Body Language – Emmanuel Macron addresses the nation

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Larby M.

Hi from Paris,
if you are interested, curious,
7 weeks after this video of Macron (july)
Macron went to Marseille, 3 days ago,
and maybe you will find very big differences
in his body language
I’m sorry I couldn’t find thoses vidéos translated in english,
but when you’ll see it, I suppose that what you ‘ll read with your art, will appear to you obvious as it appears to me, even without the sound
video 1 :


video 2 :


Thank you for your work




Larby M.

Thank you very much
This speech was on july 12
on july 17, dozens of thousands of protesters in every regions in France
vidéos – pictures used by protesters : 010203040506


Your comment “the power is shallow” made me curious!

Earlier this week I heard that Boris Johnson said he (Boris) was not the one making decisions.

Joe Biden says similar things all the time, like I’m not allowed to talk to you or I’ll get in trouble if I say more etc.

If Macron’s power is shallow, perhaps he’s also not the one really in charge.

So my question becomes…who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes?


May God bless the yellowvests!


In case anyone missed it, here’s what happened in Paris this weekend after Macron’s speech:

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What a LIAR. That’s right, he is not in charge. He is a SHILL.

Peter Shaw

Thank you Mandy. Very interesting analysis.


Just after I watched this video, this news story broke: Macron Storm Troopers Violently Arrest Patriot (because he yelled out “Shame on you!” to Macron). Earlier this morning, I came across another news story, this one from Ireland: Irish Patriot Silenced (for publishing videos and speaking out about forced Covid vaccines).
Seems to me that not only Macron, but probably many world leaders whose strings are being pulled by higher ups, are worried right now. Decent people all over the world will tolerate a lot, but there is a line that when it is ultimately crossed by these puppets, all hell will break loose. You can bet this is all being carefully monitored by puppet leaders everywhere across the globe.

Last edited 6 months ago by Nonna

Yes, and now you have WH Press Secretary, aka “Chucky” admitting that the government is colluding with big tech to suppress free speech by citizens in violation of the first amendment. That is why we have the second.


Joe Dan just released his latest Intellectual Froglegs video, “Cocktails with Communists”. I think you’d appreciate it, GOMF. But, if you or anyone here is not familiar with Patriot Joe Dan Gorman, he speaks the truth in his highly entertaining videos with lots of humor, yet gets to the heart of the matter at hand.
“Today we face a warfare like no other in history— a digital world war. Propaganda has never been easier to disseminate and truth never easier to censor and control. They’ve managed to brainwash millions of citizens.
And while many are claiming to be “woke”—- the vast majority of Americans are AWAKE.
And now we fight.” – Joe Dan Gorman


Very entertaining and hilarious, thanks, Nonna.


Thank you Nonna for all the links (and thoughtful comments – You too Gomf). Always appreciated. And of course, you too Mandy – very much..


Without Mandy and Mr. No Name, none of this sharing would be possible between what I like to call our cyber friends. So, yes, a big thank you to both of them. Here’s the link to Joe Dan’s website (the link I gave above was to the show page), if you, GOMF, or anyone else might want to enjoy a couple of his previous, recent videos. Click on Episode Archives. The hysterical, great, old ones and a few of the newer ones are no longer available at this time. So, watch them, if you want, while you still can.


Agree 100%. Had some trouble getting the older ones to play on the website, but there are a couple posted on Rumble under Joe Dan Gorman for those interested. There are more of us who know what is really going on. The controlled opposition is getting nervous as more fraud is exposed. Don’t know how this all ends, but it should be fun to watch.


Yes lol. Joe Dan is something else. And fun-ny! That was an excellent recommendation Nonna.

But special mention to Mandy, and Mr No Name whom I would be remiss to not mention. All the work you both do is greatly appreciated. And for all the times it’s not said, it does not gone unnoticed. Thank you!!


Best nickname I have seen yet!


”Bride of Chucky” might have been better, but if you do and image search, I think they use the same hair straightener.

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