reminds me of interviews I saw of Bette Davis. She, Rose, hides the details with her over reactions. Very intelligent, and this has been much worse for her than she lets on. She as been Joan of Arc for years. The stress of this is what gave her cancer, my opinion. What is a conspiracy “nut” besides someone who QUESTIONS everything.”Conspiracy theorist” is a made up word to shut people up.


I was hoping to get your read on this when I saw it, Mandy. Picked up on the sarcasm coping skill and the hyper-alertness, (which in her case is a good thing-hope she carries or has good bodyguards). Do think she still does not fully comprehend that the Democrats are composed of “marks” and psychopaths. The “marks” are always expendable, fellow psychopaths are protected while useful, until the optics make it necessary for them to be sacrificed, at which point their fellow psychopaths virtue signal expressing shock and move on. If one of them were ever honest, they would say Weinstein “got sloppy” while expressing admiration for Clinton because he did what it took to get away with what he did.


It’s a BIG Club .. and you ain’t in it. That’s why the ‘dems’ are protecting this scum.


I sense some mr Carlin talk from you! Haha we are not in the evil old club, THANK GOD!!!
Why would I want to be in a chomo club??? I loathe predators and child molesters, they’re the SCUM of the planet!

Susan McCall

The ‘stall’ on the comment about Democrats….I think she realized (as have I) sometimes you have 30 seconds to explain a concept. When a loved one came to visit a year ago, he had no idea who hunter biden was. Within the last year, my sister didn’t know who margaret sanger was. And I had a co-worker (in her 40’s) who asked what the difference between Dems and Republicans were.

I haven’t mastered explaining or trying to connect dots in 30 seconds with many people so I will be sarcastic or ask questions.

Growing up in the 70’s was a tough time for women….we were supposed to be feminists, yet the concept of rape was very vague. Young women wore ‘hot pants’ and the ideas of sex selling in advertising was beginning – very difficult to prove sexual attacks when a female was running around bra-less and wearing hot pants!

I commend her bravery, and I hope she has protection.

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