Body Language – The Stress Of Afghanistan

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Harris should have stayed in California to destroy the “golden state”, instead she is causing the ruination of this Grand Old Republic


I’ve noticed with Psaki that her little smile, like you showed here, is frequently when she’s covering for something. For her in particular, it’s like a “believe me look,” without the mille-high eyebrows or Farkus eyes. It hits specific words or phrases, but its meaning could be as small as “I’m understating this.”


interestingly you commented that Harris possibly had an earpiece … are there ‘tells’ that we can see in body language that can give us a better or more definite indication as to whether they do or not have an earpiece (especially when Harris’ hair is covering her right ear)?

Eileen Guthrie

I don’t know if you know this but Biden never planned to go to Dover Air force base at the receiving ceremony. He had to be TOLD he had to go; it wouldn’t look good if he didn’t attend. I guess it’s hard looking at your poor decisions and failures up close and in person. Then, as the bodies are loaded into the transport vans, he looks at his fucking watch. I guess Joey’s favorite cartoons were about to start.  How cold and callous can this imbecile be. Biden went to meet the gold star families yesterday. They all walked out when Biden arrived. Only Mrs McCollum daughter-in-law stayed, and all Biden talked about was himself and losing his son Beau. He never asked about her husband or what kind of person was because everything is about him. Biden never asked her when their baby was due. All he talked about was HIS PAIN at losing Beau and himself. She said the meeting was bizarre. It’s amazing just how totally CLUELESS THIS MAN IS. Rylee McCollum WAS JUST 20 YEARS OLD.


That was a big shrug of Harris’ on “responsibility”.


The leakage of the military’s advice as well as the Taliban’s offer of full control of Kabul indefinitely has already started. Looks like creepy Joe knows at some level that he is toast.He is reluctant to look anybody in the eye because he knows he stubbornly refused to follow a common sense approach to a withdrawal, probably because he was intent on a triumphant speech on 911. He reminds me of some of the psychopaths I dealt with who look sad, not because they feel guilty, but because they got caught and know there is no way to talk their way out of paying the price. The Bride of Zucky is one of the most persistent bs spinners I have ever seen. Harris looked like it was a shock that you can run but not hide. God help us.

Eileen Guthrie

Biden is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath. Yes I agree he’s not sorry or sad because of their deaths, he’s upset because he got caught in his hundreds of lies. This man doesn’t have a conscience he can’t after all the decades of being a pathological, compulsive liar and greedy man whore. He loves his liberal privileges and being an influencer.


One wonders… did they orchestrate (very poorly) the situation in AFG to take people’s minds off their NWO bioweapon plan, around covid? And then AFG goes quite beyond what these idiots expected? If Biden wasn’t a lifelong treasonist, opportunist, liar, and criminal among the elite who are trying to destroy America… I’d almost feel sorry for him.

Last edited 8 months ago by JC
Danielle Carter

Why would any of these people actually be stressed about any of this? They know no one will stand up to them in any meaningful way. They got away with stealing an election and will do it again. They are not actually concerned about how any of this looks, that a lot of people think the mess of a military drawback was intentional. They are convinced that they will be in control for decades and so feel no need or pressure to answer questions to even hide the sh*t they’re doing.


Mandy, you are the best at reading body language! Amazing insight into all three people. It  seems reality finally hit the very soon to be Replacement Resident upside the head when the reporter pointed out what a failure the USA is now in her question for the Prime Minister. It looked to me like the Replacement’s face was filled with fear as reality set in. She tried to remove herself from the (planned) debacle by flying to another part of the world and it didn’t work. With the way she was flapping her left arm (we couldn’t see the right arm), it looked like she was trying to fly away even further from the outrageous situation. Her hair covered her right ear, so maybe there was someone coaching her. Did you watch the rest of that video, and if so, what was the Replacement Resident’s body language saying when the PM gave his response to that damning question? I think maybe that might be far more telling of what we can expect next with her being in the leading role.

As far as the soon to be Former Resident, it was like he just woke up from a nap and didn’t bother straighten his tie. He didn’t seem to be as foggy as he usually is, so the nap helped. Yes, he knows all of it “is on him”, as you said. I think he realizes that his partners in crime set him up and left him holding the heavy baggage alone. Maybe that’s why nobody cared to fix the Resident’s tie before he got out there. He’s already gone for all intents and purposes.

I don’t have much to say about Psaki, except my gut reaction was that brief smile was pure evil.  

Jayne Kelley

They want to dump it all on Joe Buyme so the (D)s can blame him in 2022 and try to come out clean from their debacles to avoid losing any seats. 😗

Last edited 8 months ago by Jayne Kelley

I believe they think they have all the future elections handled.


There’s no doubt about that in my mind. They totally got away with it so many times, but that last time was so blatantly obvious that it clinched it for them.

Jeffrey Allan

is sad about is the fact that everybody hates him. He doesn’t feel the least bit responsible nor does he have the balls to do anything about whats happening. He’s passing the buck. This is the same wimp who said he’d take Trump out behind the gym and kick his but. What a total fraud. Civil War against the state seems like the only solution to ending their sham administration. Psaki, another psychopath liar would definitely learn something I’ll bet if it were someone she cared about that was ultimately taken out by this travesty in leadership. I’m glad that self loving Joe gets to experience negative criticism on a world wide scale. It’s been a long time coming and well deserved. Although he’s not going to jail for all his crimes this has to be a close second for things I wish would happen to Biden and his corrupt family. I hope this failure paves the way to a full on financial audit and investigation into his sketchy family affairs. I pray that Karma does their job well and leaves no one out.

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