Body Language – Aussie in Thought Crime Prison

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There will be a livestream this friday the 27th


Great clip! Thanks.


Don’t know Australia’s codes about involuntary psychiatric hospitalization. In Illinois, you can be held for 24 hours on a “Petition” by any individual and a “Certificate” by a MD, Psychologist, Nurse Practitioner, or Licensed Social Worker documenting why you are dangerous to yourself or others. After. 24 hours, a second “Certificate” is needed. If you request release, your doctor has to decide whether to discharge you or go to mental health court within five working days to prove that you are dangerous. It almost never happens any more because “dangerous to self or others” has been interpreted as “imminently dangerous with intent and opportunity” Of course this will probably be reversed due to COVID Derangement Syndrome to start locking up nonvaxers, election fraud opponents, mask rebels, and Trump supporters.


They start with tiny steps and then its leaps


I was describing the law, they are subverting the law across the board with emergency edicts, fueled by fear porn, to get the sheep to surrender their rights. It has been far too easy and they are drunk with power. That is what allows the leaps. Luckily in the US we have guns. I feel bad for our friends down under and wish them well in their battle with tyranny. I too hope they keep fighting.


I searched the hospital to check if I could confirm his location and I’m convinced he is in the Fiona Stanley Mental Health Unit. His video of the courtyard matches the setting in the link. The picture of the dining table shows the outside rec area and it matches.

I say 100% real…

And in other totalitarian news People in NSW will be able to have brief contact with limited people outside of their home soon if they are double vaccinated!


I hope you guys keep fighting.. they are coming down on you guys hard

Donate? Every little helps

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