Body Language – January 6th Congressional Testimony

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This video has come to my attention and I thought of you immediately because the way these first men entered the statue room in the Capitol building is very different from the way Trump supporters entered. The first men have a purposed walk, like they have an assignment, while the Trump supporters are obviously seeing the room for the first time. I thought it was interesting, and MSNBC commentators were lumping these people into one group. I’m convinced they are not in the same group.


Barbara HEDGES

By the way, isn’t it weird that at least four officers committed suicide over this? I bet they did not want them to testify. If you don’t say what the dems want seems like a lot of suicides take place even if it means forty bullets in the back of their heads and then they walk somewhere else to die.

Barbara HEDGES

There is not an inch of that building that is not covered by video 24-7. They refuse to show any video except a few hand-picked minutes of what they want you to see. Antifa was there and that is a proven fact. This was a setup to make the Patriots look like the bad guys


I could not watch this man “lie”. The gas came from the Po po. I watched hours of this event live. I was viewing on a You Tube channel ran by Antifa. There were six boxes he also switched camera’s in and out. These were all antifa guys with camera’s he monitored.

This is nothing but picking and choosing and lying. I saw Ashley Babbit get shot live. I noticed several things then. I will not go into them. Something is not right about that. One thing. The window she went through was already missing. The guy with helmet did not break it out.

She was also cremated three days later by order of the coroner. Tell me since when does a coroner get to make that choice. She had family. Weird stuff.

Antifa was all over the place and they lead it. I watched for about 4 hours. What I saw is nothing like what this cut and edited footage is. There were small segments led by Antifa who coordinated. I even caught them giving signals to each other.

Color revolution


Did you see Pelosi hugging this guy at the event where Biden got a bit too close to the Young girl while signing the papers?


Acting-genius! Thank you!


wait–is that Derek Chauvin? OK but seriously even if staged, when did a protest become an insurgency? people occupy govt buildings in protest all.the.time. pure theater. BO-RING

Also: I love you, man!
Keep up the good work <3

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Ahahahaha! “Where did the Conservative touch you?” Ahahahaha!

Susan McCall

With 14,000 hours of footage, this is the best they could come up with?

3 grownazz men cried during this so called Congressional testimony….I would like to know where they were when Ashlie Babbit got shot? Where were they when the bomb was found? And are the Trump supporters okay that are rotting in jail and Gaetz is not allowed in the Federal building to talk to his clients?

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Julie Kelly
May 11

What if I told you Capitol Police has more than 14,000 hours of footage from btw noon and 8pm on January 6?

And what if I told you USCP, DOJ, and federal judges are doing everything in their power to make sure you don’t see it?


Do you think that is his father behind him?


i dont know…


I was going to ask who that is/was …too. Why was he smiling in the beginning as though he was “proud” of the testimony….so weird.


The shape of their faces, the eyebrows, etc., seem so similar.

Monica Bosque

The man behind him is his ‘coach’, the same man who coached Blasey-Ford and her friends to testify before Congress during the Kavanaugh hearings. I’ve been trying to find the article that gave out this information, but haven’t been able to locate it.


Yes Monica he is part of the same lying group for Cavannaugh and much more. This will all not end well. ONe thing I have learned over the years watching these socialist/communists is they DO NOT SURRENDER. This all is going to get much worse imo.

THose who believe compliance (masks taking the jab etc) it will get better and fade away, It will not it will get much worse.


It’s embarrassing to watch, truly. And this is the best they got, this guy! I hope he’s better at his job than he is at lying.


All designed to create a false narrative.Anyone who wants the truth should check out “Psyop the Steal” by Millennial Millie (Millie Weaver) on her website. She documents in detail the agent provocateurs and various groups that we now know were at least infiltrated by the FBI to create the illusion they are now putting the finishing touches on by effeminate actors like Kinzinger. He is yet another reason I am ashamed to admit that I am from Illinois.


Is Kinzinger related to Mrs. Ford?


Yes, in a manner of speaking.

Barbara HEDGES

Every inch of the capital has cameras. They show a few parts of videos and refuse to turn over all the videos. They don’t want the truth revealed.


Susan McCall

14,000 hours of footage.

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