Body Language – Fauci Vs Rand Paul in Congress

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Ursula Leach

Anthony Fauci is married to Christine Grady who works for NIH and though she may not be directly involved in the testing of vaccines, medicines etc she has influence over it. Grady has worked in nursing, clinical research, and clinical care, with a specialization in HIV and he was involved with the HIV research.  I don’t trust the lot of them – PERIOD


Who is the woman behind him? She looks like she’s about to cry.


Fauci is the epitome of the narrow-minded bureaucrat who has managed to elevate himself through shady deals (at the expense of the taxpayer) into a position of wealth and power he most assuredly does not deserve. He works with China against the American people. He’s not even a doctor. He is the enemy. Sorry, I know you already know all this…

Hooter Horton

This is, as most all of your videos, invaluable in peeling back the deception in our government. That said, your videos have become invaluable in my own personal life. I have a peace of mind in knowing things that, though there would never be an admission of things, knowing the truth, and allowing me to decide if I can live with it, has meant so much to me. I never go on a first, or even a second read. I’m not that good. But if, when a subject comes up (and I will often cause it to do so) and I get the same thing consistently)…. I have that knowledge for my own well-being. And it brings peace, or strength of conviction, which ever is needed. And my life can move forward without doubt or the need to question to know certain things that hangs a person up to try to find the answers. Thank you for your work in doing this. If someone takes what you teach, and applies it properly, it is a life saving skill. Thank you again


Excellent! Thank you Mandy (& Mr NN). Fauci, his hands shaking like a leaf he’s so rattled. And his chairwoman segueing immediately “We have an epidemic here of the unvaccinated” shifting the focus onto innocent targets rather than Dr Josef Anthony Mengele Fauci.

Jeffrey Allan

Argh! Fauci is such an arrogant creep. I’ve been burned by people whose personality sings with Faucis; Standing firm, guilt pulsating through their veins while trying desperately not to let the guilt show through. Looking around the room for allies. The beckoning believe me look and that smugness in their body language and shifty eyes upon receiving some form of validation for the lies and unaccountability narrative they speak when all the while they know they’ve been caught in something and are ready to play the victim card should everything go south. This is a person who believes they are above the law simply due to their social class and the number of high profile “friends” they hope will bail them out. On the rare occasion these people are left standing alone is when you finally see them snap and either start begging for forgiveness or maintaining their position of looking guilty but immediately start plotting their revenge. In my case, their revenge was more damaging to me than proving their guilt. I still am able to gather my conviction and don’t care what the odds stacked against me are if I know beyond a shadow of doubt a person has committed a travesty or hurt someone they insist they did not. I just do it from a safe distance behind a VPN server now but I don’t hide my face. It is so obvious that Fauci is guilty of lying to congress. It emanates from his core and is backed up by his actions. People need to learn how to read people better.It takes me less than 5 minutes to identify a creep.


Thanks for doing this one. I didn’t get to see this. Your awesome analysis pointed out things I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed if I watched it.

Love to see that smart ass smirk slapped off his face but probably will never happen.

Sandra B

Rumpelstiltskin? wink

Eileen Guthrie

One of the cameras caught images of his hands shaking really badly during the most heated moment in their debate. I found that very funny. He’s so arrogant here but Rand Paul got to him or else he wouldn’t have been scared and shaking. He is clearly lying and has been lying all along, he forgets that we read his emails where in his writing he was sending money to the Wuhan lab for gain of function research. Obama had put a stop on the gain of function research supposedly while Fauci gave them money through an intermediary, a third party. One thing no one is talking about is that Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady works at NIH too and she’s the chief of bioethics and human subjects research at the National Institutes of Health. That means she’s the one who rubber stamps exceptions to normal drug and vaccine testing. Isn’t that a conflict of interest or possibly too much power and say over these vaccines’ programs? I’m just asking. This is going to blow up in Fauci face eventually and Biden to save himself will throw Fauci under the bus.  Don’t forget that Fauci was talking more to Biden than President Trump in the middle of 2020. If I was Rand Paul, after confronting Fauci I would’ve read the emails where they discuss gain of function research and get it on the Congressional record. We all read his FISA released emails and HE IS LYING. I enjoy seeing Fauci get his comeuppance.  He’s such a dirt bag and had gotten so much wrong about COVID from the very beginning and the media blamed President Trump. Trump was reacting to what Fauci was telling him. Remember that Fauci had advised Trump not to stop air traffic from China. Trump ignored him.

Robert Smith

Wow. just wow. Best vid since Rod Rosenstein or Putin.

Last edited 10 months ago by Robert Smith

Love watching Sen. Paul “bulldog” Dr. Napoleon, lol. Fraudci can’t stand being doubted or questioned; quite a Napoleon syndrome! Completely unnerved the little man so much that a woman had to come to his rescue, ahahaha!

