Body Language – Taliban, News conference from Kabul

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Excellent example of cognitive dissonance IMHO.

We forgive you all, we will cut your head off tomorrow.

Good luck Afghanistan.


The Northern Alliance using the name Panjshir Resistance are fighting back with large numbers of Afghan army joining them. A lot of army seem to have gone to ground only to join this new force when ready. There also seem to have been big weapon stashes in several places that the Panjshir Resistance now have and know how to use. The kabul government seems to have not known about them. The doubt at 7.20 may indicate that in some places the Taliban was reported to have taken control day one, only to find that it was never taken and the Afghan army are still in control.
Bagram airbase supposedly was in Taliban hands and they were posing with planes, looted gear and vehicles, etc yet hours later the base, the planes, etc are back in NATO hands without a fight. The Taliban leaders genuinely don’t know who took some key locations and then melted away for some reason. I have a suspicion but can’t say who I think it was. {Not Biden} If I am right the Taliban will not rule for long. Only Indian media with contacts in the Panjshir Resistance and media connected to the Iranian government seem to be reporting Panjshir Resistance’s success.
You need to look at Amrullah Saleh when video comes out on him. There is also footage of Ahmad Massoud talking about both combat and negotiation.


I think everyone is involved in the headfake; Biden. Dawdling. Everyone on the news acts like this was an accident, a tragedy that was avoidable. I think it was deliberate. Biden’s “administration” just gave the Taliban what they wanted. A country and armaments. Now they need a ride to the US to help all the other allies overthrow the US. Surely it is reasonable to think that the Leftist US government will not be into a peaceful transfer of power. Biden has done things for Putin, China, The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the drug and human trafficking cartels. 


President Trump did an interview in which he spoke about this “crisis”. Copy & paste link to hear it:

But there is far, far more to this story. Why did Justin Trudeau just consult with Hillary Clinton of all people about Afghanistan? From Conservative Treehouse: “Based on current political alignment, alliances, and the ideology behind who is in charge of specific U.S. government agencies, it can reasonably be assumed someone (insert Obama here) wants Pakistan and Iran to have advanced military technology via the stolen weapons we leave behind in Afghanistan. Why? Because those same people already made money selling advanced military tech to Iran, and this ‘crisis’ provides cover when it shows up later in their arsenal.” Lara Logan spelled it all out. It isn’t easy reading, but it is definitely worth it to copy & paste the link to read Sundance’s take on what Logan said: I can only repeat what I always say, when things don’t make sense, follow the money!

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It is my sincerest wish that the Afghani people can create a peaceful govt where all can thrive. I pray they move forward in a positive direction as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I pray for my country and all the countries around the world. The governments are entirely too tyrannical, oppressive, vile, evil and draconian.


Amen! Thank you for your replies below to Mandy and to Beth. I don’t know what we can do about it, but I do believe in the power of prayer.


Thank you for reading and appreciating my replies. You don’t often get positive feedback on the internet, lol. I try to remember to pray for the world every night at 9pm along with a group of people around the world who does it at 9pm their time. Blessing and best wishes to you….

Carol Herbert

Prayer is good, but it doesn’t win wars. The Taliban will not be beaten unless we act like our lives depend on it. They need to be converted or destroyed – just like they behave. This is the stance on which we must we must fight – with conviction!


