Body Language – Bill Gates and Epstein

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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oratio contraria

Here is a backwards speech analysis of the above video. In his backwards speech, Gates admitted he knew about Epstein’s past when he met with him.



And why does he almost always talk to people from the side?!? Slimeball!


He is so sketchy and shifty! 🐍 Would love to know when Gates received his MD in virology, to warrant him being consulted on vaccines, COVID-19, etc. Other than spending $$$ and having alliances with pedophiles, why is the BMGF even included in the conversation? Grrr! 😡


Infowars has been revealing a lot about Bill Gates and Fauci right now, as two of the biggest mass murderers in the history of the world.


Judy Woodruff is obviously part of the undead automatons used by the elites to control us. A real, truthful autobiography of Mr. Gates would be both extremely boring and frightening at the same time. He is definitely the “Junior Achievement” version of a Tyrant, who has caused enough death and destruction to be listed among the truly evil tyrants, but he is a tyrant, none the less,


Thank you so much for all your teaching, it has helped my family understand a lot about deception that I could never put to words. I would love to see your comments on Charlie Ward as he really wiggles too, along with many other signs. I heard he was MI 6 and now I can hear/see the deception of deflection without a doubt. Thank you. I would love your take on it.

John Pinter

Mandy, you taught me something tonight. I watched the bill gates , .. wow, sinister smile. You are so good . I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks.


I love Mandy’s nickname for Gates “Our Favorite Serial Killer.” Love her pointing out the pure truth!

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Typical Judy Woodruff (PBS, Talking Head). PBS will claim this was hard-hitting journalism.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich | Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger (on Gates | GAVI). If you haven’t already seen it, it’s worth watching. Thanks Mandy and Mr NN.—May-28,-2021:8


Never did answer a question about what he knew and when. The interviewer let him get away with it. Never asked about other guests at the “dinners” ( as if these two freaks would be having meat loaf and peas as they discussed world health by themselves) Psychopathic sex offenders like Epstein like to flaunt their conquests. I can only imagine what went on, but the way he was writhing to get away from the memory of it and clutching his now naked ring finger, you can bet it was not good.


My speculations….

He didn’t get the outcome he wanted…. no he got a fifteen yr old instead…

He didn’t discover the paedophilia post meeting Epstien he already knew pre meeting.

All that matters is Epstien is dead and that Gates probably purchased his blackmail tapes from the crooked cops that raided the building…


Spot on Cat


Were these ‘dinners’ at Epstein Pedo Island?


I think they were in pedo mansion and lolita express

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