Larby M.

Interesting, Thank you
In France, we have Minister of Justice who has been officialy indicted, and he said he will not resign and with macron’s agreement


Yes, they are not going away.


Excellent! When I first saw this encounter, I wished I could get Mandy’s take on it, and here we are!


Rand has the pipsqueak psychopath’s number and is using the right technique to expose him. Brett Girior, David Asher and others have all but confirmed the evidence of the lab leak. The furin cleavage site including the CGG-CGG code in the virus never found in nature is proof it was modified. The paper confirms that Fauci funded the lab by bypassing the P3 oversight intended to prevent dangerous research. He is trapped like a rat. He was never held accountable for the people who died needlessly of AIDS because he blocked some of the drugs that could have prologed their lives, just as he did in the current plandemic. Will he be prosecuted? I doubt it, but he may not be able to walk down the street safely either.


My comment is waiting for approval (that or it’s caught in a filter for now). You are right. There won’t be any prosecution of Fauci by the DOJ. It’s got to be done in the court of overwhelming opinion. Hope you’ve been using those ten fingers, my friend.


I try, but many I know are Covidians that are under the sway of the media. When my local school district decided to make masks voluntary for the fall, they were descended on by hysterical zombie parents accusing them of trying to infect and kill their kids in spite of the fact that only 335 cases of children dying with the virus have been reported nationwide, less than the common cold. Glad I retired before the most effective psyop in history.

Susan McCall

You are right GOMF3602. However, I don’t think this guy is the real McCoy. And ‘his’ replacement isn’t doing a very good job of answering questions either (how much can you dissect a question?). If it’s true that Trump knew he was a fraud, Trump is allowing the fraud to be publicly humiliated and is doing it to himself. Like George Orwell says: “Don’t let it happen…depends on you”. How much more will We, the People, believe this fakery?

There are warnings of much more to come in the form of (climate controlled) weather, floods, and underground tunnels – pay attention and get ready for anything – prepare. The crimes against humanity are about to be unfolded.

Eileen Guthrie

Trump has dealt with thousands of people through his business empire and in his 70s he can size up people and personalities very quickly. It’s also one of my own gifts, I listen to my first gut instincts, it’s proven to be pretty actuate. I’ve been around too many phony people who aren’t what they seem. I’m friendly but cautious because I’ve been burned too many times. Trump’s been around phony people like Fauci, who puff their chest out like a peacock. Within just the first meeting with Fauci he knew Fauci was all ego, a narcissist, possibly histrionic, very arrogant and all bark with no bite. Trump allowed Fauci to be centered stage to feed his ego and narcissism. He set Fauci up. Trump is not dumb, he had to know some of the intel on Fauci too. Fauci has gotten everything wrong from the very beginning on the faux pandemic. Did you really think Trump trusted that fraudster? Of course not. Please remember that to the wealthy elite, the entitled government bureaucrats and our politicians, we are all EXPENDABLE TO THEM. We don’t matter to them. If there are 50,000 people who died from the shot, well there are the illegals who will replace us. So, we don’t matter to them, and we are replaceable to them. They are all about reducing the world’s population, did you really think they would put themselves on that expendable list? Governor Cuomo gave a speech on the world over population right before COVID hit this country. He said that the elderly and the chronically ill were a drain on society and a burden to their families and then he took COVID patience in hospitals and moved them to nursing homes and long-term care facilities. And of course, he killed thousands of New Yorkers because of that decision and 6 other governors did the same thing all of them democrats socialist. Coincidence? I think not because I’m not a big believer in coincidence but especially political ones. I’m just saying.

As for the weather, it appears they have found a way to control the weather and the weather patterns.

Susan McCall

Yes, it’s very sad Eileen how We, the (good) People, are treated.

‘People’ like dr farce have mastered the art of arguing…yelling while talking and saying things like “LET ME FINISH….”- husband does that and I wanna scream but can’t get a word (or a sound!) in edgewise. If We, the People, let every liberal ‘finish’ their every thought, my God we would be up for days – is this how they brainwash? (guess there is more than one way to take our freedom of expression away). The more arrogant and narcissistic the person, the more they want to argue, and they are not nice about it.

Another tactic those people use is they appear to not be able to connect the dots – they act dumb, then turn it around on the person they want to fight with. (plus the fact that you have about 15 seconds to defend yourself, they don’t believe anyone with opposing ideas or proof in front of their eyes, or they walk away if they can). In arguing with my grown kids, if they do this I will slowly explain my points in an email, (showing them how ideas tie in together) but guess what? They won’t read my follow-up emails or respond back. (and if they do respond, it will only be one time….starting off with: ‘mom, I love you, but you are all over the place……).

