Body Language – Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

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Paused the video when you switched from the chess board to the notebook. If you didn’t know, yes, that’s the correct reading in terms of sequence of moves. It’s really similar to the standard 4-move (4 moves by white) win where there bishop guards the queen who puts the black king in checkmate. Moving the knight out blocks this, or a pawn does, guarded by the pawns that flank it. He’s been blocked by their standard move.

EXCEPT, that’s not what he opened with. To to that, you start with the pawns in front of the kings. This is a “Queen’s Gambit” opening, using the pawn in front of the queen. Either he set it up wrongly, intending it to appear like the 4-move win blocked, or there’s more to it, more “encoded” in there, but he still means to show “blocked.”

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I tried to send his wife a PayPal and it told me she had not set up an account yet. But it recognizes her email as a person within their system.


Thank you for posting this one.

Lt. Col. Scheller is a true patriot and hero, a true leader. He exemplifies the best of the Corps. Squared-away. Anchored in integrity, and honor. Firmly standing for what is right. Semper fi.

The words of Lt. Col. Scheller’s former superior and father figure clearly struck him deeply. Betraying words that were misplaced, undeserved, and strategically and callously posted at a time of great loss and suffering. Very personal words, brashly and cruelly posted on a public forum to personally shame, wound, and goad this honorable man.

I am for Lt. Col. Scheller, and for those with him. My prayers for him include that the accountability he is calling out for will be forthcoming in short order.

All lovers of liberty and freedom are being challenged at this time. We need to be more like Lt. Col. Scheller. We need to stand for what is right. The cost may be high. Reminds me of Mark 8:36, Jesus said: “For what profits a man if he gains the world, but loses his soul?” Food for thought indeed.

God bless and protect Lt. Col. Scheller and his family, and all of those that stand with him. Trump blew some pretty big holes in the wall that conceals the identities and agenda of our enemies from within and without, and it seems those holes are about to be widened.

Truth triumphs.

Linda Wilson

Let Me tell you something If this Soldier is willing to sacrifice all he has worked for to say what needed to be said then He is the Hero. The slime ball Generals who have been there and those who have been placed not only during the Obama administration but Bushes and Clinton and have not been fired tells you something. The Majority of them are another set that have a higher loyalty and it isn’t the American People or the Constitution. They have sold their soul to the very enemy we are all fighting today who wish to destroy our way of life. Unless you are living under a rock you would realize that if you do not acknowledge the mistakes made and take accountability you learn nothing in which nothing changes. Which we see today in a lot of youth. There is no doubt in My mind that if the enemy came for America this Soldier would and most enlisted would protect it’s people. The Generals, the people in the DOD, and the chiefs of staff would head the Enemy and allow the take over of this country. Now I am sure they will push the he is a nut narrative to cover their ass for removing him as they always do when in fact they are the nut jobs in charge. The Majority of the DOD are members of the CFR which is in fact was set up by the Rockefellers. I recommend research on the very nature of the CFR it is not for the people I can tell you that. The Generals who are traitors have been members of the Bildeburg meetings in which the MSM attends which again is not good for the people. I am praying for this soldier and his family. It is a breath of fresh air to see such courage in an officer but I am sure a threat to those who have chose a traitor cowards way and choose to sell us out. There is a long list of them. I thank him for standing up and doing the right thing. His Honor is intact unlike the man who said it wasn’t Perhaps that man that said that it is in fact his honor that is not intact.


Oh, this was a tough one to watch. Praying for my fellow Eastern NC brother and his family. 🇺🇸

Eileen Guthrie

Unfortunately, these military leaders and these “woke” Generals and their concerns for “white rage” are not part of the military, they are liberal politicians… and nothing more. They are a disgrace to the United States of America, and they need to be held accountable for their decision for supporting Biden inane exit plan. I’ve read the seven-page contract between the Taliban and the United States under Trump. There was a clear time set up when we remove our civilians first, get our vehicles and equipment, the closing down of the air force base, destroy any vehicles and equipment we couldn’t take and then removed 8,600 military personnel, leaving behind 5,600 troops to keep the peace. That was signed by both parties, even though the United States didn’t recognize the state of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban). To be honest, I wasn’t happy that Trump signed the agreement because you can’t trust these people, the Taliban. Trump made it very clear that if an American civilian or a member of the military is killed or injured, there would be devastating consequence and retaliation by the United States. No such thing would happen under Biden. Biden blames the war for his son Beau’s death. He wasn’t in combat, he sat behind a desk for a few years… he was an attorney, NOT A SOLDIER. I too, want accountability for their deaths, but I won’t hold my breath that it will happen. No one will be fired, and no one will resign. The democrats have corrupted and destroyed every alphabet agency and not they have corrupted and destroyed the military now too with their woke BULLSHIT.

Beverly Hulick

He is not alone in his views. So many who serve or served are with him. He needs our support; the road less traveled is always a bumpy one.


The Washington Examiner reported today that Lt. Col. Scheller is expecting to be found guilty at a court martial and “do some jail time”. That would explain the stress.

Tonimargaret Trainor

1- The angry LTC (Leuitenat Colonel) Marine voluntarily releasing his military pension & 100% VA disability which I agree he’ll qualify for 100%,which alone disability is roughly $6,000 monthly. And a total of his incoming pension & disability is roughly $2,000,000 for his life time..
2- I don’t blame his anger, I think the anger expression was well kept in check myself.
3- So when Bombard said she didn’t understand when the Marine said “they” could keep their $2 million, I believe the Marine meant the upper echelon will need the $2milllion to protect themselves from his wrath & actions he wants on them.
4- I respect the Marine, yet I think he made his decision in the heat of his grieve, knowing all the lives lost, wounded lives,
civilian & military could have easily been prevented. Maybe as easily as for us civilians as closing the door & looking the door.
5- And oh yes there will be more American & Afghanistan deaths and injured civilians & military. The Marine Knows much more in detail then we know.

Thank for your time
With the light of truth & love

BigToe LittleKnee


It is a shame that the only one to suffer any consequences from this complete failure of intelligence, military planning, and really the entire executive branch, is Lt. Colonel Scheller. As a commander at the Battalion level there are probably some things he can blow the whistle on, that we mostly already know about, like the Afghans being so stoned on hash most of the time that they could not function as soldiers, or having to conduct operations immediately before payday so they would show up, not to mention equipment being stolen on a massive scale. This, like all wars since WWII, was really a massive money laundering operation, being disguised as a social engineering project, and run by corrupt generals looking for a big payday with a defense contractor after retirement, who lack any understanding of the enemy, the allies.or the soldiers. We had the capabilty of wiping out the Taliban any time we wanted to. Once you ask the question, “Who benefits from this outcome?”, you will start to see the truth.


Thank you for doing this one, Mandy. The truth is that I avoided this story & video when it broke a couple of days ago. I thought, and still think now that I’ve seen it, that it’s another one of those false hopes or another rabbit hole. We’ve had too many of those already. The last one was in July when Pres. Trump said we’re going to be really happy very soon. Are we happy yet? Having seen this and the analysis now, I believe the Lt. Col. is definitely an honorable man, but that’s all. I can only hope he isn’t suicided.

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