It has been known for centuries that Afghanistan is where empires go to die. Recent examples are Britain, Soviet Union and now US. The US did not have the moral authority nor the constitutional authority to invade Afghanistan. The US created the Taliban and now the US wants to kill them? Why? The Taliban was NOT responsible for the attack on America in 2001 so why does America need to destroy the group it created to help defeat the Soviets? If you recall, US military went into Afghanistan to get OBL and it turns out US military allegedly found him in Pakistan. How would you like it if China invaded your country and tried to “convert” you? You would fight with “conviction” to hold your homeland. I’m no Taliban fan but you should try to see it from their point of view. The US and anyone who wanted to (bounty hunters, Mossad, MI6, the damn various organized crime groups for all I care) and went in to only get OBL, not a full on invasion of a country. I find it suspicious the CIA couldn’t find OBL but I suspect the military industrial complex and the lush opium fields in Afghanistan had a lot to do with this 20 year war. After all, drugs are how the CIA funds operations they don’t want congress to know about which has been proven in the recent past. Letters of Marques of Reprisals which are recognized internationally would have easily done that. Go to Twitter and read “Ron Paul was right.” I am sorry that you feel you have the right to occupy another country. I am sorry that you cannot see the Afghan politician took off with millions. I am sorry you cannot see how America cannot afford to print TRILLIONS of dollars on the war machine and we the people feel this money printing via the invisible tax called inflation. I am sorry you cannot see that American could not train the Afghan troops because their hearts were not into it. Most of all, I am sorry you cannot see the horrors of war. The blood, death, permanent disability, and how it destroys families. That’s just for the Americans. What about the Afghanis? Innocent men, women and children killed, injured. You have a generation of Afghan children who grew up being bombed and droned. Do you really think they have nothing but great feelings for America? America has created a generation of potential terrorist based on her actions. You’d be pissed if China had been droning and bombing you since the day you were born. You would ‘fight with conviction.’ It’s just how things go….

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I agree, Carol. In the last war we won in 1945, we defeated the enemy by being willing to decimate cities, industries, without regard for collateral damage. Our enemies now know they can use civilians as human shields and that we have no stomach for total war. There is no point in fighting a limited war if you intend to win. Think about this question: why have we not won a war since the CIA has existed? Or this one: who gains from a stalemate limited war that goes on for years?


The important thing to remember is that everything that is happening is deliberate. The US has had the capacity to wipe out the Taliban the entire time we have been there, either through direct action or by cutting off the supplies of material, through Pakistan. Why is the illusion being portrayed the the Taliban are superhuman fighters that we could not beat and could overrun an entire country in less than two weeks? Would have never happened if not for the massive opium production. My gut feeling is that the CIA has secured their link in the heroin pipeline from outside the country, so a stalemate war is no longer necessary. They don’t give a damn about people trapped, human rights, or political consequences. They continue to run foreign policy.


i would like to know who the other group was… i think that in it self would be very telling, about the dynamics.


If it helps, July 28th, the Foreign Minister of the CCP met with the top Mullah of the Taliban. Rumor has it that it was agreed that the Taliban would take a lower profile with support of international terrorism in exchange for Chinese money for exploitation of the massive mineral resources in Afghanistan. Biden and his lackeys are controlled by the CCP and Soros. Would not be a bit surprised if the Mullah was not looking over at the CIA assets who helped negotiate the deal. They get their dope, the Taliban gets control, the Chinese get the rare earth minerals, the Afghanistan puppet government flees with the cash on hand, and the expendable Biden gets blamed for the chaos.


After the USSR collapsed because it spent 1978-1989 fighting in Afghanistan, Afghanistan country had two civil wars back to back. The last one was from 1992 to 2001 which was against the Republic of Afghanistan and one of its leaders named Ahmad Shah Massoud (you can faintly hear the interpreter say his name). Massoud was a politician and military commander in Kabul fighting against the Taliban. The Taliban had been fighting to take control of the Kabul (and the country) since the Russians left. The US govt created the Taliban to fight against the Russians during 1978-1989 and the US also did not want Al-Q to get a foot hold in Kabul. The US also created Al-Q. I hope this answers your question.

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Makes me wonder if it was our CIA who tried to retain control. 🤔

My biggest problem with the Taliban taking over is that there are Americans still there while Afghans are being rescued. That and the BILLIONS of dollars in equipment and technology that we left behind. Grrr…


Many actors tried to retain control besides the CIA. The US has done this so many times before Afghanistan. The US trained and created the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Q, S. Koreans and S. Vietnamese. This has been part of American history as far back as the Korean Conflict. Since Korea or as late as Viet Nam, several MILLION US troops dead, 100’s of THOUSANDS US troops permanently injured, families completely destroyed, TRILLIONS wasted on killing equipment, etc. Please don’t ever forget the innocent civilians and the other troops which only hike these numbers up even further. Yet the war machine keeps churning. There are winners though… the politicians, bankers, the military industrial complex and related companies. They’ve made TRILLIONS all on these illegal wars and on knowingly false information about why US should get involved all the while knowing the US could not “win” these conflicts. Sad reality is US govt is evil to its core. Makes me wonder what we should do about it?

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