Body Language – Governor Cuomo Responds

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Barbara HEDGES

The deep state is going down.

Janet Mueller

I’ve been around long enough, and a news junkie, that Cuomo’s prepared speech brought to mind Bill Clinton’s denial of an ‘inappropriate sexual relationship’ with Lewinski, and Joe Biden’s unbelievable explanation of creepy pawing, groping & sniffing the hair of little girls, females & spouses of peers in plain sight of their family members & the cameras as warm affection he shows everyone. Good observation on the body language & really appreciate your readers’ insight about the time in which we are living.

Janet Mueller

My only critique of these wonderfully entertaining & illuminating video clips is that they are too short! I’m always wanting more. Why I support this platform.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


Yep, distraction: look here, not “there”.


My money is also on the staged distraction. Election fraud, border invasion of COVID infested illegals and distribution of them around the country using military and government assets, where’s Hunter, China Joe’s own brutal assault of an aide, the lab leak and gain of function scandal, vaccine injuries, fascistic forced vaccinations, the Bride of Chucky’s daily blatant lying, exposure of Marxist brainwashing in schools, etc.,etc.,etc. I do think that Andrew the Moronic is being sacrificed, because whatever he is, he is not Communist enough for the likes of the Soros wing of his party. Like in the French Revolution, they are turning on their own. I think we see no stress because he expects the Clinton outcome, and he is a complete psychopath.


My guess is that this is another staged distraction in a long line of staged distractions. Not to say he didn’t sexually harass anyone, but hey! why just single him out when there are so many pervs in government and in big tech to chose from? Perhaps resident xio buyhim is trying to shift the focus away from Hunter, since he seems totally oblivious to the real issues our nation is facing. (What Cuomo did to the elderly forced into nursing homes seems far worse to me; but nobody in power wants to talk about that.) There is too much going on, from election fraud to forced harmful vaccines,and way too many other things in between. These corrupt people have gotten away with so much atrocity, and probably more to come, that they are simply using distractions to shift public attention away from all that they’ve done and continue to do.


Mandy, I believe you are on the right track. This is a distraction. To distract from Bidens tanking poll numbers The news ahem I mean Propaganda agencies are using Cuomo to distract. Look Squirrel over there. Penguins on the march.

Good thing, I was relieved when you said this is all portrayal because that is what I was thinking. Getting better.

Lots in play right now. The public is not buying the Vaccine, the real numbers of deaths and injuries are staggering. Vaers is being subjected to censorship and more.

There is real concern that those who took the vaccine might be facing ADE in the future. This is coming from very excellent sources. When those who took the vaccine now face getting it again in great numbers, Houston there is a problem. Now a booster, then another booster. All at what cost.

Personally I think this is all kabooka theatre. Two days ago Canada was asked to produce in court the documents they used to claim a Pandemic. The sourcing and other info to prove Covid 19 was real. Today in Ireland the same thing happened. The govt responded to FOI inquirty also they could not find or they did not exist in their records.\

Can you say Color Revolution in full play. We ought to know how to do them. We invented the process.


Why is it that whenever I listen to this guy speak, I feel like I need a shower afterward.

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