Body Language – Increased Brain Fog

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Dang. Missed it. I would have been late but was available.

Danielle Carter

I’m curious Mandy, what made you think of looking for brain fog? Have you seen this behaviour in any other person after getting the shot(s)?


I also was thinking the lack of fresh air and rebreathing CO2 causing brain fog, which is one side effect of mask wearing. I didn’t think of the vax until you said it at the end either.
Looking forward to your analysis of Biden’s bizarre head-hanging in presser on Afghanistan attack.


While not defending Peter Doocy, it might be worth noting he’s had that manner of speaking for years. We also don’t know the extent of producer chatter in his earpiece that might distract his train of thought.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


I’m a little behind. Weeks ago (a month or more) I heard of a doc in England using a d-dimer test for patients who were jabbed, not sick, getting lung dysfunction etc and finding they had clotting but scans wouldn’t show it. In other words, clotting starting in tiny clusters all over the body, positive on d-dimer, but not yet visible on scans. At the end when you say “got it,” you mean jab, not contracted the disease, correct?




Thank you for that interesting reading, Mandy. I hadn’t noticed brain fog at first. I was torn between who’s the better liar and which one was the better student in college. The woman came out on top in either scenario. I did notice the deep inhales the guy was making and thought that breathing in all that carbon dioxide was affecting his brain. I didn’t even think about the jab, until you mentioned it at the end.

There is a treasure trove of video information about the horrific effects of the jab on the DayStar Covid-19 website. And no, it’s not a bunch of Bible Thumpers having fits. The explosive and downright scary information is given by highly respected, professional doctors, like Zelenko, Tenpenny, and Fleming, for example, as well as by Dublin Prof. Dolores Cahill, who has a PhD in molecular biology and immunology. Among the 6,000+ Covid patients Dr. Zelenko treated were Rudy Giuliani and the Pres. of Brasil. He also had information given to President Trump about the use of hydroxychloroquine. Come to think of it, Mandy, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko might be a great person to do a body analysis on. Look into him, please!

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Fascinating comparison – they seem relatively close in age. Wonder why the dissonance, other than the jab, if any?


Perhaps the brain fog is caused by inhaling the b.s. being spewed from the mouth of the Bride of Chucky on a daily basis.


Sorry, my friend, I just don’t see it. Maybe it’s because I keep seeing Zuckerberg in drag.


I know the eye color is wrong, but the orange hair and demonic possession is too similar. Though I had not suspected it, you may be right. Quite a few of these demons like to portray different genders.


Check out the ears, too!


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It would explain a lot…

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