Body Language – Nigel Farage and Extinction Rebellion

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Nigel is awesome.

“Scratch his flees”. Love it!!


Love Nigel Farage as an interviewer! Straightforward and respectful. Would enjoy him interviewing Trump and Biden. 😊

As for criminal Hallam, don’t thunk he expected to be called out about his crimes. What a maroon (quoting Bugs Bunny)!


I’ve lived where there are major old growth forests. These ppl were as welcome as ticks. Activists who destroyed & defaced other’s property. Worshiping trees & nature as a religion. Chaining themselves to trees, road blockades making ppl hostages, spiking trees critically endangering loggers and mill workers. Terrorist tactics. Boils, and they’re proud of it. Scratch your fleas is right, Mandy.


I grew up with a bunch of eco whackos to know that this guy is one of the sierra tree huggin money making green club. It makes me sad that he is instilling fear to those 8 billion people who have not read up to the fact that a great man named Norman Borlaurg who prevented hunger, famine, that may have prevented a 1 billion deaths by improving agriculture around the world. This guy in this video is saying the oppisite of what Norman Borlaug did. You cant fool me! I think he is kinda cute tho. Thank you for this great video Mandy!

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Did not know they had so much meth in England.




He is another one that I feel uncomfortable watching…. I think because his body language is so uncomfortable.

And that “what he thinks is real and what is real” is so far apart that it must cause anxiety in itself…

A typical Marxist leader… as on of the leaders of the Rebellion he is at the top and gets to keep his stuff because he needs it to lead.

Thanks for this one…


Cult! thank you Mandy for all You do…God Bless You and Your Family❤️🙏🏼

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