Body Language – Gavin Newsom, White Male Rage

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“I’m proud of this dam state” what a petty little “man”. Born, raised and will die in California, fight, fight we must.


That can’t be true; gazillions of Californians can’t seem to move here to Texas fast enough.




Wish he would’ve cited his source(s) for Texas and Florida residents paying more in taxes than Californians. Sure likes his hells and damns. What conviction! He’s gotta be right! Who are we to question “Gavin The Great”?!

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Tonimargaret Trainor

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That’s impossible that middle class pay more in taxes in Texas than California. California’s gas tax alone probably has us (Californians) paying more than Texans, and CA just increased it again starting July 1st (2021). Maybe we pay less IF we don’t drive anywhere, or enjoy any personal luxuries/freedoms.

TK McAll

Middle class Texans pay more income taxes then Californians? Huh? I thought that there isn’t an income tax in Texas. There are other kinds of taxes. Hello? My understanding is California income taxes are through the roof and that is one of the main reason why people are leaving California.

Eileen Guthrie

Gruesome Newsom is very seriously panicking, he’s arrogant and resentful against the people who want him removed. It’s mostly the middle class that he hurt the most with his shutdowns, he hurt small businesses the most, so that tells me he doesn’t care about the middle class in his state. Plus, he was one of the 6 Governors who sent the elderly to nursing homes to die from COVID. It’s the reason why the democrats forced Andrew Cuomo’s hand to resign, because they can’t afford an investigation into forcing the elderly into nursing homes, that caused their deaths. If one goes down, the others will follow. Once these investigations into the nursing home deaths is finally revealed, a lot of these criminals will face a jury and pay for their sins. Aunt Nancy can’t help you Gavin, she has her own troubles and problems. Is it just me or is the democratic party collapsing and imploding on themselves? They appear to be panicked, terrified and very nervous and they know they are in serious trouble in 2022. It’s long overdue in my opinion with decades of corruption… and the shit hath hitith the fanith.


I agree with your assessment, Eileen. They are panicked and if you believe the media narrative, there is no good reason for it. I think it is much more than 2022. There are a limited number of reasons they would be so panicked when they have complete control of the government. What if they have been stealing elections for a long time and they know that they are caught? Or maybe they have failed in imposing tyranny to the extent demanded by their masters and are going to be replaced by more reliable puppets of the CCP? Whatever it is, evil people panicking is a good thing.

Barbara HEDGES

The deep state crooks are going down.

Barbara HEDGES

Maybe the power bills went down due to their blackouts where they did without electricity, Manufacturing jobs at a high rate the last 5 years because President Trump brought manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Get rid of this guy. He is pelosi’s nephew and as crooked as she is.


Does this little display remind anyone else of a certain scene near the end of “Scarface” When Al Pachino introduces the audience to his “Lil Fren”. What you are witnessing is a cornered rat, who knows he’s a cornered rat.


Yes, and going back further, Humphrey Bogart in Caine Mutiny when the Captin’s facade broke down on the witness stand and he was exposed for what he was. This is encouraging and I want to see a lot more of it.


Even the illegal immigrants know to go to Texas.

Meegan Fixler

Love your take on this idiot! He really makes me sick. His indignancy is just nauseating!


When I watch him I actually feel physically uncomfortable….. I think I “feel” his discomfort… I bet his anxiety could not even be relieved with medication… lol


Unlike his Aunt Nancy’s discomfort being relieved by pills and booze…


Why do all those guys look and behave like Mafiosi?




Greg, it is because they are. The father of Newsomes’ aunt (Nancy Pelosi) was Tommy D’Alesandro the mobbed up corrupt representative and mayor of Baltimore, who helped Lucky Luciano smuggle heroin into the country. The Getty’s, Browns, Pelosis and Newsomes are all related and have worked together to run Cali into the ground for the last 30 years while lining their pockets.I wonder who decided that Newsome’s and Cuomo’s time is up.Maybe China?


I look forward to the day the masses wake up and realize the CCP has full control of our country.


I sense it’s something bigger than the ccp. Those who use the ccp as a tool. Yes it’s a conspiracy and it continues with the fake pandemic.


Hadn’t thought beyond the ccp, until you just mentioned it, madvin. I think you’re on to something. Maybe it’s not “they” but, rather a “he” who finances and controls so many wealthy elitists and their lackeys.


Even though it is about the stolen election, I would suggest looking at “Your Wake Up Call” by Col. Phil Waldron on Frank Speech. He does an excellent job of presenting a high altitude view of the various forces that have the same goal of destroying the USA, the most potent of which are Soros and the CCP through the puppets they have placed in almost all of our institutions.


Inbreeding? Spoiled since his nanny’s first paper change. Was never told NO. Never had to be responsible for any of his actions? Probably a combo for theis and so much more.

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