Body Language – Biden, who counts the votes

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Ursula Leach

Bidiot is such a lying horrible thing for our country. He is not our president. Trump is still our President and hopefully he gets reinstalled in 2022

Everett Sprague

Sherman was the “War is Hell” Union General that destroyed most of the south. Stone Wall Jackson was a Confederate General.

Sharon Hirtle

Wanting to share that a 3rd Continental Congress has been taking place in Philadelphia in case your viewers aren’t aware of it. On yt


&t=22s and at


So, in summary, accuse the enemy/other side of what you’re guilty of actually doing?

Eileen Guthrie

What this shows you how truly scared he is at the thought of losing his power, because come on man… that’s really all he and the other demented democrats care about, the American people are not in that equation. We are an afterthought, a consequence of a stolen election. They are terrified of getting caught and they are panicking.  Biden just plagiarized another speech, this one… It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes. -Joseph Stalin.
You know it’s not funny, but my dad had his ID stolen in the 2016 election. He sadly died in 2015 and surprisingly he voted for that old battle ax Hillary Clinton. The real name holder would have cut his arm off then vote for that corrupt, entitled elitist bitch. The people who did it, share the same records office with the County Election office. I had called them up to inform them that he had passed away. I asked them if they needed anything from me. The woman told me a copy of his death certificate would be nice and very appreciated. So, I made a copy and I drove to their office to give her the copy, but she wasn’t in the office, so I wrote my cell number on the paper and told them if she needed anything else to give me a call. Someone who shared the same file room had stolen 250 people’s names and used them all to vote for Hillary Clinton. The four women were caught and sentence to prison for 5 years and had to pay a large fine of $10,000. Having dead people vote is a real thing. If your loved one has passed away, send a copy of their death certificate to your county election office. If I hadn’t done that, they would never had known that his identity and so many others had been stolen but it started an investigation that ended in 4 arrests. These people are very brazen and will do anything to take power and do. It also changed who has access to the voter’s records. They are now locked up tight and only a handful of people have access to that records room. Now, the same democrats want to give these four women the right to vote again. They are “their” people… corrupt felons. The story is much longer, but you get the jest.
No one thinks of these things and that is why these corrupt people do these things. There is not an ounce of integrity in a liberal, they will literally do ANYTHING to take power. The democrat moronic Texans political game and stunt did nothing but show their fear and panic. Let’s not forget that those democrats had to show their IDs to board that private jet. The message is WE WANT THE RIGHT TO CHEAT IN AN ELECTION. There were enough votes for a quorum to vote and the bill passed.  This isn’t the first time this occurred in Texas, they fled two other times before and had the same results. All of those bills passed. Now, the people who voted for these democrats know they are spineless and cowards. FIRE THEM ALL!!!

Sharon Hirtle

Thank you for this tragic personal account. The corruption in high places is so obvious and widespread, yet as you say no one thinks of these things. It’s so telling that Joe is saying what Stalin said. The dem party is so steeped in socialist rhetoric, they’ve lost the ability to see when they are tipping their hand. Too bad public education is at such a low standards, people so dumbed down that they couldn’t possibly catch it.


Its was actually General Sherman, who was the architect of “Total War”, where we not only attack armies in the field, but also the supplies, industry and infrastructure that allowed modern armies to wage war. Sherman’s “March to the Sea” broke the South Economically and was exemplified by the Burning of Atlanta. After the war, General Sherman was rewarded with the position of Chief of Staff of the Army and later, the Republicans attempted to draft him as a presidential candidate, although he refused.

TK McAll

I am so grateful for your work. It turns my stomach to listen to this guy. I don’t know how you do it but I am grateful to you. I am going to add you to my prayer list. Should have done it a long time ago.


Thank you!


They know they are lying, we know they are lying, they know we know they are lying but they lie anyway. They are counting on reaching a vast audience of low information voters who will never find out about the lies they tell.
Having observers watching the count should not change an accurate count. Showing ID should not limit legal voters. If they cannot get an ID in this day and age maybe they should not be voting. Anyone old enough to vote should have an ID anyway.


I admit, I half expected to hear him say something like “And 120 year old Mable Brown voted in Georgia for the first time since she died 30 years ago”.


If you look at the Georgia and Texas laws, they both extend early and absentee voting and require limited proof of either residency or identity in the form of drivers license or Social Security number. That is not what has driven the illegitimate administration to blatantly lie and mislead with racist hyperbole. What really stresses them out is the protection of observers witnessing the counting process. They worked very hard to get rid of bipartisan election commissions and replace them with counting run by partisan County Clerk personnel, hired by Soros funded Democrat County Clerks. That is just what happened in my county and no Republican has won a county election since, in spite of it being a former Republican stronghold.


Makes my blood run cold and they’ve done this in only seven months. How will our nation survive the next 3 1\2 years? Doubling or more the power and size of DOJ And IRS to go after us. Remember what Lois Lerner did and got away with. Everything he blames us for is what they are actually doing. It really is about who gets to count the votes, just like they did in 2021. God help us.

Anthony Smith

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!!! PLEASE contact me the next time you want to comment about the “Civil War!” Because your knowledge of it is seriously in error. The war was not fought “to free black men,” although that was one of its outcomes. And Stonewall Jackson never burned a town in his all too short life; that was Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s modus operandi.


I did not mean to mess up the generals name. saying we didnt fight the civil war to free black men, is like saying today, we didnt fight the elite to get freedom of speech, we fight to end a dictatorship. it was a short synopsis on the irony i was seeing of them being in that particular room speaking about the right to vote. Thank you.


The United States is the only country on Earth where 360,222 mostly white men died killing as many as 450,000 mostly white Democrats, in part, to free black slaves and preserve the union. The next time a modern Democrat moans about institutional racism they should be reminded of this fact and that they are the founders of institutional racism.


If I recall correctly, Gen. Jackson actually taught Sunday school to slaves and their children, which included learning how to read.

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