Dr. Rand Paul and Jim Jordon have mastered the art of arguing with these people. Short, direct, calm….this is why nancy pigface is so afraid of Jim. I just saw a headline on Discover the Networks about prez. puddin’: Gallup Poll: Biden Hits Lowest Approval Rating of His Presidency – and We, the Stupid People, are to believe he is the most popular prez?
I have come up with two words (if I could just pronounce correctly in the heat of an argument):

“Quit hierophanting”…..actually the word is hierophant. Pronounced: HIGH er a fant (Merriam Webster).

a person who explains : expositor (I think: ‘over-explains’)
one who defends or maintains a cause or proposal : advocate

Another good word is:

  1. Bloviate. talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

So you could say: quit bloviating – At least you can leave them wondering what those words mean – haha.


For the last 15 years of my career, Susan, I was in instructor in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. Since I was teaching staff how to deal with manipulative middle and high schoolers, a major part of that was setting effective limits and avoiding or winning power struggles. Several of the tactics used by manipulative and psychopathic people are to divert by answering different questions than the one asked, playing the victim role, and attempting to deflect responsibility onto others and not themselves. Rand and Jordan are so effective because they remain calm, but interrupt these tactics as they are attempted, and master the skill that I called “reversing responsibility” Always handy in verbal combat, especially when it is to your advantage for your opponent to “lose it”.

Susan McCall

GOMF – I could really use your help in a family battle….Can you make a house call? Haha…..I have been planning my son’s wedding reception since he eloped….I have been cleaning house for over a month, pulling weeds, and almost broke my toe moving furniture the other day. (It’s bruised but I am okay). As my husband and I are preparing a Meet-and-Greet event, and after that a home-party, we were discussing the plans with the other married son this afternoon. This is what he recently emailed me:

Sure wish you’d consider getting vaxd. Yes the virus has a low mortality rate, but 95% of deaths were people over the age of 50. I worry about you as you’ve smoked your whole life and idk how your lungs would be able to fight the virus. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. DeSantis here in Florida even saying get vaxxed and 95% of hospitalizations are unvaxxed and almost 100% chance of survival with vax. 

If my other son (the one who is to have the event) mutters one word about getting vaxed, I am calling the whole event off. I am done. I work on my immune system and yes, my vice is smoking. Husband got vaxed, but he had his own reasons and believes in free choice, and I am grateful for his support today.

You have always shown intelligence in your posts, and you have experience in crisis events. You are always calm. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if there was ever a time I need inner strength, it is today. My shock is ebbing away, and my humor is slowly showing up…(I told husband: maybe we don’t have to find two beds after all! Maybe I don’t have to make the supper for 35 people after all….let’s hold off on writing the ‘booze’ check)….speaking of booze, yea, I think I’ll pour a strong one right now. Thanks GOMF!


Hey, Susan. I’m going to butt in here to suggest you go online to in Howell, NJ. They have an Adult Cold & Flu Spray that I have been using for several years. The stuff works! It kills most viruses, including MRSA, on contact. When I was required to wear a useless mask, I sprayed the stuff on the front and back of it and never even got the sniffles (and I was around people who had been exposed to Covid and I’m a smoker, too). Spray some on a scarf or handkerchief and if someone coughs or sneezes around you, just pull it up to your nose and inhale deeply a couple of times. It kills germs on contact. I’m thinking you could use it as a compromise with your kids. If interested, give them a call and ask them about it. Really nice people to deal with, knowledgeable and honest, and no pressure to purchase anything.

Last edited 10 months ago by Nonna
Susan McCall

Thank you so much Nonna – I am a little tipsy right now but I will research this another day. I have to work tomorrow, and husband and I are just waiting for more word from both sons at this point. There are many people involved in this event for my newly married son, and I firmly believe a daughter-in-law is behind this whole ‘forcing me to have a vax’ krap. To be continued…..P.S. I have been taking touchstone essentials since 2010 and they are wonderful…ordered products from Dr. Mercola (Vit. C,D,Zinc, Magnesium, B)….drink collagen in my coffee, use AYDA water, tumeric in vegan capsules, and try to eat well. Use coconut oil, olive oil. Mustard seed for my liver, and that has made me cut down on alcohol. We shall see what develops but I am not afraid of germs nor the covid…and that is most important.


You know what you’re doing to protect yourself, Susan. I just remembered one more thing about the Cold & Flu stuff. They also make an oil. If you’re having people inside your home, you could use a couple of diffusers around the house with several drops of the Cold & Flu Oil in it. That would kill most (…nothing kills everything) viruses inside the room. I think you’d really like their amazing products. Dr. Mercola is wonderful for taking care of the internal body and Gifts of Nature Organics is wonderful for the external, including an organic pain salve that even works on fibromyalgia.


