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Appreciate all you and Mr. No Name do, Mandy. Thank you!


Thank you BETH!!!


Thank You!!

I’m glad I found you and I’ve have learned so much from your videos.

Matthew Costello

Where is the blog

Mickey Dacosta

Dear Mandy – U still scare the poop out of me lol,

i mean that N da BEST of ways…

out of all da videos, channels, every thing i watch on the net,
i truly find U 2 B da best of da best !!!

However as i learn from U,
i feel more ashamed of me self lol yikes…

am now 60 as of da 21st, Crap lol
if there’s ever a wish aside from good health,
long life, looks and money i guess,
i would wish i learned from U when i was younger,

every thing about ya teaching shakes me 2 da core,
kind of like an Accidental Awakening !!!

Am Truly 4 Ever Grateful 4 U & this web-page…

PS – am thinking on breaking out of ToroNo
aka Canadu,

will B making a bandit Jump N 2 Texas,
N da early hours aka a full moon,
figure a no lift head dive 2 about 2500 AGL,
then shoot some accuracy & do a tippy toe landing
on 2 da land of FREEDOM !!!

Am doing it, i will, screw this am leaving now lol !!!

PSS – am not filing a NOTAM either !!!

lol !!!


You have a blog?
Is that blog here?
Is that the blog on YouTube?
Or do you have another blog site that I do not know of?
If so can you share the link?

Come on Mandy…. you must have some spare time between your land, children, husband, and business to spend more time pointing out how our politicians are deceptive and business leaders are trying to strip us of our dignity and self respect while replacing us with automation while trapping us with debt?

For those that are interested I made a Telegram group so that we could share videos that we can discuss using the skills Mandy has pointed out that we all have but have forgotten how to use.

Bombards Body Language chat

Last edited 5 months ago by Cat

Thanks Cat. its just the youtube one. nothing extra.


Thanks, Cat!


Still laughing about the deep state one.


It shows how effective the Q thing was because now millions of people are waiting for drops rather than trusting their own intuition!


Good one Mandy! I can’t thank you enough for the insights you have given us over the years.


Insert Face Palm emoji. Can’t believe you are even asked those questions.

Last edited 5 months ago by Nonna

If you are deep state Mandy, we’re in deep doo doo LOL



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