Body Language – FBI Criminal Behavior

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Ds and Rs are both aboard on the grilling of Wrey. He’s a Trump “hold-over” so the Ds are comfortable in, and actually want, to throw him under the bus b/c THEN the Ds can confirn one of their own, an FBI head with Socialist views.

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Chris has taken all kinds of money from the (dare I say) insider corporations like blackrock who are infamously headed by jews. Chris is expendable.

Eileen Guthrie

It has become very obvious to everyone that the DOJ and the FBI are two corrupt agencies and can no longer be trusted to bring Justice. They are the ones committing the crimes, from January 6 to the “kidnapping of the Michigan Governor” (sounds like entrapment to me). From Hillary’s decades of corruption, to the numerous school shootings, as they had advance knowledge that these kids were going to shoot up the schools and they did nothing to stop them, to Antifa, BLM and nothing was done to investigate almost $2 billion in damages from the riots of 2020 and not one arrest. I could go on and on at all of their failures and some heads need to roll. Pardon my french but who the fuck are the criminals here? They certainly aren’t going to investigate themselves. They had Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year and did nothing with it and they are just the ones we know about, how many more are there and now this? Allowing a pedophile creep to continue to prey on young girls? You’ve got to be kidding me. It sounds an awful lot like Jeffrey Epstein, everyone knew what he was doing, and they did NOTHING to stop him, because he was politically and socially connected to some very powerful friends. Either of these agencies have anything to do with the law or justice, they are a political agencies.  I think we have Obama and Biden to thank for that. They corrupted every alphabet agency and used them as a political weapon against their enemies.  I think the heads of the DOJ and the FBI should NOT have any political connection and we need to go outside DC to find the next two directors. The next Attorney General I’d chose would be Sidney Powell. She just as fed up with DC, the corruption and the lack of real justice as most Americans are at the two tiers of justice system. If you are politically connected, a corrupt politician or a member of the wealthy entitled elitist, you have no fear of being prosecuted for their crimes and can continue to commit more crimes.
My girlfriend’s husband Bob worked at the FBI for over 30 years. He took early retirement because of what James Comey did and the rest of the upper management did to Donald Trump. There are good people who work at these agencies, it’s the upper management that have failed these two agencies and turned them into a political joke. Bob was disgusted with their actions and behavior. Again, who are the real criminals here? Especially if you are politically connected to a political party or a corrupt and greedy politician. It’s okay, they are safe from prosecution. 
I can honestly say I was disgusted with Bill Barr who did absolutely nothing to stop the corruption of the DOJ. He was an insider, a swamp creature who wasn’t going to investigate any of his DC friends. No action but a lot of lip service and ass kissing. I think the major problem ad issue is that the upper management are compromised. I know that Chris Wray is compromised as he has relationships with both Russia and China. It was Chris Christie who recommended Chris Wray to Donald Trump (the Chris’s are best friends). He was place at the FBI to keep an eye on Donald Trump. There was so much distrust with Trump because he wasn’t compromised by an organization or country who could be blackmailed or extorted. He wasn’t part of the swamp or a member of the political establishment. HE WAS AN OUTSIDER and to the “powers that be” meant he was a loose cannon and a huge question mark. It was why he won the Presidency to begin with because he wasn’t an insider to the voters.


Blizzard of Foxtrot Foxtrot coming with first Durham indictment happening before Sunday implicating the Clinton campaign in the Russia Hoax, Maricopa Audit release a week from tomorrow, exposure of Milley treason, subpoenas in Pennsylvania, favorable court cases in Georgia. On the other hand these horrible and corrupt cops have been covering for the pedos that are Democrats for along time. Clinton, both Bidens, Epstein, Weinstein, Weiner, Buck until the third dead body showed up, on and on. They only investigate when they can’t get away with ignoring it any more to save their own skins


If only these criminals were actually prosecuted…

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