Thanks for the kind words, Susan. Everyone’s situation is different. I have no kids and a limited social circle. There are four people that know that my wife and I are refusing the shot. Two are a couple we were planning to take a cruise with who we had to tell we were cancelling the cruise. The others are my 91 year old father and sister, who I regret telling and refuse to discuss the matter further with. I told them that I am following a doctor’s prophylaxis protocol (Dr. Zelenko- Elemental zinc 25 mg. D3 5000, C 500 x2, Quercitin 500) and have secured HCQ and Azithromycin in case we get sick. I told them that I appreciate their concerns, but have researched what is in the shot and do not want to upset them about what it contains since they already have taken it. (Cell lines from aborted fetuses). Though I did not resort to it, I am a firm believer in “white lies” to accomplish good purposes. I would highly recommend maintaining good boundaries with covidians and not volunteering that you are refusing, since they are victims of gaslighting and in some cases, delusionally out of contact with reality. Hope this helps and good luck with the wedding party. Try to have a good time.

Susan McCall

Why are you cancelling the cruise GOMF? It sounds like you were well prepared….ahhh yes, the white lies…I first said to my kids and spouse: slow down, what’s the hurry with the vax….it’s I will see….but there is an urgency from the left.

With two weeks to plan for the wedding reception, there is no way in hell I would jab myself….and I am exhausted fighting the “powers” – I think both my sons are headed for a world of hurt from their wives – so good luck and happy trails right? If you want to withhold me seeing grand kids, I can’t fight it anymore. Sad deal.


We were coming to a deadline where we had to pay alot of non-refundable money to the Dutch cruise line and provide medical information, which would have been easy to forge, but not worth the risk. When I thought about subjecting myself to being under the control of the Bahamian, Netherlands, and French government during that week, I could imagine multiple nightmarish scenarios. We decided to stick with freedom instead of subjecting ourselves to tyranny. Good luck with your party.


Wow! That was a great analysis, Mandy! Thank you so much for doing this one! To everyone here, please share this video with everyone you know, regardless of their position on this subject. If there is a website you visit where you can post this in the comment section, please do so.

Dr. Paul did send a criminal referral to the DOJ, but don’t be fooled by that. Even Rand said publicly that Garland’s DOJ will do absolutely nothing with it. Understand that nothing is going to ease up for at least another year. Even that depends on what happens in the 2022 congressional election. However, what Rand Paul did was to fight back by opening the door for reputable scientists to come forward in large numbers with the truth. New platforms being created by Patriots will allow that info to start to come out uncensored. The rest is up to the American people to do our part and get the info circulated. As much as I do not trust the integrity of the upcoming election outcome, I now believe we cannot afford to shrug it off.

As far as the majority of Senators in the room, they welcomed Dr. Mengele Fauci as a hero! Rep. MTG was there in the audience and exposed what went on off camera: Don’t miss that and remember it the next time you vote for senators.

Aside from the political and scientific issues, there is one more thing that must be considered. That is the moral issue. Make no mistake, we are in an all out war against the Evil that has overtaken our nation and the world. Don’t miss that one, either. Pray! That is essential to ultimate victory.


youd think that we could just green light certain accounts with out having to babysit this thing. I assume it flagged you because of the links. Thank you nonna. And God help us if the people dont starting fighting back.


I had a rule of thumb that never failed me with dealing with psychopaths.

  1. If in authority over them, catch them every time and they will stop working on you and move to another target.
  2. If power is equal confront them in a firm, bordering on harsh manner at every turn and show them disdain and no respect and they will fear you.
  3. If they are in a power position over you, get out of the situation as soon as possible. Thanks for the links!
Eileen Guthrie

That’s very true, I know of two scientist who have been demanding to see the data and to provide a sample of COVID so they can study it under a microscope. They have been denied both and so now they are openly questioning what are these people hiding when they refuse to provide proof. Do a quick research on YouTube or Rumble of other scientist questioning Fauci and Birx assessment and wondering why they won’t provide the data and a sample of COVID. There are tons of videos on YouTube questioning Fauci’s research. Could it be the CGG-CGG code sequence that would OUT THEM? My guess is A BIG YES. Because these CGG-CGG code sequences as far as they know aren’t natural or comes from nature, which means they were made in a lab and made it to be deadly and a possible bioweapon from the Chinese government. When it first came out, that was my first thought that this was supposed to be a bioweapon to kill millions of people around the world to reduce the global populations.


Too many coincidences in the timing of the first impeachment, the China trade deal taking effect, the start of the Plandemic, and the subsequent consequences of unconstitutional changes in voting procedures allowing a stolen election. The CGG- CGG sequence is the smoking gun. The gaslighting of the public through confusion and fear has robbed many of discernment. If you look at a time line the fog clears.

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